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  1. Sue Wiggins says:

    Although I am an empty nester, I buy my ground meat at a wholesale store and normally buy 6lbs at a time. As soon as I get home, I score the meat into 6 even squares, then put each 1 lb pack into a freezer bag and squish the meat flat into the bags. These 1 lb packs are perfect for whatever I am cooking and that they lay flat on top of each other is a real space saver.

  2. Idris Shaikh says:

    How to skin Garlic.
    Soak the garlic cloves in water for one hour before skinging them.

    • Kristin says:

      Or press down on them with the blade of a knife – although they are no longer perfectly shaped it is easier to peel away the skin

    • Siwon says:

      or if you have already peeled half of a clove, just hold both ends and twist the peeled end slightly. if not, just wash and rub away the thin peels.

  3. Niranjan Mody says:



  4. Bridgett says:

    To remove burnt food from bottom of a pan without scratching the inside, scrub off what you can with a bristle brush, then use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. It comes off so easy its unbelievable! Wash again with dish soap before drying.

    • Kathy says:

      Soak burnt on food in pans with a bounce sheet…

    • Theresa says:

      While pot is still hot set the bottom of the pot in a cold water bath until chilled & burnt food comes out with less scrubbing. Don’t let the cold water splash inside the pot. It will set up the brunt food.

      • Martha Hoover says:

        I have learned if you put a hot pan in cold water you can damage the pan. It warps the bottom so it is no longer stable on the stove. My cookware came with instructions to this effect. Also, I have found that if I let the pan cool and place it in hot water it washes up very nicely with little or no scrubbing.

  5. Michelle says:

    How to easily cut a cake.
    Using dental floss to cut a large birthday cake is easy and not as messy as using a knife. Cut a peice of floss longer than the longest side of the cake. Use the floss in a back and forth sawing motion until you cut trough to the bottom. Pull the floss out from one end. (I always buy a new package of floss)

  6. Eleanor Oster says:

    Are those dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty? As soon as the dishwasher is emptied, or during the process of refilling it, drip something visible on the door that is water soluble. It can be chocolate sauce, or ketchup, or whatever. My son likes to take a knife used for making a peanut butter sandwich, wipe the PB off with his finger, and smear that on the door. Doesn’t matter what you use. If whatever it is is still there when you look, you haven’t run the dishwasher yet. Just make sure you use something that the dishwasher cycle will wash away.

    That’s a completely original idea I came up with.

    • MsMurda says:

      I love it!!

    • Jill Pendleton says:

      This tip would only apply if the dishwasher had a small amount of dirty dishes inside. Believe me I don’t need a tip like this to tell me if my dishwasher has dirty pots in or not! To save the maximum amount of money in electricity, you should never run your dishwasher unless it is full or almost full. We have solar panels here in Devon UK so we watch the monitors with interest and dishwashers use far more electricity that you imagine and much more water than we use for the same process at the sink.
      Great website by the way. Us super savers are all like minded.

  7. Donna says:

    How to remove oil stains from clothes and material,

    for this you need a medium hot iron and a spare piece of cloth (rag) [note: this is for small oil stains]

    First put the item with the stain on the ironing board single thickness, then sprinkle with talcum powder to cover the stain, then place the rag/cloth over the patch, and run the iron over the rag/cloth for about 10 seconds approx, brush off the talc to reveal no oil stain anymore!!!!

    • Renate says:

      Donna will this also work on items that were already washed, but the oil stain did not come out?

    • Nat says:

      A warm iron will also get those milky white or cloudy rings that are on a wooden table or floors ( I have only used on real wood)… Make sure you have your iron on low, and a white cloth (old white tee shirt will do).

      Add a little water to your iron & set on low/warm.
      (I used the linen setting on mine)
      Cover the spot with the cloth and gently iron in a slow motion
      (remember never to keep the iron just sitting in one spot due to possible damage of your surface)
      Gently remove the cloth and your stain should be gone.

  8. Patsy says:

    Hello Tip Nut (T.N.)

    I found your little gem of a website when googling tips for softening brown sugar. I have added you to my favorites. Please use my first name only.Thanks, T.N.

    I did not see this tip and it is one of my favorites: “Keeping drains flowing and sweet smelling” Twice a month, do the following for all drains. Measure 2 T baking soda into the drain. You might have to add a tiny bit of water to get it to go down – use just a little. Next, pour 1 c vinegar down the drain. It bubbles up. Leave for 20-30 min. Works great in tubs too. No caustic chemicals.

    Second tip: For sweet smelling garbage disposal, put orange/lemon rinds down. Smells nice!

    ADMIN EDIT: Patsy comments are posted automatically so what you enter in the comment form is published (only the email address is hidden). I just noticed your note re: first name only so I went in and edited it out for you. 🙂 ~ Tipnut

  9. Ann says:


    Mix equal amounts of water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray your hands after you cut onions. Put your nose up to your hands and breath in the vinegar/water mixture on your hands. The urge to cry will disappear. (This spray can also be used to clean plastic tablecloths, greasy stovetops, windows, mirrors, and the vinegar helps to reduce odors in the air.)

