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30+ To Do Lists To Help You Get Organized

I had several of these already listed on the assorted printables page [1] and it’s time now to give them their own spot here on Tipnut. You’ll surely find something to fit the job perfectly in this collection, some of the lists are simple while others are loaded with colors and features. Lots to choose from and I’ll be adding more as I find them, enjoy!


Fun & Flowery [2]: Loaded with color and cute flowers, 3 per page.

Mom On The Go [3]: Full page (weekly), pretty design with columns for each day of the week and a light flowery touch.



Flowers, Ladybug & Purse [4]: Three different and colorful designs per sheet (pdf).

Short Term Memory Loss Prevent Device [5]: Prints 3 per page and features a cute elephant at the top of the page.



Fall Friends [6]: (For The Week Of) Three different designs, each featuring a colorful Fall element (acorn, leaf and toadstool).

Butterfly Notepads [7]: Lovely design, prints two per page (each with a butterfly in different colors) and has space to note the date.



Yellow Bird [8]: Lined with check boxes and space to note today’s date. Free pdf download (2 per page).

Laundry List of To Do’s & Itinerary [9]: Two different forms to download (via pdf), each organized by errands (errands, chores, calls).



Two Different Versions [10]: Download both a full page and 2 per page design, each has “Must Do” and “Hope To Do” sections. Features a pretty green floral border.

I Heart Lists [11]: Prints two per page, simple design with a check box for each line.



Motivated Mondays [12]: Nice page with boxes for assorted tasks and errands needing to be done today as well as notes for tomorrow.

Two Designs To Choose [13]: One is a “Do One Thing” list and that other is a task list, each print 3 sheets per page.



Don’t Forget [14]: Simple lined design (2 per page) that features a puppy saying “Don’t Forget” in the bottom right corner.

Ta-Da List [15]: Simple yet lovely design with two check box options: “Done” and “Do Later”. Prints two/page and has space to mark the date (top right corner).



Allsorts [16]: Cute but simple design in pink and blue, prints 3 per page.

Check It Baby [17]: Two different versions available (one color, one black & white), each line has a blank box to check as you work through the list.



Assorted [18]: Several different designs to choose from, “Busy as a Bee”, “Blue Pen”, “To Fix” and more.

Clever [19]: Each month and numbers 1 – 31 are across the top, circle them to note the date. Sheets are lined with check boxes, four different colors available.



12 × 36 Weekly Schedule [20]: This is printed in 3 sections then framed to hang on the wall. Use dry erase pens to note events and wipe off clean for the next day.

Making The Most Of Today [21]: Prints two per sheet, each list has 5 sections (motivation, must do, hoping to, note to self, sometime this week).



Things To Do (Weekly) [22]: Full sheet with each day of the week listed (Sunday – Saturday), blank lines & check boxes and room for notes.

This & That [23]: A full page design with decorative boxes for “To Do Now”, “Phone Calls”, “Emails”, “This”, “That” and “To Do Later”.



Everlasting, Never Ending [24]: Prints two per page in two different colors (blue and green), each line is marked with a star and has space to note the date.

Editable (pdf) [25]: Prints one per page and you can type your notes directly on the list before printing.



The Clock Is Ticking Checklist [26]: Prints two per page (pdf) and has a fun illustration at top featuring a girl with an alarm clock balanced on her head.

Note To Self [27]: Cute & colorful cards to print on cardstock (2 per page), has little check boxes along the bottom for “I Got It”, “Do Now”, “Postpone” and “Flush Away”.



Task Sheet [28]: A full sheet separated into four groups (index card style), each with a different level of importance (Urgent/Important; Not Urgent/Important; Urgent/Not Important; Not Urgent; Not Important).

Notepad [29]: Prints two per page (via pdf) and gives directions how to assemble into a notepad using clothespins, glue and chipboard.



Decluttering Helper [30]: Clear out 30 bags of junk in 30 days, these are available in 3 colors (green, yellow and blue).

Notepad Project [31]: Shows how to make a hanging pad by punching holes at the top for a cord or ribbon.



Cross Stitch Triangles [32]: Reminds me of a cross stitch design, three triangles across the top and bottom (in both orange and black).