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11 Handy Ways To Reuse Newspaper Around The House

So much of what we read nowadays is online but even though I don’t subscribe to a print newspaper, I still have lots of sales flyers and promotional mailings to deal with plus a weekly Community paper and real estate listings. I don’t subscribe to any of them, but week after week they still find their way to my mailbox. Some useful, some not.

What to do with all that paper? Surely we can make good use of it in some way instead of sending it off to the recycling depot.

Here are a few simple ideas…feel free to add your own in the Comments section below.

  1. It works great for washing your windows [1], glass table tops and mirrors. Just spray window cleaner on the glass as you normally would then wipe dry with the paper for a streak-free finish. I don’t know how it works but it does!
  2. They are super-useful in messy cleanup jobs like cleaning the oven, make crumpled up wads to pick up most of the gunk before wiping the surface down with a soapy wet sponge. I also like to shove them underneath the oven when I’m cleaning to catch any stray drips.
  3. Stuff them in damp or smelly luggage, stinky plastic containers or a smelly fridge [2] to absorb odors. Great to do when packing away camping coolers for the winter, stuffing first helps prevent them smelling sour/stale in the Spring. Wash the coolers with hot soapy water before using again for the season.
  4. Roll them up tight and light them as firestarters.
  5. Separate the cartoon section and keep to wrap parcels and gifts for kiddos.
  6. Pack unripened fruit with them to help the pieces ripen quicker (works for tomatoes, peaches, pears, etc.). They also offer the fruit some protection from bumps and bruises.
  7. Painting jobs: Scatter them around the floor to catch paint splatters. Wet some pieces and stick neatly on windows when painting window trim, no more splatters on glass to wipe up…all you have to do is peel off the print and it takes the paint with it.
  8. Line trash cans, worm bins [3], the bottom of a cat litter tray before adding kitty litter, makes cleanup easier. Also line pet cages with them (for hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.).
  9. Lay them down in garden beds about 1/4″ inch thick before covering with wood chips, mulch or decorative rocks, this helps prevent weed growth. Make sure to thoroughly moisten the newspaper before covering with mulch so they stay in place (just spray them down with the garden hose). This is a great way to use up a lot if you have a big bundle on hand.
  10. Make seed starting pots for the garden, see this page for directions [4].
  11. Cook fish on a campfire [5] (instructions are found at bottom of page).

More ideas from the comments below, thank you dear Readers!