    If you don’t have vinegar, drink cold water immediately after cutting the onions. Then, keep your eyes and nose over the cold water for a few seconds, breathing it in, to avoid the urge to cry.

    • dorothy says:

      If you cut your onion with the roots
      facing you it wont make you cry

      • Patricia says:

        Cut onions on the stove top with the exhaust fan on. It will move the disagreeable fumes right out the exhaust.

        • Kris says:

          If you can find the old kitchen matches, put one in your mouth while cutting onions. It really does work, at least it has for me.

    • sally says:

      I always store onions in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator; cold onions don’t seem to make us cry. A niece told me she will place them in the freezer for a time when she is cutting up large batches. They keep well in the frig.

  10. Lisa says:

    Besides the obvious use, a pizza cutter is great for cutting up young children’s sandwiches, french toast, etc. (note: do it on a cutting board to avoid damaging your crockery).

  11. Helena Piha says:

    To remove the smell of fish or onion from your hands: Rub them against the edge of your stainless steel sink in small circular movements until the smell disappears. This will only take a very short time.

    • Ruth says:

      You can use anything stainless steel. I like to use a spoon because the bowl of the spoon is shaped rather like a bar of soap and no sharp edges like a knife or fork might have.

      • Mary says:

        I use table salt to remove the smell of onions and fish from my hands. Also my hands feel smoother too.

        • Kris says:

          Also, lemon juice will take the smell of fish off your hands. We go about twice a month to eat crab legs and I always use more lemon on my seafood than they usually give you. So I carry a “plastic” lemon with juice and when we are through eating, I go wash my hands..works very well for me.

  12. Charles Johnson says:

    Keep a SPRAY BOTTLE OF WATER near your clothes dryer to lightly dampen the lint trap when you remove it for cleaning the lint the dryer produces after each load of clothes.

    I happened to clean a dryer lint trap in a bright beam of light recently, and was surprised at just how much dust went into the air.

    • Jan says:

      Dryer Sheet Build-up.
      You will be surprised at the build-up from softner sheets on your dryer lint screen if you try and run water through it even after you have wiped it out. The water will not run through it. Just a quick cleaning with soap and water under the faucet will do the trick. This will also expand the life of your dryer.

  13. glenda says:

    cake platter
    i used a plate and conical bowl i had hidden in the back of the cupboard.using strong contact glue,glue base of plate to base of bowl,let dry 24 hours,turn over add a big bow and you have a nice gift or use yourself.

  14. Alice says:

    Ginger & Garlic paste is quite often used in Indian cooking. Its quite cumbersome to grind them in small quantities every time you need it. So make it in large quantities, freeze it in the small cube ice trays. When hardened take out and put into a box and leave it in the freezer. You can use these cubes as and when you need them, instead of thawing the whole lot.

    • Mausa says:

      Easier still is to grind and place in a glass jar. Add olive oil to cover and place in the refrigerator. Sometimes the garlic will go blue or bright green but give it time it returns to a nice healthy yellow. (Part of the process)To use simply use a teaspoon = 1 garlic clove in a recipe. Been doing this for years from own garlic grown in garden.

  15. Alice says:

    Again for Indian cooking. If you oil can is very close to the cooking range etc. it tends to get a bit greasy. So you can make a cap with the aluminium foil ( very commonly used in the kitchens ) and cover the bottle as a cap. Make a new one when this one gets soiled. You can retain the newnes of the can.

  16. Arnab Banerjee says:

    Broken plastic wares can be made usable by cleaing the broken edges with a smooth cloth and then applying chloroform or carbon tetra chloride at its edges and immideately putting togather the two edges togather and holding it in that place for about 15 miniutes. yor plastic ware will not leak unless and untill broken again.

  17. bigmarty says:

    Use Vicks Vapor Rub daily on nail fungus for several months and watch it go away. Apply generously to whole nail.

    • sundragonlady says:

      I’ve heard this many times, and want to try it, but don’t your socks rub it all off rather quickly?

      • Allyrose says:

        I have done it, just before going to bed. Wear cotton socks. They also sell thin cotton ones that look like “footies”.

        Another use for vicks is to clear a heat rash. I dont recommend using it on a young child though or infant. Use your own judgement.

  18. Nikki says:

    To test for a leak, you can put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and do not flush. Wait about 10 – 15 minutes and check. If you have color in the bowl, chances are you have a leaky toilet, which if goes undetected/treated can wind up costing you over 300 dollars a year. So it is cheaper to fix it and spend that 300 dollars on something fun. Vacation anyone 🙂

  19. Sarah says:

    When you wash your grapes, it is good to wash them in two rinses. The first rinse you should pour in some vinegar into the water, and rinse as usual. Then dump out that water and rinse another time, to make sure no more vinegar are on the grapes. The vinegar will help wash the pesticides off the grapes.

