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How To Remove A Tick: {Instructions & Tips}

A tick’s nature is to bury its head into your skin and feast until it’s quite engorged with blood. Although it will likely fall off on its own after a few days once it has had its fill, quick removal is important to prevent infection.

Here’s a step-by-step list of instructions to guide you through the process plus a few tips list at the bottom.

*These apply to both humans and pets

When to see a doctor:

If you want it tested:

Advice on Home Remedies:

Some advise smothering the critter with Vaseline, liquid soap, nail polish, apply heat (with a just lit match, etc.), so it will back out on its own. These may or may not work but they can cause it to get stressed or aggravated and release more bacteria and saliva…quick removal with tweezers (or even glove covered hands) is the best bet.

A few tips:

Note: This is not professional medical advice, this is simply a list of information I’ve organized from my collection.