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Here’s a mix of tips, resources and projects from Tipnut, other bloggers and from Tipnut readers…

  • Picture of Household Bucket & Cleaning Supplies - Tipnut.comYou can clean a curling iron by mixing 1/4 cup warm water and 1 TBS liquid fabric softener. Wash with a clean cloth, the hairspray and gunk should wipe right off. Use a q-tip for hard to get at spots.
  • You can clean a coffee grinder out by grinding up a handful of uncooked white rice.
  • Freshen a thermos by first filling it with 1/4 cup vinegar or baking soda, then top with hot water. Soak for an hour then wash out.
  • PaperBack Swap: If owning your own copy of a book is your thing and the library just doesn’t do it for you, here’s an online service that can help cut costs on book buying.
  • 20 Extraordinary Uses for Old Pantyhose: When your pantyhose have runs and tears in them, don’t throw them away. Someone somewhere will have a use for them. Here are twenty useful ways to recycle them.
  • DIY – How to Turn a Wine Bottle Into a Vase or Votive: How pretty!
  • How To Clean Leather: Leather can be tricky to clean, which is why it’s never a bad idea to take it to a professional. But can you safely clean it yourself? Absolutely. Here’s what you need to know.
  • If you purchase a new bike for your child, place their picture inside the handle bar before placing the grips on. If the bike is stolen and later recovered, remove the grip and there is your proof who owns the bike. (Tip sent in by Ann, thank you!)
  • Do you want to get rid of gum out of your hair? Just rub some peanut butter through your hair for 5 minutes and roll the the gum through your fingers while doing it and it’ll roll it self out. Use a comb afterwards to get rid of the rest of the gum. Use more peanut butter if needed. Wash hair well after. (Tip sent in by Nathalie, thanks!)
  • Sour smelling lunchboxes and bags can be cleaned out by opening the lunchbox and sprinkling a heavy layer of baking soda on both sides. Lay open overnight and then wash in hot water with dish soap. You can also pour some vinegar in the lunchbox and close it overnight. (Tip sent in by Tracey, thanks!)
  • Remove Car Dents Quickly and Cheaply: Three different methods are offered (dry ice, hairdryer & air duster, lighter, aluminum foil & air duster).

Carry Duct Tape In Your Wallet – Preparedness Hack

How do you carry several yards without even noticing?

1) Get some Duct Tape – The stuff that holds Maine (and my life) together. Get one old Credit/ Debit/ Gift/ Library/ Identification Card. Make sure your card is sturdy so that it may be used as an ice scraper.

2) Wrap tape around the card until you have something that looks like the picture. Use as much as you are comfortable carrying in your wallet.

Then add some paper clips and some funky cool hacks for an unbelievably handy setup. Here’s the video:

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11 Comments to “Quick Household Tips & Resources”
  1. BohemianRevolution says:

    Hey, thanks for the link! 🙂

  2. TipNut says:

    You’re welcome 🙂

  3. Lionel Young says:

    Whenever my friends tell me that their hands hurt from writing, I direct them to that very site =)

    You can write forever if you use your arm muscles!

    • Loriene says:

      We were taught to write useing our arm in school(as late as the 1940s). Then most of us got lazy and used our fingers. My writing is much neater now that I have gone back to the arm method which I did because my handwriting was getting quite poor..a result of age and cramped fingers.

  4. ElegantCab.com says:

    You might enjoy BookCrossing.com.

    Basically, people give away books by putting them somewhere in the city. For example, “I left a book in locker 431 in the Ferry Building.”

    Then, you go search for the book! You can also hide your own books for others to find, or leave them out in the open.

    — Lionel Young

  5. d says:

    I cut the legs off and use it on my washing machine to keep the lint from going down the sink. Works well with animals. You can buy a small adjustable clamp at Home Depot to hold it on to the drain pipe. You would be surprised how much lint it holds.

  6. TipNut says:

    Thanks for the tip d!

  7. Betty B. says:

    Cut the waist band off pantyhose. Pull the kitchen trash bag over the top of the can and fold it down. Put the waist band of the pantyhose over it, holding it to the can. Can be used more than once since it is on the outside top of the can and does not get dirty.

    When one leg of the pantyhose gets a hole or run, cut it off. When you have another pair that the leg has a run or hole, cut it off. You now have two good legs of the pantyhose, and two panty tops. Since they are so thin, you can put one on top of the other. Buy the pantyhose in all the same color so that you have matching legs when you have to cut one off.

  8. Marge says:

    There is also Titletrader.com, Frugalreader.com and Bookmooch.com with the same principal as Paperbackswap.com. Enjoy!

  9. River says:

    What about putting parchment paper on the back of the duct tape before wrapping? It might be easier to take off… I dunno.

  10. ody says:

    You could also wrap the duct tape around a pen. I carry this everywhere

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