    • Lou Stasny says:

      I rinse the grapes in a colander and then place one drop of dishwashing detergent in a bowl and fill with water. Then I pour that out after swishing the grapes around. I then fill the bowl with fresh water and swish again and afterward place in the colander to drain. Do you think vinegar is better? Somtimes it is amazing how much dirt is left in the soapy water.

    • sally says:

      I rinse my grapes, cherries, strawberries etc. in mild vinegar solution before putting them in the frig. I leave the vinegar rinse on the food and they will last days and days longer; no mold. Just ate the last of my 12 day old Bing cherries.

  20. S. Derksen says:

    When camping or going on a picnic, use baggies to put perishables like dressings, etc. in so you don’t have to risk having a whole bottle going bad for just one days use. It is also easier to keep small amounts of mustard, ketchup, etc. colder easier and you can just snip off the corner to make them squirt out.

    • Jayne says:

      I always save the little packets of sauce and condiments when we eat out, Much easier to carry than a bottle and dont have to worry about sealing things up so they dont leak. Everytime we have a meal out, I save the unsed sauces and take them home and put them in the pinic bag

  21. Suzanne says:

    Having a garage sale can seem very overwhelming. What I do is have my self stick tags,marker and rubbermaid bins in the corner of the basement. When I decide to get rid of something I take it to the bin and price it right then. When the bins are full(usually 6-8) it is time to have a garage sale and everything is priced and ready to go. This also comes in handy if a friend is having a sale. All you have to do is deliver the stuff. My 2 day sales usually make 300-600 dollars.

    Benefits: It does not take 3 days to
    price items.I know when I have
    enough items to make it
    worth my while.

    When/if I have leftovers I take pics of the items in groups before I donate them for the write off. It made a huge difference in my tax bill last year.
    The IRS requires photos of donations if the deduction is over 250.00

  22. Shirley Howell says:

    I recently discovered a fantastic stain remover for my clothing. I am an obese elderly lady that is apparently a messy eater. I always seem to let a piece of lettuce land on my chest, resulting in a stain from the olive oil dressing I use. Some male friends advised that I should try the degreaser used by auto mechanics. I purchased a bottle of “Orange Goop” and used it on some sweaters that had been washed and dried with stains. The goop is a gel and I just squirted some on the stained areas and left it until I had enough dirty clothing for a full load. After laundering the stains were gone!! No more olive oil stains on my tops. The Orange Goop is only $3-4 for a bottle of 16 fl. oz. So it is definitely affordable to try and is available at auto parts stores. Shirley

    Admin Edit: Thanks Shirley! I moved this to the Readers Tips area. I’d also like to suggest drizzling some liquid dish detergent on the stain, then throwing the clothing item into the laundry pile. This gives the detergent some time to soak into the stain. Then launder as usual. I’ve found this to be a great stain remover.

  23. Georgia Foran says:

    To prevent stains in plastic storage containers spray with Pam or whatever non-stick spray you use. Also rinse with cold water before using cold water.

  24. Georgia Foran says:

    Correction to tip re: stains in plastic containers–the last sentence should readcold water before using hot water.

  25. Katlyn says:

    If you’re babysitting multiple children, and one is making a fuss about something dumb, and it’s getting the rest all whiney, dont dispair. Just make sure there’s an extra room you can seperate him into. Even if they are throwing a fit about it, just usher him/her into the room, give them something to do(i.e.put in a dvd, give them a game, a video game, a dolly) and keep them there until bedtime or dinner.But, if they start whineing after they’re quiet, you’ll have to give them something else to do, so beware of kids.lol

  26. Ann says:

    If you need to use softened butter in a recipe and don’t have time to wait for it to reach room temperature…just use the largest holes on your grater and grate it onto a plate. Let it sit about 5 minutes and its perfect for creaming in your recipes.

    • Vicky says:

      You can also “flatten” the butter between 2 sheets of waxed paper using a rolling pin. I always forget to take butter out to soften before baking so this tip has been a “lifesaver” for me. I flatten it and let it sit on the counter for a few minutes and it’s ready to use.

  27. Fred says:

    Sesame seed coating for fish or meat

    brown 1/4 cup of sesame seeds in
    small non stick pan when brown add
    1 table spoon butter and 1 table
    spoon brown sugar mix well remove
    from heat
    grill fisn or meet when you turn
    over place 1/2 mixture on top
    place remaining mixture on serving
    dish place fish or meat when done
    on coating

  28. Bubby says:

    I save the clear snap type lid containers from strawberries and use them to pack pears for Hubby. Two pears fit well wrapped in paper toweling. He loves pears but they get badly abused in his big rig. He says the pears are perfect this way! I also save cardboard potato chip containers and store wet paint rollers in them. They’re ready to go when I’m ready to finish painting.

  29. Dorothy says:

    I you grow (or buy) fresh herbs
    wash them and dry,put in a plastic
    bag and freeze,,when they are frozen they are easy to crumble,so they’re ready to use,,dont need chopping,,

  30. Tillie Polen Scholz says:

    When making mashed potatoes I don’t peel them because most of your vitamins are in the skin, just scrub them good cut them add them to the pot of water boil until soft, mash add butter salt and pepper or whatever you put in your mashed potatoes and there you are without the fuss, mess and time.

