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Tasty Baked Chicken

Today’s Recipe Hit List is a nice assortment of baked chicken recipes that I’ve collected from around the ‘net, some using a whole chicken, others using pieces, thighs and breasts. Many are quite simple baked in sauces and marinades while others feature a crispy coating (yum). Enjoy!

*Note: Descriptions below are quotes from the sources

Simple Ingredients With Whole or Cut Up Chicken Makes An Easy Dinner

Simple Ingredients With Whole or Cut Up Chicken Makes An Easy Dinner

  1. Roasted Tomatoes & Garlic [1]: You need very little to make this delicious and festively colored dinner. In fact, you’ll only need 7 things, and I bet you already have most of them in your pantry. You can get away with such few ingredients because each one is full of flavor. Roasting brings out such wonderful flavors in tomatoes and garlic! From Hangry Pants.
  2. Tarragon With Creamy Dijon Sauce [2]: What I love about chicken is how versatile it is (take it from someone whose mom’s favorite cookbook was “365 Ways to Cook Chicken” when I was growing up so I’ve learned a thing or two, trust me. From Simply Savor.
  3. Pecan-Crusted in Honey-Mustard Sauce [3]: Recipe from Kraft Foods.
  4. Parmesan-Stuffed Chicken Breasts [4]: From Martha Stewart.
  5. Whole Crock Pot Chicken [5]: From Tried & True Cooking With Heidi. Also see this list of crockpot recipes [6] including one at the bottom for a “rotisserie” style chicken similar to this recipe.
  6. Whole Baked [7]: 1 hour or so for this baked chicken recipe to complete. All you need to do is follow the baked chicken recipe to the letter and enjoy it. But you can still experiment along the way if you want. From Simply Trini Cooking.
  7. Baked With Mushrooms [8]: Here’s a way to dress up chicken breasts for a family dinner or party, using fresh mushrooms, green onions and two kinds of cheese. From Taste of Home.
  8. With Herbes de Provence [9]: This is a great example of a make ahead meal and/or freezer meal. I see spice mixes as a way to flavor various meats with very little effort. All I did was combine extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, Herbes de Provence spice mix, salt, pepper and minced garlic in a bowl to create a marinade. From What’s Cookin, Chicago.
  9. Parmesan [10]: (no frying involved) When paired with a whole-grain pasta and some salad, this meal is a filling and frugal way to go. It’s surprisingly simple, and the chicken stays juicy and tender. From Stretchmark Mama.
  10. Onion Baked [11]: Running out of ideas for chicken? Try this baked chicken that’s seasoned with your favorite McCormick herbs and spices including onion powder and Italian seasoning. From McCormick.
  11. Apricot-Glazed Sriracha Ginger [12]: a slurry of garlic, ginger, apricot jam, soy sauce and the recently written about Sriracha – does something to the chicken that makes it somewhat irresistible. You know it the second you take it out of the oven and smell it that you will be licking your fingers. From Sassy Radish.
  12. BBQ [13]: This may not be real barbecue, but it is one of my favorite ways to make chicken legs: Indoors. In the oven. Seared, then smothered in hot, spicy sauce and slow baked. From The Hungry Mouse.
  13. Honey & Soy Baked Thighs [14]: For this recipe you’ll need olive oil, soy sauce, garlic cloves (or garlic powder), ground ginger, honey, salt and pepper. You can easily switch up the ingredients to your liking and taste. A splash of sesame oil would be a nice addition. From She Wears Many Hats.
  14. Pesto [15]: There will be some flavorful juice in the bottom of the dish when this is done, so you may want to serve with rice, couscous, or quinoa to soak up the juice, but if you’re eating this for phase one, just spoon the juice over the chicken. From Kalyn’s Kitchen. You’ll find tips and how-to for homemade pesto here [16].
  15. Mustard-Baked With a Pretzel Crust [17]:
    This dish, from chef Ilene Rosen at the City Bakery in New York City, matches chicken with the classic NYC street-vendor combo: pretzels and mustard. Recipe from Food & Wine.
  16. Crunchy Garlic [18]: This crumbing technique is so versatile – you can cook pork or even cod in exactly the same way. As there is butter in the crumb mixture, you can grill, fry, roast or bake the meat dry in the oven and it will go lovely and golden. From Jamie Oliver.
  17. Crispy Baked with Teriyaki Sauce [19]: The chicken is baked with a coating of flour and panko to keep it crispy. From Annie’s Eats.