How To Fold A Pocket Handkerchief

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Nothing is quite so essential to giving a man that well-turned-out appearance as a crisply four-folded white handkerchief tucked into his breast pocket.The same fancy fold comes in handy many times in women’s dress as well, to add a touch of white or other color.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1

Fold handkerchief diagonally forming a triangle with the base toward you. First corner is at left, as shown.

Step 2

Bring top part of corner No. 2 down and lay it beside No. 1.

Step 3

Bring corner No. 3 over and lay it beside No. 2.

Step 4

Bring corner No. 2a (the one remaining) down and lay it beside No. 3.

Step 5

Fold the extra part left after the last fold to the underneath. It may be necessary to fold twice to conceal it behind the part that shows. Then fold the extra length under. Again it may be necessary to fold twice.

Final Step

Tuck the handkerchief with points up neatly into pocket.

Source: The WorkBasket, 1955

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5 Comments to “How To Fold A Pocket Handkerchief”
  1. Skyler Reep says:

    Some might say the four-corner fold is a bit audacious. Understatement is always in style. Fold your square simply so only a quarter-inch strip is visible.

  2. Hiqutipie says:

    Very Cool…I always screw this up no matter how many times I do it…just like the bow with the tux…Some things I have always relied on women for…They always seem to know…

  3. Umish Srivastva says:

    A better fashion statement is to use slik handkerchief and holding it like a parachute from centre tuck it inside the coat pocket.

    Another approach is to tuck the silk kerchief in such a way that four edges peek out from the pocket like flower petals.

  4. Malcolm says:

    I’ve heard there is a difference between daytime folded pocket kerchief and eveningwear folded pocket kerchief. Is this true, and what are the differences (and names, if applicable)? Thanks!

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