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Poison Ivy (& Oak): Home Remedies For Relief

Contact with poison ivy can trigger an allergic reaction that isn’t a serious risk for most but can be terribly itchy, produce blisters and red, painful swelling. Some react more strongly to it than others with a lucky few not affected by it at all (one can also become desensitized to it over repeated exposures). The plant produces urushiol (a resin or type of oil) and when it comes in contact with skin, the body reacts.

Here are few soothing ways to treat the itch and rash along with some tips at the bottom.

*These tips can also be used to treat Poison Oak

First wash the affected area with soap and water to remove any traces of the urushiol (especially helpful if done within the first 30 minutes of contact). Washing contact area in a heavy salt water or meat tenderizer and water mixture is helpful too.

Once the residue has been washed off, and if done quickly after exposure, you may get lucky and have no reaction at all!

If itching, redness or rash, blistering or painful swelling occurs over the next day or so, try one of these remedies:


Old Saying To Identify The Plant:

From Wikipedia [1]:

The leaves are ternate with three almond-shaped leaflets. The berries (actually drupes) are a grayish-white color and are a favorite winter food of some birds.


Note: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and is simply a collection of information from my notes.