    • olivetree says:

      We do mashed potatoes this way and it is sooo good! It’s much tastier than plain mashed potatoes and besides, why waste those wonderful toasty skins. Oh yes… when doing baked potatos, always poke some holes in them with a fork to keep them from exploding.
      Slightly off topic, but when you are making sterilized potting soil, put the potting soil into the oven with the potatoes you are going to bake. When the potatoes are done, the soil is done.

  31. Kath says:

    Here’s a way to use fresh herbs all year. Buy fresh herbs in season, on sale. Wash and chop, float in water and make into ‘herb ice cubes’. Bag the cubes and mark them with a sharpie in freezer bags,a separate bag for each type herb. They’re ready to drop into your recipes. These will keep for months in your freezer.

  32. Paula says:

    Here’s a tip for cleaning in the kitchen. Want to remove that greasey build up around the stove. The goo that builds up on the cabinets, range vent, and the back wall. I hate having to scrub! Simple solution–spray with Spray ‘N Wash and wipe down. Comes right off and no sticky film remains. Some of the heavier build up areas may need another treatment. Stainless steel range vent is like new. It did not dull my cabinet finish either!!! Test your’s to be sure first.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, I’m going to try this at the old guys house I clean. I used TSP and a scrub brush but this sounds easier.

      • cynthia says:

        i like that too, my cupboards are a mess..i’ll try yhis tomorrow…thanks, i knew i ‘stumbled’ on this page for a reason….

    • Nita says:

      Thank you so much for this. I have been steaming my kitchen floor to try and cut the grease and nothing i’ve tried worked. I finally poured rubbing achohol on it and that worked, but i like your meathod much better.

  33. Lacey says:

    Hi all, I make jewelry and sometimes I spill my seedbeeds, or I don’t have a container to sort my beads.

    My grandson came over and I purchased alot of jello, pudding and cookie snacks. The ones in the small plastic containers. They work really well. I can sort a complete bracelet, small necklace, etc. Also I use them for my acrylic paints. I used an empty egg carton altered a bit to balance the cups. Let your imagination run wild.

    Hope this works for you

    • Jamie says:

      After reading this fabulous tip, I thought well maybe you could glue the bottoms of those little plastic cups to something so that they wouldnt fall over and spill. Just an idea…I know I will be doing this to hold my sewing supplies, because my son eats those little pudding and jello’s all the time!! Thanks again for this tip!

    • olivetree says:

      I sometimes collect the little yoghurt containers for growing young plants. The lids from the bigger ones you can cut into long rectangles, paint the name of the plant on one end (using oil paint & toothpick) and tada! you got a reusable plant marker.

      • olivetree says:

        I also collect the empty pencil lead refill containers for mechanical pencils to put seeds in that I save for spring. I want to paint the names of the plants on the sides of the containers to avoid confusion and remember which seeds are which. I think you could use them for very small beads as well.

  34. pat richardson says:

    I save the empty containers of
    6 pack applesauce, etc.. the
    smaller ones. I also use the small
    serving size tartar sauce container with lids. After washing & storing them, whenever I have a little chicken or beef broth left over, I freeze them. Then when I need just a “dab” of either broth, I’ve got it. For larger amounts of broth, I use yogurt containers that have lids.

  35. Tina says:

    I once left a uncooked fish in an unplugged refrigerator for an ENTIRE summer. It was not pleasant, let me tell you, when I opened the door. Only one thing worked to get the smell out. Scrunch up newspaper, fill the refrigerator and freezer with it and run the refrigerator for a week. There should not be any smell at the end of the week when you take out the newspaper.

    • olivetree says:

      Same method works with a jar left over from pickles, or whatever. The newspaper absorbs the smell.

      • Sindy says:

        Went crazy when my freezer became unplugged with a turkey in it. The smell was a nightmare. Tried lots of things with the smell still there. Finally used Simple Green and the smell was gone!!! Just sprayed it all and waited 10 minutes and washed it out.

  36. Jeanne says:

    After taking a bath, don’t drain the tub. Simply fill a large plastic pitcher with the soapy water and water your plants. The plants love the soap, it keeps the pests away and my water bill is lower.
    While hubby is shaving, have him plug the sing and rinse his razor in the hot water in the basin.
    While everyone is brushing their teeth, get the toothbrush wet and turn the water off. Brush your teeth and then turn water back on and rinse mouth and toothbrush.
    When wasing my hands in the kitchen, I was with soap and water and rinse over a plastic pitcher and water my plants, outside and inside.

  37. Ann Jones says:

    After suffering for three days with a mosquito bite and trying every remedy available, I finally wet the bite with water and then cut a Benadryl capsule in half, poured the powder on the bite, and it was gone immediately. Hope this helps someone else who is allergic to mosquitoes.

