Handy Hints From 1950’s Housewives { For The Kitchen }

These handy hints for cooking and baking are from a large collection of tips I’ve gathered together from a variety of books and magazines from the 1940s and 1950s…most of these are quite unique I think since I don’t recall coming across them before.

  1. Sift flour as it is being emptied into the container. As most recipes call for sifted flour, this will save much time.
  2. Ease graham cracker crusts from the pan by dipping the pie pan in hot water before slicing and serving.
  3. Keep a tin of orange concentrate opened in your fridge and ready for use. Sneak a spoonful into your sweet sauces, icing for cakes, lemon cake mix, fresh salads and ever so many recipes and watch them take on a tang.
  4. Red cabbage will keep its red color if cooked with a bit of vinegar added to the water; do this when cabbage is partially cooked.
  5. French toast is made crisper by incorporating a tablespoon of flour to the egg and milk mixture.
  6. Instead of deep frying croquettes, place them in a greased pan and bake; just as good and much more digestible.
  7. Bacon drippings are valuable–save them. Use as seasoning for vegetables; as a basis for soups and white sauces; to give meat flavor to scalloped dishes; for frying eggs, French toast, potatoes, etc.
  8. A dash of ginger sprinkled into chocolate icing gives a delicious, unusual flavor.
  9. Juice from pickled fruits such as crab apples, peaches and pears is wonderful for basting smoked ham.
  10. For a variation in meat balls, add chopped apple to ground meat along with other seasoning, roll into small balls and simmer in tomato puree, seasoned with sage.
  11. Boiled icing will keep soft if a scant teaspoon of vinegar is added with the flavoring.
  12. Add one of the following to the room temperature egg whites for the highest meringue: a pinch of baking powder; a pinch of salt; a generous pinch of baking soda.
  13. A teaspoon of celery salt mixed with the cracker crumbs in which oysters are rolled before frying improves their flavor.
  14. If you can’t find either fresh or dried dill, use 2 or 3 tablespoons of dill seed to each quart of pickles.
  15. When you get through with a tea ball, empty and clean it, then use it to hold onion or other seasoning for flavoring soups and stews.
  16. Something new in frosting! For a white or yellow cake, put 2/3 cup chopped dried apricots (well washed) in the frosting. Flavor with 1/4 teaspoon each of almond and lemon extract as well as the usual teaspoon of vanilla.
  17. If whipping cream won’t thicken, add some instant vanilla pudding powder.
  18. Heavy muffin papers set in muffin tins make excellent gelatin molds. Serve in papers or remove by placing muffin tins in warm water for a few minutes. Top with a cherry or peach slice.
  19. A little crushed or diced pineapple is delicious added to savory stuffing used for roast.
  20. Pastry will be flakier if you include 1 tblsp. orange or lemon juice as part of your liquid.
  21. Diced fruits for salad or desserts can be kept from turning dark by covering them with grapefruit juice.
  22. Once an onion has been cut in half, rub the left-over side with butter and it will keep longer.
  23. Leftover onion will keep much longer then the root is left intact – use top part first.
  24. Leftover eggnog makes a lovely sauce for vanilla ice cream or cake. And mixed with rice, it makes a tasty rice pudding. Just substitute it for the milk in your recipe.
  25. Popcorn should always be kept in the freezer. Not only will it stay fresh, but freezing helps eliminate “old maids”.

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    • Ling

    Freezing popcorn kernels does not eliminate “old maids”; in fact, it makes the popcorn dry out faster. Popcorn pops due to the moisture it has contained in it; therefore,an air tight container in a cool dry place is more appropriate storage.

    • .Lori

    The reason for sifting flour before measuring and using is to incorporate air. If this is done before storing the flour, the benefit is lost.

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