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18 Easy Kitchen Organizing Tips

Pot Lid Taming Options

Here’s a hot tip sent in from Sarah (website SarahAnnSmith.com [10]) that gives a couple new ideas for storing pot lids (you know — those things that get jumbled up and hide in the cupboards).

  • Spring-tension curtain rods! Run them front-to-back in the drawer to make dividers.
  • If drawer is deep enough for the lid to be stored standing up on its edge, buy 1/2″ dowling. Cut the length of the inside of drawer, front to back, plus 1/2 inch. Measure the thickness of the lid(s). Add 1/8″. Drill 1/4″ deep holes (that are a hair over 1/2″ diameter) on the front and back of the drawer. These holes should be the thickness-of-lid-plus-1/8″ from the side. Pop dowel into holes. Presto….a lid-holding-rod on the side.

These two techniques also work great in all skinny cabinets that you use to store cookie sheets and cutting boards…..


Many thanks to Sarah for sending that in, I think it’s a clever idea! (First published January 27, 2008)