    • Tina Kirk says:

      Spray Rid Insect replenant on bit and immediate relief, same for flees on dogs & cats spray on hands and rub over their coats

    • sundragonlady says:

      If you get to the bite before you’ve scratched it, put just one drop of ammonia on it and the itching will (usually) stop immediately! If you ever see one of those things that look like a pen in your drugstore that are used to dab on after being bitten – look at the ingredients!

  38. TINAS says:



    Wash potato, put in microwave for 6 minutes rotate after 3 minutes

    Steam spinach in water or broth season to taste, add rice when spinach is done put half cheese on top and let melt

    Split potato in half lightly fluff potatoe add butter and cheese garnish with bacon bits parsley if you wish.


  39. Carrie says:

    Try a drop of fennel under your tongue for hot flashes. Only one each day for three days in a row. You may need to repeat in six months. It balances your hormones. No hormone supplements for me! You can buy this at any natural food store. Look it up on your computer search engine.

    • Nancy says:

      I have heard of this also!! I have also heard that sage extract works in the same way. PLace a drop under your tongue and drink a glass of water and that is it! As Carrie says, it is better than having to take HRT.

  40. Lilly says:

    If you don’t want to cry when chopping onions, cut the onions in half and put them in a bowl with enough ice and water to cover them, let them soak for 15-20 minutes. Cut one half at a time, that way every half you cut is nice and cold: You won’t cry a single tear!

  41. rachel bailey says:

    i have a great tip! i wear glasses and clean them every mornig with a spray cleaner i got at walmart. i was going to buy a refill bottle and the saleslady said to me , i can refill your small bottle if you want. well i have refilled it six times at a savings of at least $12.00 plus don’t have to throw away the small plastic bottle.

    • Joy says:

      Another thing that many people don’t know, and I only discovered by accident, is that most eyeglass shops will replace or tighten those tiny little screws that get lost, free of charge. Also if you get goop under the nose cushions, like I do, soak the glasses in warm water and a few drops of Dawn, then scrub lightly around the nose cushions with the tip of a baby bottle brush. Takes it right off.

  42. Netta Cline says:

    In the home made laundry soap,Octagon Soap made by Colgate is the same as Fels-Naptha.

  43. Lois says:

    For mosquito bites…cover them with clear fingernail polish. the bites react to the air…and the polish blocks the air. works wonders…

  44. Mrs. Salber says:

    If you have long hair like me, you may find yourself putting your hair up in a ponytail a lot. After a while the hair elastics will stretch out. Instead of throwing them out and buying new ones, put them in a pocket of a pair of jeans or some other snug pocket where they won’t fall out – and wash and dry them with the laundry. This restores their elasticity so you can keep using them! Mine come out like new!

    I found this out by accident since I usually keep an elastic in my pocket for emergency pony-tails and washed one by mistake.

  45. Kim R says:

    Why buy the expensive moisture control potting soil when you can easily make your own at home?! Take an unused diaper and split it open, add these little balls to regular potting mix and you have it! The little balls absorb the water and release it back in to the soil as it starts to dry out.

    Also, if you add a layer of styrofoam, it can even be the packing peanut type, to the bottom of larger potting containers, you will not need as much potting soil to fill them up. It also makes the containers lighter and easier to move around.

    • Rose D says:

      If you use the packing peanuts please bag them loosely in a plastic bread bag, small garbage bag, etc, easier to mold in the pot. If they are not the self-disolving kind they will work their way to the top of the pot & you will have a mess. Spoken from experience, thank you!

  46. pj elton says:

    New use for Gorilla Tape with Food Saver
    My food saver appliance stopped keeping a vacuum. When I looked at the sealing strip, I found that there was little bulges in it. I called the company and was told that since my appliance was over a year old they did no support it. I removed the tape that was buckling and replaced it with a strip of Gorilla tape and the Food Saver was useable again.

  47. Elaine Burnett says:

    I have a totally awesome stain remover recipe I’d share.
    1 qt wiskX2
    1 qt ammonia
    2 qts water
    Mix and spray onto stains. Here is where spray bottles left over come into use. Let set a couple of minutes,if stain is deep rub both sides, spary again and wash as usual. Makes 1 gallon of totally awesome.
    As with any stain, take care of it asap.
    It works as well as any stain remover I’ve ever tried.

  48. amber says:

    Hey y’all My tip is for anyone going to be using apples. If you need to core an apple and don’t have an apple corer then you can use a potato peeler. You just stick it down in the apple and twist then pull and the core should come out. Hope this tip is helpful. Thought it might be with it being fall and the holidays coming up and all.

  49. Peter says:

    To prevent mildew from boots, shoes, etc. place a drop of oil of cloves on the shoe polish, smear it over the polish and then clean and polish the boots as normal

  50. Tere Lauritsen says:

    An easy way to hold/organize your ribbon rolls is to use a hanger from the cleaners with the cardboard bottom and pull the wire part out and slip your rolls on and close the end again. Also, if you have ribbon rolls that are too small to fit slide it up the wire part. Thought I’d share my new idea!

