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25+ Ways To Make A Necklace

Something pretty, something fun…both styles are found in this collection of necklaces that you can make with assorted materials (beads, fabric, leather and other crafty items). There are some pretty impressive pieces in this bunch along with a few casual & fun designs. Looking for jewelry made from beads and wire? You’ll find those tutorials here [1]. Enjoy!


Organic Seeds [2]: Oh crafty! Made with melon or watermelon seeds, markers (or nail polish), wooden beads, fishing line (or cotton thread) and a thin embroidery needle.

Made From Earrings [3]: The backs are cut off a pair of earrings then glued together and chain attached to make a necklace.



Braided Beads [4]: Six strands of heavy thread are strung with beads then attached to a chain with a jump ring and braided.

Leather Chain [5]: Leather links are folded one by one into each other until you have the desired length, button or snap closure. Free template download (gif).



Cable Braided [6]: Knit two strips then braid together, made of fingering or sport weight yarn. Button & loop closure.

Knotted Fabric [7]: Strips of pretty fabric are wrapped & knotted around wooden beads, ribbon attached on the ends to tie.



Crocheted [8]: Soft yarn is crocheted around plastic beads then a length of yarn is thread through and knotted around each bead to make a necklace.

The Grove [9]: Wood discs are cut from a branch, holes drilled in the center then strung on a length of linen ribbon.



Multi-Chain Ribbon [10]: Ribbon, jump rings and 7 strands of various chains are used to make this lovely piece.

Simple Button Pendants [11]: Supplies needed are three buttons in different sizes, glass beads, beading string, a jewelry bail and glue.



Pony Bead Strands [12]: Thin material is cut into long strips, ends pinched then beads threaded through.

Jersey Strips [13]: Strips from an old t-shirt are cut, stretched then braided into a necklace.



Scrabble Tile Pendant [14]: Wood Scrabble tiles, Ranger Glossy Accents, 3-D Crystal Lacquer, image sheet and Scrabble pendant trays are needed for this project.

Anthro DIY Marjorelle Necklace [15]: Wow! This is made with gold rope, epoxy, a gold chain clasp, a jump ring, earring clasps, flower rings and a gold flower.



Pom Pom Bib [16]: Felt, cotton fabric, a necklace chain (or pearls, etc.) and a hot glue gun are used to make this fun project.

Crochet Chain [17]: Simple pattern crocheting chains with DK weight cotton (one chain made then the next chain crocheted through it).



“Power of 3” Anthro Knock-Off [18]: Beads in three different colors, tulle fabric, coordinating ribbon, jumprings, and a necklace clasp are used to make this charmer.

Rosette Bib [19]: Fabric rosettes are made (with beads in the center) then sewn in an arrangement on a felt backing, then decorative ribbon attached.



Rustic Spoon Pendant [20]: A teaspoon is hammered flat, handle cut off then folded over to make a clasp. Finish with paint and Mod Podge as desired.

Wooden Bead [21]: Here’s how to paint wooden beads in an even coat so you can use them to make a necklace.



Accordian Strands [22]: This design is an Anthropologie knock-off, made with ribbon, chain (to your desired length), jeweled beads or buttons & jump rings.

Spring Statement [23]: Ribbon is folded and stitched in increments with beads placed between each fold.



Knotty Knitted [24]: Both crochet and knitting are used here, it’s basically an i-cord with a crochet fastener & knot.

Silhouette & Script [25]: Print a background design on card stock then cut and cover with a glass gem, a ribbon bow and bail is glued on top.



Knotted Seashell [26]: Holes are drilled into small seashells so they can be strung on thin, waxed linen cord.

Custom Oval [27]: Personalize with any image that you like, supplies needed include glass cabochons, E6000 adhesive, diamond glaze, silver and copper metal trays.



Cracked & Baked Marble Pendants [28]: Glass marbles are baked in the oven then immediately plunged in ice cold water to crack.

Glass Tile Pendants [29]: Made with glass tiles, bails, diamond glaze and decorative scrapbooking paper.



Pearl & Ribbon Choker [30]: A romantic, Victorian design made with a 2 strands of freshwater pearls, nylon beading line, organza ribbon and a crimp bead.

Fabric Wrapped Beads [31]: Made with wood beads, assorted light weight fabrics, twill tape or ribbon, toggle closure and a glue stick.



Pink Stones [32]: You’ll need a strand of stone beads in color of your choice, large jump rings and jewelry chain.

Jade Beads [33]: Made with jade colored beads in multiple sizes, mono-filament jewelry wire, jewelry chain and findings.