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25 KitchenAid Stand Mixer Tips & Troubleshooting Help

I love my KitchenAid and although I haven’t had any problems with it yet (knock on wood), I decided to put together a page full of tips and tricks that I’ve bookmarked from around the web so I have them on hand “just in case”.

So far there are basic maintenance solutions and fixes but I’ve also found a few neat ideas to try (such as shredding chicken, pulled pork, making homemade butter, etc.).

If you’re a lucky duck who has an old workhorse mixer that just won’t quit (pre-1986) and it’s getting a bit beat up, you’ll find a tutorial for how to take it apart and repaint it so it looks shiny new again.

Is there a goody I missed? Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below. I’ll be adding more helpful ideas to this page as I find them so you may want to bookmark it for reference.

PS: Don’t miss the appliance cover tutorials I have listed on this page [1], these will help keep the machine dust-free.


How To Grease It [2]: Here’s a well done tutorial with plenty of pictures showing how to take it apart and grease it (for maintenance).

Leaking Grease Fix [3]: (video) This can happen if it sits too long between uses.



Converting Bread Machine Recipes [4]: Hmmm…isn’t my breadmachine acting just like a programmed kitchenaid mixer?” And the answer is a resounding, “Yes”.

Shredding Cooked Chicken [5]: Uses the cookie paddle attachment and takes just a few seconds!



How To Adjust The Beater [6]: (video) Shows how to make small adjustments to the screw, testing is done with a dime in the bowl so you can tell when the tweaking is ideal.

Use The Dough Hook For Mixing Meat [7]: (can also use the paddle) The result is a finer textured meatloaf (and meatballs) that holds its shape well.



Drape A Towel Over The Bowl [8]: (when mixing) This helps protect from a cloud of flour kicking up.

Dump In All Dry Ingredients At Once [9]: (instead of incrementally) No more fussing with trying to add scoops of flour!



Head Wiggles [10]: You’ll need to do a simple hinge pin adjustment. This quick video will show you how.

Brown Ooze Around The Drip Ring [11]: (alternative fix to leaking grease mentioned above) Turn on Speed 10 for 2 minutes then wipe up any oil.



How To Paint It [12]: If you have an old one that’s getting pretty shabby, here’s how to re-paint it (you can also add vinyl decals).

Roll It On Marbles [13]: (comment from January 7, 2009) Remove the 5 rubber feet at the bottom and replace them with marbles. Rest on a dry sponge to avoid it sliding off counter.



Make It Easy To Slide [14]: By setting it on top of a dishcloth or small towel (the page has more tips too).

DIY Fixes [15]: Covers a few issues such as oil leaking, overheating, working with non-KitchenAid recipes and overkneading.



Make Butter [16]: Two quarts of cream will make a pound, whip at high speed, rinse well, wrap and freeze.

Kneading Advice For Various Flours [17]: The time difference between white flour; part white flour; whole grain flours.



Pin “Won’t Push In” Fix: (link no longer available online) Wipe spring with a hot wet cloth then apply a drop of vegetable oil and wipe again. Work the spring by hand a few times before trying attachment again.

Easy Pulled Pork: (link no longer available) Cut meat into 2 pound pieces (remove excess fat & bone first) and use the dough hook for 20-30 seconds at a time.



How To Cream Butter & Sugar [18]: Some great advice in this thread including: Make sure to use the paddle, beat butter first then add sugar (and more).

Hand Painted Designs Gallery [19]: No tutorials here but wow! these are too beautiful not to share. Lots of inspiration if you’re planning a makeover.



DIY Splash Guard [20]: Cheap & easy to make by cutting a hole in a plastic lid.

Head Lifts Up & Down [21]: Lift the tilt head and tighten the screw in the neck, if it’s too loose then the tilt head will not lock, if too tight then beaters will be too low.



Help Removing Bowl [22]: The bowl can be loosened from the base plate by several sharp slaps on the sides of the bowl, using the flat palm of the hands in a rotating motion. More tips available on page.

Beater Stuck on the Shaft [23]: Soak in hot water, try WD40, CLR Rust Remover, and more ideas available.


And here’s how to do the famous Beater Level Test using a dime: (Source: cakecentral.com [24])

Good luck and I hope these tips helped get things fixed and running smoothly again for you!