Retro Service/Dishware Pieces {Cross Stitch}

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SamplesThis collection of 6 different service/dishware sets is a vintage design from the 1950s – 1960s era and mainly done in cross stitch (with some embroidery). I’ve scanned each pattern and listed them below for you to download. First here are the basic (and brief) instructions provided from the original…

Materials: Six strand embroidery floss in the following colors: Black, Bright Blue, Yellow & Red. Use 3 strands.

Color Chart: Numbered for placing of colors, they correspond to the key found here. On sections not numbered, use color indicated for similar sections.

Chart: #1 indicates Black, #2 – Blue; #3 – Red; #4 – Yellow

Stitches: Crosses in cross stitch; dash lines in running stitch; single continuous lines in outline; knobs and all narrow double line sections in satin stitch.


Directions: Click on image to access larger size (jpg file format), right click on it then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring here.

*Note: The last file listed has a pair of designs on the page (salt & pepper; tea service)


Plate Setting


Cocktail Shaker & Glasses




Coffee Service


Set of Two Designs

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  1. Ms Moommist says:

    Thank you! These are great. Have a super hiatis!

  2. Sue Keefe says:

    Have a wonderful rest. Enjoy every moment. You deserve it. Always amazed at the way you keep up with it all.
    God bless

  3. Karen says:


    Love the web site! And like these and the many embroidery patterns that you have. I was wondering if you may have the Vogart 294 “Hope Chest”? This had rare designs of handpuppets and bird designs on it. I would love to see this one posted in the future if you have that one on record!

    Like this pattern very much and have been tring each month to collect the various ones. I have been working on my sewing room and working on retro aprons and would like to make some retro tea towels in the future. You can’t get any better than the retro patterns from the past that were originals! Thanks for the great site and patterns!

  4. Inge mertens says:

    Very nice !!!

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