  51. Missdarlene says:

    winter sidewalk anti-skid! Up here in NW Pa.. we get lots of Snow. and freezes and thaws.. salt or calcim. turns the botton to slush, which then refreezes and makes MORE ICE.. after I shovel, I scatter birdseed.. makes anti-skid and makes it easier to shovel or sweep next time around.. costs a bit $4.55 for a 10 pound bag ,but goes a long way and makes it easier all winter long.

    • Rose D says:

      Be careful of the bird seed. It can contain seeds not native to your area and if they sprout and grow can create problems. You might want to look for the old kitty litter which does not clump & will provide humus for your ground.

  52. Gail Youngblood says:

    1/2 91 pecent isoprophyl alcohal and 1/2 water make an amazing cleaner for everything, (except furniture, of course)! Windows are so squeaky clean and streak free. It’s very inexpensive, $1.96, easy to find in drug stores or grocery stores, and a great disinfectant as well as cleaner. My husband, a Dr, is allergic to deoderants, and he uses it to do the job, and it works!!

    • sundragonlady says:

      Rubbing alcohol is a fantastic stainless steel cleaner – after cleaning your sinks & faucets, pour some alcohol on a clean cloth & wipe them all down. (Or, if you’re in a real hurry, skip the cleaning part!) Your kitchen & bathroom fixtures will shine like new – and they’re disinfected, too!

  53. Lorraine B says:


    I found using sweet smelling Fabric Softener as a cheap alternative to expensive oils for a fresh smell through your house.

  54. Lorraine B says:


    For an economical Stainless Steel Cleaner.

    Dampen paper towel and put a small amount of ‘Baby Oil’ scrunch and wipe over Fridge or any stainless steel product.

  55. barb says:

    1)Cleaning the frig is something you hate doing?
    Quick tip for that weekly clean-up
    Put wax paper on bottom of all crisper’s..to catch wilted veggies.
    Remove the wax paper, and your crisper bottom is clean as before .

    2) Tasty gravy you don’t want to discard…
    Put the gravy in ice cube tray until frozen, remove putting gravy cubes in Ziploc and remove as many cubes as needed for tasty soup or gravy for individual servings.

  56. barb says:

    why the salt? I do the same using a spon under the shell to take it off so quickly!

  57. Tera M says:

    Dryer sheet uses!

    1. Next time one has a crusty lasagna pan or chili crockpot, fill with hot water and add a dryer sheet. in 5 minutes (yes 5) use the sheet to EASILY remove the crud. Works like a charm.

    2. Have a stain in the carpet? a wet warm dry sheet, and a little elbow grease brings up most stains. Will lighten red koolaid but not take it away.sorry moms!

    3. Greasy stove top or fan? again warm wet dryer sheet wipes off like butter!

    Have fun!

  58. Lydia says:

    Additional uses for your salad spinner:
    1. Use it to get all the juice out of a can of crushed pineapple.
    2. Use it to drain the excess water out of pasta when making pasta salad (works best if you are wanting your pasta cold)

    Just put these items in and spin as if you were spinning lettuce/salad greens.

  59. Leigh Ann says:

    Ugly stains on kitchen trash can?

    I have tried EVERYTHING from baking soda to bleach and nothing has worked to remove the ugly food stains from my cream or white colored trash cans. I finally decided to purchase a black plastic trashcan. Works like a charm. It gets dirty and I wipe it down and it looks good as new!

  60. Melesa Garrison says:

    To clean microwave, I put one cup of vinegar in microwave for 5 minutes and food easily wipes out with a damp cloth or paper towel.

    • Kim says:

      I have a great cleaner for microwaves as well. I saw a show on Food network where there was cooked on sticky messes in the microwave. Take a microwave safe cup (like a coffee cup) and fill with water. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice. Microwave for 5 minutes and let sit for a few more. The steam cleans and the lemon deoderizes the microwave. Wipe out with a clean cloth.

  61. Vickie says:

    A great tip for removing sand from anywhere after a day at the beach is to sprinkle some baby power on yourself, the sand comes right off.
    Your left feeling soft instead of gritty.

  62. Karlo P-P says:

    Did you know that if you put a Mailto: at the bottom of a message you can insert an automatic subject line that saves people time and also makes it easy to filter messages that relate to a subject (provided people don’t change the automated subject line.)

    In order to do this (provided that you use word as your email editor) select the Insert menu Insert a hyperlink with the text to display saying – Mailto:Jo Bloggs or whatever you prefer in the email address type mailto:jo.bloggs@tipnut.com?subject=Replace this with your subject.

  63. keri says:

    Use concentrated dish soap to wash your dogs – it helps remove/kill fleas!

  64. Belle says:

    Extend the volume of cat litter deodorizer(such as arm and hammer) by mixing baking soda into the deodorizer. It will double/triple the supply!

