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Conquering Silverfish: DIY Repellents & Control Recipes

Silverfish are a common household pest that feast on things like wallpaper glue, bookbinding, plaster, paper, drywall, carpet and other materials so although your home is unlikely to suffer extensive structural damage, common household items can be destroyed if these critters are left unchecked.

Salt & SpicesEnvironments they prefer: They’re attracted to dark, humid locations (such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, drains) and are nocturnal so you’ll find them out and about mainly at night.

Are they dangerous? They aren’t interested in feasting off humans (and don’t transmit disease or poison anyone), though they are pests that can destroy books, garments, paper goods and other household items.

Pantry items they are attracted to: Quick cooking oats, cornstarch, sugar, high starch foods and can survive without eating for up to a year.

I’ve listed a few tips below for getting rid of and repelling silverfish but keep in mind any eggs that have been laid may take up to two months to hatch, so you’ll likely find new populations to deal with over several weeks.

First here are a few cleaning tips:

Homemade Poisoned Baits

*Keep out of reach of children and pets

The items below are commonly referenced and believed to be silverfish repellents. Sprinkle them around floor boards, in cupboards and drawers or areas you know they traveling and gathering. You can also make sachets or fill cupcake wrappers and place around the home.