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DIY Tar Removers: Lard Will Do It! Plus More Tips

Here’s a list of items I’ve collected over the years that can help remove splatters from vehicles, upholstery, soles of shoes and other items.

Before Getting Started:

Fixes To Try


Directions: Smother stain generously with one of the below items and then allow the item to work on softening things up first (about an hour or so). If this works, wash item well with soap and water to wash away all traces of the softener and any residue.

If tar has been lifted but a stain remains, proceed to the list of solvents below (do not wash item with soap and water until after solvent treatment).


*Careful! These are flammable and item must be carefully washed after treatment.

Directions: Soak a corner of a rag with solvent then apply to stain in a dabbing or blotting motion.

For thick splatters: Hold an ice cube against spot and keep it there until the stuff becomes brittle enough that it can be gently pried off with a putty knife or spatula.

Remember to wash item well with soap and water when you’re done to get rid of all traces of solvent and softener.