  65. Kim Carroll says:

    When I have any Tupperware containers or coolers that stay closed when stored, I put a piece of paper towel on the edge making sure there is some inside and outside before I close it. It allows it to breathe and it never has that yucky smell. I had a cooler I didn’t use for almost a year and was so relieved to pull it out of storage, open it up and it smelled great!

  66. Brian Slack says:


    When defrosting your fridge, first switch off at the mains then remove all food items from the fridge.

    Tip the fridge back, with the top rear edge resting against the wall or a kitchen unit, so that the bottom of the fridge is sloping back.

    Wedge open the fridge door and leave overnight. The ice build-up will thaw and all the water will drain into the bottom of the fridge. Large lumps of ice will be easier to handle if, like me, you leave defrosting too late!

    Scoop out the water and ice. Result? No water all over the kitchen floor!


  67. Averil Savage says:

    For cleaning oven shelves, racks and roasting trays.
    Put everything to be cleaned into a black plastic rubbish sack add 2 tablespoons of ammonia, seal as tightly as possible and leave for 24 hours.

    Wash the items in hot soapy water, the baked on stuff will come off very easily.


    • Renate says:

      Averil ,
      will this also work for bbq racks griil & etc?

      • Vicky says:

        Yes it will work for grill racks. Works even better if you lay the bag in the sun – the heat makes it work better. Just use caution when opening the bag so the fumes don’t attack you.

  68. Marcie says:

    When storing your crocheted, knitted or handsewn items for craft fairs in plastic bins, tuck dryer sheets between each layer to prevent musty odors from developing. I sometimes toss in a sachet I’ve received in a trade from another vendor as well.

  69. Nono says:

    cleaning freezers, soak cloth with glycerine and rub all over, next time when defrosting all the ice will fall off, with just a touch

  70. Colin, Mumbai, (India) says:

    I was going thru all my old papers, came across one page of all web sites,going thru it, I saw “tipnut” and today after nearly 10 years logged on and wow, did I
    come across lovely interesting articles, My Daughter just married in Jan this year, asked me what I was doing and I told her and and she immdtly said to send her the site name. I have also bookmarked put it on my browser for whenever I need it. Thanks so much.


    just found this site and love all the tips, sending the site to all I know:)))

  72. Lois Smith says:

    I use yellow rubber gloves to wash dishes. I found that if you do not put the forks and knives and anything else that has a sharp edge in your water, your gloves will last a lot longer and not get those small pin holes in them. I used a permanent marker and wrote the date I started using them and they actually lasted for a few months. Just put the sharp items in a glass of soapy water and let it soak till you are almost done and then wash them being careful not to stab your gloves. Savings$$$$$$.

    • Kris says:

      LOL! At my house, I’m not allowed to handle sharp knives, cuz I cut myself just about every time I use them. So instead of putting them in the sink with the rest of the dishes, every member of my family knows that if I’m doing the dishes, the sharp knives go into a glass of water to soak until the last thing to wash..I don’t use gloves, though. But as well, it saves $$$$, because I’m not having to go to the ER to have stitches every time I turn around..

  73. Lois Smith says:

    When you do not know what to cook for supper,just get a monthly calendar and have everyone in the house write down on a piece of paper 4 or 5 of their favorite meals. Then put each meal on the calendar,mix them up so everyone can have their favorite meal once a week. Then you will know what to get out to thaw for the next day. The guessing days are over. I’ve been doing this for years. It also helps you to NOT go grocery shopping every other day. Buy for a week at a time or monthly,or whatever works for you. Savings$$$$$

  74. Marie Valli says:

    I just moved into a rental house and discovered awful odors in kitchen cupboards and bathroom drawers, I don’t know what it is and I can’t get rid of it. Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

    • Maryna says:

      I have the same problem. It is in the bedrooms, kitchen and everywhere. Would also appreciate some help.

    • Nancy says:

      Try wiping down with plain vinegar; no water added. Let air dry. That should help. Or, maybe try using Murphy’s soap and then go back over it with some vinegar. See how that works.

  75. Dawna says:

    I have tons of plastic grocery bags and I reuse them as gift wrap and cut the top to fan out.

  76. Dawna says:

    Some people say I am over doing it, but my husband used to come home with those blue shop rag, papertowel like towels in his blue jeans. After washing them in his pockets I noticed they hold up very well thru a wash. So I use them like dish rags. I had him bring me home a dozen or so from work a few months ago and I am still using them. They are very handy. They don’t work well for cleaning windows, but for everything else they work great.

  77. Waynesq33z says:

    Uses for coffee filters (Mr. Coffee-type):
    1. When your teabags burst while brewing, put a coffee filter in a sieve or collander and use it to filter out the tea leaves.
    2. Use filter turned upside-down over plates or bowls in the microwave to catch splatters. It’s much easier than trying to use square paper towels.

  78. Eraikey says:

    I dispise seeing American flags which are frayed and torn. After replacing my own flag several times, it occured to me that flags always begin to fray at the outer edge. When I bought my new flag I decided to reinforce the outer seams before ever flying it. Since I began that practice, my flags last many months more than before. I usually sew a back stich seam around the three sides that are not next to the pole. I now only have to replace my flags when they become too faded.

