Strawberry Clusters Luncheon Set: {Cross-Stitch Freebie}

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It’s time for this month’s vintage pattern freebie and instead of uploading a new set of Days of the Week kitchen towels, I selected something a little different. Here are strawberry cluster motifs intended for embellishing place mats, napkins and a table runner but the designs are suitable for other items as well.

Click For Pattern Download

Click For Pattern Download

You’ll find two sets of strawberry clusters (one large, one small). There’s no date on this pattern but I believe it’s pretty old (1930s or 1940s).

Here are the instructions along with two downloads (one for the free pattern and the other for the color key). Enjoy!

Materials Required:

  • 2 1/4 yds of 36″ pink linen or percale for 6 place mats; 6 napkins and 1 runner.
  • 20 yds of #13 (very narrow) white rick-rack braid.
  • Six-strand embroidery floss in pink, red and light green.



  • Cut place mats 13 by 17 inches (2 place mats on the width of the material).
  • Cut runner 17 by 36 inches.
  • Cut napkins 11 inches square (3 napkins on the width).

These measurements include 1/2″ seam allowance.

Design Transfers:

  • Place 1 larger cluster in upper left-hand corner of each place mat, 1 small cluster in a corner of each napkin, 1 large cluster in 2 diagonally opposite corners of runner, small clusters in other 2 remaining corners.


  • Use 3 strands for working cross stitches.

Color Key:

No. 1 (pink)
No. 2 (red)
No. 3 (light green)

  • On sections not marked for color, use color indicated on similar sections.
  • Turn under hem allowances and hem down.
  • Hand-sew rick-rack braid around each piece 3/8″ in from edge.
Click For Larger Size

Click For Larger Size

Printing Directions

Click pictures to access larger files (jpg format), right click on each then save to your desktop. The pattern has already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of the designs when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns here.

Tip: Uncheck your printer’s equivalent to “Print to Page” and “Maintain Aspect Ratio” so that the pattern stays true to actual size.

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  1. dalbax2 says:

    I remember the old Workbasket magazines used to have embroidery transfers in them. I had quite a few at one time. Even now if you find old copies of the magazines in yard sales, etc you might be lucky enough to still get the transfers in the book.

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