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Perfect Sunny Side Up Eggs Every Time: {Cooking Tip}

Posted By Tipnut On September 28, 2010 @ 6:04 am In Cooking Tips | 5 Comments

Here’s a tip I came across pasted inside one of my recipe scrapbooks–it’s a tried-and-true for me and works every time!

Become A Master At Cooking Sunnyside Up Eggs With This Neat-To-Know Tip

Become A Master At Cooking Sunnyside Up Eggs With This Neat-To-Know Tip

Here’s the trick to fried eggs with the yolks cooked just right—

  • Use just enough butter, margarine, or fat to coat skillet; heat till hot enough to sizzle a drop of water.
  • Slip eggs into skillet and lower heat.
  • When white is set and edges cooked, add 1/2 teaspoon water per egg.
  • Cover skillet and cook till done the way you like.

Up until I came across this tip, my egg whites were always too crispy or yolks overcooked (trying to get that stubborn egg white fully cooked), this is the only way I can get perfect sunnyside ups. I’ve also used an ice cube or two (instead of water) and that works great as well.

Although my grandmother was a whiz at making perfectly cooked fried eggs (no matter how you wanted them), and I grew up watching her countless times cooking eggs to order for each person at the table (regardless of how many family members were home), sunnyside eggs was one tricky feat for me to master. Her must-dos (for any type of fried egg):

  • Use a heavy cast iron skillet
  • Use bacon fat only (no butter or margarine)
  • Watch the heat and cook the eggs slow

Another tip: Enjoy your perfectly cooked eggs with perfectly cooked bacon [1] (they’re made in the oven!).

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