Cross Stitch Designs: (Two Sets)

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Here’s a set of vintage motifs you can use to embellish a variety items and consists of 6 different designs (including 2 bands to use as edging/trims). The original pattern details are found below where you’ll also find the download file. [Updated: I added a new set from the 1920’s at the bottom of the page].

Assorted Vintage Motifs

Assorted Vintage Motifs

This pattern (complete in 1 sheet) contains instructions and motifs to be used on towels, scarfs, cloths, blouses, skirts, aprons.

Use cotton poplin, linen or similar fabric for articles; six-strand cotton for embroidery.


Towels: 3/4 yard 36″ fabric or 1-1/2 yards finished toweling for two.

Scarfs: 1/2 yard 36″ fabric for a 15″ x 34″ scarf or 1/2 yard 45″ fabric for a 17″ x 44″ scarf.

Cloths: 1-1/2 yards of 54″ fabric for a 52″ x 52″ cloth.

Blouses, Skirts & Aprons: Ready-made blouses, skirts and aprons.

For All: Six-strand embroidery cotton in desired colors; matching sewing thread.

Note: If desired, use ready-made articles.

Color Suggestions: Work the motifs in all one color, in two or three shades of one color, or in two or three contrasting colors.

Placing Motifs:

Towels: Place a band motif 1-1/2″ above hem; center a large square motif 4″ above hem and a smaller motif at each side. Or, if desired, use the band or other motifs separately.

Scarfs: Place a band motif at each end 1″ from edge or use a combination of bands, placing them 1″ apart.

Cloths: Place a small motif in each corner 16″ in from edge; divide the matching band motif into 4 equal parts and center one part on each of the four sides.

Blouses: Place band motifs down center front or around neck and sleeves, as desired.

Skirts and Aprons: Divide one band motif into 4 or 6 equal parts and evenly-space around bottom of skirt about 3″ above hem.

Stitching Instructions: Using 4 strands of six-strand embroidery cotton, work crosses in cross stitch. Work first half of crosses from right to left and second half from left to right. For a smooth finish, all crosses must cross in the same direction.

Finishing: Make a wide or narrow hem (depending on article) on all raw edges. Lay finished articles, embroidery face down, on a turkish towel and press with a damp cloth. This raises the embroidery.


Directions: Click image below to access larger file (jpg format), right click on it then save to your desktop. The file has already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of it when transferring to fabric, you’ll find tips for transferring patterns here. It’s a tight fit, but I was able to fit all the designs onto one page. Enjoy!

Pattern Sheet

Pattern Sheet

Here’s another lovely sheet from the 1920’s:

These are adaptable to towels, table covers, scarfs, vanity sets, etc., as shown below. For a square table cover, use 4 large corners with 4 long motifs between.

To Embroider: Use six-strand cotton in two shades of rose, two shades of blue and 1 shade of green. Using 4 strands of thread in needle, work in even crosses (Detail 1), working the crosses of each flower in the light shade, the blocks in center of flower the deeper shade. Other colors may be suitably used if desired.


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