Washing Leather Gloves – Woman’s Home Companion

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Wash only gloves which are labeled washable and do so frequently so that dirt and oil from the skin will not become embedded in the leather. This will cause a change of color and harden the leather. If the gloves have ever been dry cleaned, do not attempt to wash them.

Use tepid water and rich mild suds. Wash all except chamois and doeskin on the hands, with the same motions as though actually washing the hands. Do not pull off by fingers, gently roll off from the wrists.

Starting from fingertips, roll in a turkish towel, jelly-roll fashion. Knead the towel, unroll the gloves and blow into them to puff them up. Hang to dry. Never dry near radiator or in direct sunlight.

If they seem to be too stiff when dry, moisten them slightly be rolling in a dampened towel and then manipulate leather gently.

For Fabric Gloves: Wash on the hands in lukewarm water and rich suds. Squeeze suds through the fabric. Do not rub. Rinse in lukewarm water and squeeze dry in a towel. Gently shape and allow them to dry flat or on glove stretchers.

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