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How To Plant Tulips For Beautiful Spring Blooms

Tulips are a favorite in the garden and are known as harbingers of Spring (they’re one of the first of the season to produce blooms). Their beautiful flowers and vibrant colors are a refreshing change after a cold and dreary winter.

They are easy to plant and maintain although the digging required can be a bit overwhelming if you do dozens in the Fall–but so worthwhile and you’re sure to appreciate the effort come Spring.

Here are instructions and a few growing tips (even in pots!)…

When: Sometime between September and December (depending on which zone you live in, usually about one month before the heavy Fall frost is a good time).

Where: Choose a location where they will receive at least six hours of sun, they need plenty of sun so they can store energy for next year’s show. Soil should be well draining to prevent rot.

Yes tulips can be grown in containers! They’ll still need to be prepared in the Fall and Winter, here are a few tips: