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Puppy Days of the Week: {Cross Stitch & Embroidery}

Vintage Puppy Pattern Series

Vintage Puppy Pattern Series

Here’s the latest set of Days of the Week (DOW) free vintage embroidery and cross stitch patterns. This is a cute puppy series from Laura Wheeler circa 1960s (I believe), each day features a puppy doing a daily chore.

Here are the details and instructions:

This pattern contains directions and 7 cross-stitch motifs to be used on towels or dinette cloths. Use linen, cotton poplin or any similar fabric for articles; six-strand cotton for embroidery.

Material Requirements


3/4 yard 36″ fabric or 1-1/2 yards finished toweling for 2.

Dinette Cloths:

1-1/2 yards 54″ fabric for a 52″ x 52″ cloth or 2 yards 54″ fabric for a 52″ x 70″ cloth.

For All:

Six-strand embroidery cotton; sewing thread.

Color Suggestions

Work dogs in grey and black, light and dark grey, black or brown and white, or brown and tan; lettering in one of the colors used for dog; other items in harmonizing or contrasting colors OR work dogs in predominant color of kitchen or dinette; lettering in a deeper shade of this color; other items in harmonizing or contrasting colors OR work each motif in several shades of one color, having the lettering in the deepest shade.

Placing Motifs


Dinette Cloths:

Free Downloads

Directions: Click on image to access larger pattern (jpg file format), right click and then save to your desktop. Each of the files have already been flipped so you can trace directly on top of them when transferring to fabric. You will find pattern transfer tips here [1].

Monday - Laundry Day [2]

Monday - Laundry Day

Tuesday - Ironing [3]

Tuesday - Ironing

Wednesday - Sewing & Mending [4]

Wednesday - Sewing & Mending

Thursday - Shopping [5]

Thursday - Shopping

Friday - Baking [6]

Friday - Baking

Saturday - Cleaning [7]

Saturday - Cleaning

Sunday - Rest [8]

Sunday - Rest


Embroidery Stitches - Click Image To View Larger [9]

Embroidery Stitches - Click Image To View Larger

Directions: Divide the six-strand cotton and, using 4 strands, work the crosses in cross stitch; continuous lines in outline stitch; short straight lines in single stitch; broken lines in running stitch; shaded areas in satin stitch.