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Paper Mache: Recipes & Tips

You can make all kinds of crafty items with paper mache (not just the school volcano project): Decorative masks, bowls, ornaments, Halloween & Christmas decorations, you name it–you can likely make it. It’s a very economical craft and with a little practice, you can create some pretty amazing pieces! Here’s a bunch of info to get you started…

Pouring Water Into Flour For Paper Mache Recipe

Flour Paste Recipe

1 cup Flour (2 parts)
1 1/2 cups Water (3 parts)
1/2 TBS salt (optional)
1/4 cup white glue (optional)



Glue Paste Recipe

White glue (2 parts)
Water (1 part)



Paper You Can Use

Tip: Tear the paper into strips of all shapes and sizes, they don’t need to be uniform in size.

Base Material Ideas

Before you can begin applying your strips of paper with paste, you need a basic form or base to build on. Here are some materials that work well:

Tip: To remove the base material from inside the dried project, make a slit at the back and remove materials (or pop the balloon). Then cover the slit with a fresh layer of paper mache and allow to dry before proceeding with paint and varnish or sealant.


The process couldn’t be simpler to make a paper mache object, the hardest part is creating the shape the way you want it. After choosing your base, here are the steps involved

The project is now ready for paint and embellishment!