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Roast Beef Cooking Times: {Timetable & Tips}

Temperature settings and times can fluctuate depending on the cut and size of the meat so it’s nice to have a quick guide to refer to.

Here’s a simple kitchen chart listing assorted cuts and how long they should be cooked for (at varying levels of doneness).

These are based on thawed beef roasts kept chilled in the refrigerator, if they have been sitting at room temperature before being placed in the oven, time will need to be lowered/adjusted.

First, here are a few suggestions to help you get the best results possible…


CutOven Temp.Weight
(in lbs.)
(per pound)
Rib Roast
(chine bone removed)
350°F 4-6 lbs Medium-Rare: 22-26 mins
Medium: 28-34 mins
Medium-Well: 34-36 mins
Rib Eye 350°F 4-6 lbs Medium-Rare: 20-22 mins
Medium: 20-24 mins
Medium-Well: 22-24 mins
Eye Round 325°F 2-3 lbs Medium-Rare: 35-45 mins
Medium: 45-53 mins
Medium-Well: 45-60 mins
Round Tip 325°F 3-4 lbs Medium-Rare: 30-35 mins
Medium: 38-45 mins
Medium-Well: 45-48 mins
Sirloin Tip 325°F 3-4 lbs Medium-Rare: 35-37 mins
Medium: 37-39 mins
Medium-Well: 38-40 mins
Rolled Rump 325°F 4-6 lbs Medium-Rare: 25-27 mins
Medium: 27-29 mins
Medium-Well: 28-30 mins
425°F 4-6 lbs Medium-Rare: 50-60 mins total
Medium: 60-70 mins total
(center cut)
425°F 4-6 lbs Medium-Rare: 35-40 mins total
Medium: 40-50 mins total


These are just general guidelines, if you have a recipe advising something different, follow the directions. Looking for new ways to prepare it? You’ll find over a dozen mouth-watering recipes here [1].