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Growing Potted Hydrangeas: {Tip Sheet}

Posted By Tipnut On March 19, 2010 @ 6:17 am In Garden & Plants,Outdoor Gardening | 1 Comment

Digging In Soil

  • Soil: Mixture of two parts loam to one each of sand, leaf mold, dried cow manure; add a teaspoon of bone meal to each pot.
  • Water: Potted hydrangeas demand a lot of water; soak pots twice a day in growing season. To produce blue flowers, water occasionally with a solution of aluminum sulphate, 3 ounces to a gallon.
  • Pests: Red spider may cause leaf tips to brown. Wash foliage with a strong spray of water.
  • Heat: During growing season a temperature around 65° is best–not below 60°. While plant is dormant, place in a cold but frost free place.
  • Light: Indoors a sunny window suits it. Outdoors in summer it prefers open shade or partial sun.
  • Propagation: Take cuttings in February, root in moist sand or vermiculite.

Tips: After blooming, cut back flower stalks to two joints, re-pot, place outdoors when frosts have passed, feed with liquid fertilizer occasionally when roots have filled pot.

Overwintering Indoors: Store plant nearly dry in a cold cellar for the winter; bring into warmer place in January and begin watering.

Source: The WorkBasket (1954)

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