  79. Mary says:

    Stained Dark Shirts.
    I wear navy blue t-shirts for work and sometimes forget to treat before washing. Dawn Original is the saver! Even if they have gone through the dryer. Treat, wait about 1/2 hr. and wash in warm. GONE!

  80. tobi wagner says:

    the best thing i found to get rid of any oder is charol the brisket kind works for everthing i ever try.

  81. Linda Snow says:

    I use coffee filters to hold the soil in pots with drain holes in them. As they let out the excess water and hold in the dirt. Just cut the filter about the size of the bottom and a little to go up the sides and push down in the pot. Keeps the dirt in and the outside of pots much cleaner.

  82. irene misty says:


    • Ruth says:

      To take the bacon idea a step further, I lay the whole pkg out in a single layer on a cookie sheet and freeze, then I package it in one large bag, and take out however many pieces I want. I do the same with pre-formed hamburgers and some fruits and vegetables. Once they’re frozen, they won’t stick together unless you leave them out of the freezer long enough for them to start thawing. Then the moist surfaces, naturally, will stick together.

      • Kris says:

        Something we do,(as grandsons are always selling sausage) is to take the roll of sausage and while it is frozen, use an electric knife to cut it into patties, then freeze it. Works much better just for the 2 of us. Then, if you have company, you can thaw how much you need.

  83. Norma says:

    I have two lemon yellow, swivel rockers. One is very clean and bright and the other one is dingy. Does any one know how to clean and brighten upholstery? I am determined to get this done. I love this site and I know there is someone to help me.

  84. Joyce says:

    I use clothes pins as chip bag closures and other bag closers. Just a quick and easy money saver.

  85. Rehana says:

    Why cook daily?
    Cook or. Bake 6 chicken at a time.
    Divide and cool.
    Store in ziplock bags.
    Use as desired.
    Do the same with beef or mutton.
    As for curry paste?
    Make and store in a jar.
    Curry paste:
    1 cup each of
    Coriander powder
    Garlic paste
    Ginger paste
    4 cups of fried and ground onions
    4 cups of tomato paste
    1/2 cup each of
    Ground cumin
    1/4 cup of haram masala.
    Fry all ingredients in oil till aroma emits and oil appears on top.
    You may use more oil.
    Make sure that oil remains on top of the curry paste jar.
    Use as desired in curries,veggies,daals,rice.

  86. Lou Stasny says:

    To make you onions last a long time without sprouting, place them in a brown paper bag and keep them in the fridge. Don’t try this with potatoes because they will turn sweet. Celery lasts much longer if you wrap it in foil before placng it in the fridge.

  87. Cyd says:

    You can make your own vacuum storage bags using heavy duty trash bags and a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum air out, twist as if to close with a twist tie – fold the end over to make a single loop bow with the twisted end and secure with a zip tie or clamp.

  88. susan chaffee says:

    If you get dents or scratches in your wooden table tops it is very easy to fix. All a dent is, is the wood fiber pushed below the surface. So, as long as it is not a crack or chip, the wood is still there and all you have to do is put a few drops of water in the dented area, wait a few minutes for the water to absorbe back into the fibers of the wood. then put a damp terry cloth wash rag or towel over the top of the damaged area, depending on the size of the dent or scratch,then take your steam iron, fill it w/ water, set the temp. on cotton or a hot setting. let it get steamy hot and press it down on the damp cloth for approx. 30 sec. remove the cloth and check to see if the dent or scratch has popped back up, it should swell well above the surface. then let it dry over night sand it down level and seal it with a touch up pen of the same color. spray a little clear coat over it and you will never know it was damaged.

  89. Barbara says:

    To clean grill grates, woks for the grill, use stationary tubs, fill with hot water, add dishwasher detergent and ammonia, est amount, add grates etc , cover with newspaper, leave till next day, rinse, all burnt gook will practically slide off. Can use for stove burner rims also..

  90. Doris says:

    Its almost 80 degrees outside but I just picked up six pairs of boots from the shoe repair shop.
    Apparently he did not notice one boot had a zipper that was stuck.
    I looked at it and it appeared to be crusted in salt. Likely de icer spread on roads and sidewalks. So, I sprayed a tiny bit of shower & tile cleaner ( I tried binegar first )waited 5 minutes and Voila!
    It zips now. Once its completely dry I’ll carefully dab a bit of petroleum jelly on the zipper’s teeth, just to be safe.
    usually vinegar works well for removing salt and lead pencil will lubricate zippers but this time they did not, so here is an alternative, if needed

  91. Theresa says:

    When putting left overs in zipper bags to freeze. I place the gallon bag on an empty coffee container & flip the zipper part inside out. Now I have both hands available to get the food in the bag without spilling. For quart size I use a smaller coffee container. I keep a quart size container in the freezer for left over veggies & left over meat chopped for soups.

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