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20+ Crafty Things To Make With Old Jeans

Jeans usually outlast our use for them since styles and sizes change before they have a chance to wear out but they still have a lot of life left in them. Here are plenty of crafty and clever ways you can re-use the material and make them into something useful (all free tutorials and patterns). Enjoy!


Denim Market Tote [1]: Nice and big, you know this tote is going to last forever! More tote bag patterns found here [2].

Wine Bag [3]: Lovely bag made with a jean leg bottom and lined with sturdy fabric. Also see this wine bag [4] made from old jeans.



Make Slippers From Old Jeans [5]: Includes a free pattern download. See more slipper patterns here [6].

Easy Tote [7]: Features pretty floral brooches made with strips of denim. Also see this eyelet totebag [8] and this book bag [9] project.



Tool Roll [10]: Made with the bottom 21″ of two jean legs, canvas and ribbon or twill tape.

Laptop Bag [11]: Make a sturdy bag for your laptop that’s lined with pretty fabric and batting. You’ll find more laptop bag tutorials here [12].



Crafty Bucket [13]: Make a craft bucket out of jeans, cardboard and some fancy fabric. The bucket is perfect for holding yarn or crafting supplies, and the jean pockets on the interior are great for holding scissors, other sharp tools or small supplies.

Bibs [14]: So lovely and so easy to wash!



Barrettes [15]: Perfect way to use up the smaller scraps.

Quilt Project [16]: Finished size measures approximately 63″ x 84″, you’ll need about 12 pairs of jeans to make this. Also see this Fray Edge Quilt [17], this tutorial [18] and more quilt patterns here [19].



Recycled Potholder [20]: Made with the back pocket of an old pair of jeans, you know this one’s going to last! More potholder patterns here [21].

Jeans Apron [22]: Made with a pant leg from an old pair of jeans, bias tape binding and twill tape.



Knitting Needle Case [23]: Keep your knitting needles organized with this clever roll. Also see this circular needle holder [24] made from an old pair of jeans and you’ll find more projects here [25] for knitting needle rolls.

Reusable Lunch Bags [26]: Super easy project, also see Apple Printed Lunch Sack [27] and more lunch bag patterns here [28].



Corsage [29]: Pretty fabric flower to embellish outfits, totes, whatever you like!

Booty Bag Tutorial [30]: Made with the “seat” of an old pair of jeans (potential for lots of room depending on the size of the pants!).



Small Gadget Tote [31]: Make a caddy with three separate pockets to protect delicate expensive gadgets. Add an optional wrist strap and it can double as a minimalist purse.

Wall Hanging [32]: The back pockets make a cute place to stash crafty stuff.



Do-It-All Bins [33]: Use these fabric buckets to store all kinds of goodies, made with the legs cut from an old pair of jeans and small pieces of cotton fabric.

Coasters [34]: The thick hems and seams are cut from old jeans then rolled tightly and glued together.



Fringed Tote [35]: Assorted denim remnants are sewn wrong sides together to create a fringe, bag is lined with cotton fabric and has a magnetic snap closure.

Denim Pouf [36]: Tough, sturdy and nice! Made with assorted scraps of denim in different shades and packed with pillow stuffing.



Easy Pouch [37]: Uses the bottom part of the leg and closes with a button/loop. Simple sewing involved.

Christmas Trees [38]: Made with scraps of denim, colorful buttons and bits of decorative ribbon.


You can make a Microwaveable Heat Bag [39] with denim pieces in any size you like. Also check out the Scrap Happy List [40], plenty of projects in there that would be great made up in scraps of denim.

Props to WiseBread’s post 25 Things To Do With Old Jeans [41] that inspired this article as a feature way back in the summer of 2008.