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18 Pita Picks

This week’s Recipe Hit List is all about Pitas: Dips, chips, wraps, pizzas and even how to make your own homemade pita bread. Delish!

Here’s what I found around the net this week…

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources

  1. White Bean Dip with Pita Chips [1]: This dip is excellent as is, but it also lends itself to a handful of variations. I love it with plump sun-dried tomatoes and basil, with roasted red and jalapeno peppers, with caramelized onions, the list goes on. Recipe found at Buff Chickpea.
  2. Roasted Eggplant Dip with Spiced Pita Crisps [2]: This milder cousin of baba ghanoush has no tahini so you can fully taste the roasted eggplant. Be generous with the parsley; its fresh green taste pumps up the dip. Recipe found at Leite’s Culinaria.
  3. Crispy Seeded Pita Chips [3]: Whole wheat pitas are rich in vitamin E, but be sure to buy “100 percent whole wheat” versions, since they contain the entire nutrient-rich germ and bran. Recipe found at Food & Wine.
  4. Herb Pita Crisps And Sun-Dried Tomato Dip [4]: Recipes found at What Did You Eat?
  5. Spicy Hummus Dip with Grilled Pita and Vegetables [5]: Recipe found at Serious Eats.
  6. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with Lemony Pita Chips [6]: Hummus with homemade pita chips is always a good standby – everyone loves chips with dip and this is a recipe that you can change up to be new and different each time you make it. For this occasion, I added in some roasted red peppers to give it a kick of flavor and color. I also cut some of the fat in the dip by reducing the amount of Tahini I usually use and swapping the olive oil for plain, low-fat yogurt. It turned out really tangy and delicious, plus the dip now had a boost of protein and live active cultures from the yogurt. I brushed the pita chips in a lemon-infused olive oil to complement the tanginess of the dip. Recipe from Kitchen Notes.
  7. Yogurt Dip with Pita Chips [7]: So how many of you have made the pitas already? Get out your food processor, because this is the perfect thing to serve with them, and it comes together in about 20 seconds flat. How could you resist? Recipe from Sugarlaws.
  8. Mint & Pea Hummus with Pita Bread [8]: I wanted to use fresh peas but it was a bit too early in the summer for fresh garden peas. I opted for frozen, and was not dissapointed. The color was wonderful, a vibrant summery green that reinstated the freshenss. Traditionally hummus is served at room teperature however this was great cold. We served the hummus with grilled pita bread. Yumm!! Recipe from Busy Nothings.
  9. Salsa Cruda with Baked Garlic and Lime Pita Chips [9]: Salsa cruda, or uncooked salsa, is one of the easiest appetizers and toppings to make. My recipe, while traditional in appearance, includes the uncommon addition of brown sugar. The slight touch of sweetness balances out the acidity of the tomatoes while pairing well with the spicy kick of the jalapeño. Replace boring tortilla chips with these simple baked pita chips to add a refreshing twist to this common appetizer. You can hand chop the tomatoes if you prefer a chunkier salsa and add ¼ of the jalapeño for a milder flavor. Recipe found at Just A Taste.
  10. Chicken Curry Pita [10]: Average Betty’s Chicken Curry Pita is light and flavorful, and won’t knock you out like an elephant tranquilizer! Recipe found at Average Betty.
  11. Chicken Shawarma – Grilled Chicken, Tahini Sauce and a Pita [11]: Here is the definition of Shawarma from Wikipedia – Middle Eastern-style sandwich usually composed of shaved lamb, goat, or chicken. Less commonly, it contains turkey, beef, or a mixture of meats. Shawarma is a popular dish and fast-food staple across the Middle East, it has also become popular world-wide. Recipe found at My Cooking Quest.
  12. Greek Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Salad with Warm Pita Bread for Wrapping [12]: Recipe from Rachel Ray, Food Network.
  13. BBQ Pita Pizza [13]: I LOVE bar style food and these little guys made me feel like I was being “bad” when I was actually being “good”. Loose terms I know but you know that i mean. ;~) Armed with leftover turkey from Christmas and stale pitas I put these together. YUM! Is all I can say! Recipe found at Green Lite Bites.
  14. Onion Pita Pizza [14]: For a different appetizer or snack, try these appealing “pizzas”. With their mild blue cheese and onion flavor and crispy pita crust, they’re sure to hit the spot with your favorite summer beverage. Recipe found at Taste of Home.
  15. Middle Eastern Pita Pizzas [15]: Hummus, spinach and tomato create colorful and flavorful veggie pizzas. Recipe from Betty Crocker.
  16. Fattoush (Pita Bread Salad) [16]: Fattoush is an amazing salad whose star ingredient is pita bread. The version I make has some of the same ingredients as a Greek salad (tomatoes, olives, cucumber, feta cheese), but the flavor is more complex due to an incredible condiment called za’atar. Recipe found at Dana Treat.
  17. Part Whole Wheat Pita Bread [17]: Why make your own pita bread? Because you can. Recipe found at Little House In The Suburbs.
  18. Homemade Pita Bread Recipe [18]: Makes 4 large pitas or 16 individual pitas. You can easily halve the recipe if needed. Recipe found at Pete Bakes!

Bonus: Stuffed Mini-Pitas

*First published July 3, 2008 and moved here for better organization

Pita Filling Ingredients:

1 cup sour cream
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 cup onion (minced)
1 can chopped water chestnuts (sliced)
1 package Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix