30 Helpful Items To Remove Sticky Adhesive Goo

Things like price stickers and labels, different types of tape (packing, masking, scotch tape) can leave behind a sticky, gooey residue that’s a tricky mess to remove. Here’s a list of items that can help make the cleanup job a lot easier.

Updated: This list was first published in 2007 but there were a few good additions in the comments section below that I’m adding so they won’t get missed…

OilsCareful: Please test in an unnoticeable area first to make sure there will be no damage to the surface (especially on wood).

  1. Nail Polish Remover
  2. Petroleum Jelly
  3. Toothpaste
  4. Hand Lotion
  5. Hair Spray
  6. Baby Oil (mineral oil)
  7. Vinegar (soak cloth, apply then leave for awhile–even overnight)
  8. Rubbing Alcohol
  9. Windex
  10. Baking Soda & Water Paste (just rub in gently then wipe off with a warm wet cloth)
  11. Lighter Fluid
  12. Kerosene
  13. WD-40 (set for 5 minutes)
  14. Paint Thinner
  15. Rubber Cement Thinner
  16. Artgum Erasers / Pencil Erasers
  17. Peanut Butter
  18. Vegetable Oil / Olive Oil (set for about 2 hours)
  19. Margarine
  20. Cooking Spray
  21. Mayonnaise (leave set for a few hours or overnight)
  22. Goo Gone
  23. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  24. Furniture Polish
  25. Eucalyptus Oil
  26. Tea Tree Oil
  27. Perfume / Aftershave
  28. PVC Pipe Cleaner
  29. For surfaces that you’re afraid to damage, try heating the goo with a hair dryer then wiping off (firmly) with a wet warm & soapy cloth.
  30. Duct Tape (press on goo firmly, life tape up quickly, repeat as needed)

More Tips

  • Duct Tape Residue: try lighter fluid or WD-40.
  • Once the mess has been removed, wash surface as you normally would.
  • If one method doesn’t work for your particular spot, wash off the remainder of the remedy you tried and choose another.
  • Ann Parker shares a good tip below: If all else fails, and you are ‘stuck’ with the glue, you can stop its stickiness by dusting it with talcum powder.

Have I left out your tried and true method? Please share below :).


(Originally published November 14, 2007) Plastering a vehicle with decals isn’t as common as it used to be but you still may come across them when buying used vehicles (and during hot election seasons).

AssortedIt seemed like a good idea at the time, but now how do you get the stubborn suckers off? Here are a few tips and tricks for peeling them off and getting rid of any residue left behind.

Getting Started: Use old credit cards, plastic rulers or blades to help peel it off when using one of the methods below.

Method #1

  • First warm it with a hair dryer or heat gun until the glue underneath softens and then try peeling it off. If you do this in the summer, let the vehicle sit in the hot sun for about half an hour first since it will speed up the process.
  • If you can’t park near an outlet to use a hair dryer or don’t have a heat gun, try pouring boiling water over it to get things underneath melted and loosened up enough to pull it off.

Method #2

  • Saturate it really well with WD40, or lighter fluid, or white vinegar and allow to sit for a few minutes then try to peel it off*

*First test a small area where it won’t be noticed to make sure the vehicle’s paint job won’t be damaged or discolored.

Once you’ve gotten it off, you’ll find a bit of glue left on the vehicle. Keep heating with a hair dryer and rub it off with mineral spirits or a vinegar soaked cloth. You can also try WD40 or go through the list at the top of the page and test items until you find one that works (remember to test the surface of the vehicle first to ensure no permanent damage will occur).

Once you’ve completed the job, wipe the area well with a hot, soapy cloth to wash off the solvent (if any was used).

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    • Sticky Mess

    We used the petrolium jelly to get sticker residue off of a folding table and it worked wonders. Thanks for all of the great all ideas!

    • Sticker Shocked

    I tried almost all of the options above….toothpaste helped…lotion was useless as was the oil. I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and saw the big yellow bottle of Comet…so I figured what the heck..lets try it….Comet took the goo off in SECONDS!!! After wasting more than 3 weeks worth of toothpaste, some oil, trying the hair dryer, soap and water, windex, rubbing alcohol, nailpolish remover…..spent an hour an a half trying and Comet did the job like magic!!!

      • GatorGrit

      haha you might as well have used emery paper

    • Hoozit

    After despairing that I had none of the 25 items listed (how can that be?) to remove the sticker-goo from my laptop, I went rummaging in the bathroom and found — to my heart’s ecstasy — my aftershave. It seems obvious, but having dismissed rubbing alcohol as being not within my known possession, it never occurred to me that aftershave is basically the same stuff in a different bottle.

    It did the trick in seconds, though it should be noted that it didn’t work directly on the goo — I had to vigorously rub a Kleenex over the goo to get the linty stuff stuck to the adhesive, then the aftershave would remove the Kleenex — and with it, the glue. A couple repetitions and you would never know my laptop has been wearing not one but two nametags for a year now. Long story.

    • sticky situation

    thanks for all the info. i just used lavender massage oil…it worked great. and my computer smells nice as well! i was afraid of the nail polish remover smell, so somewhat reluctant to use it!

    • depressed


      • Jonathan Berg

      Duct tape baked on window all summer. WD-40 cleaned everything up

    • Muhammad

    I tried the nail polisher remover, it works really quickly. I had some sticker residue on my laptop, and it removed them all.
    I haven’t tried anything else. (btw: the smell from the nail polish remover, stays.

    • REGINA

    BABY OIL does the trick, thanks….

      • carol

      baby oil works like a charm. i had adhesive on a metal bracelet from the label. i used johnson and johnson baby oil and it came off within a few minutes – 2-3 minutes to be exact.

    • Roe Jones

    How to remove a label from a metal can without destroying (damage) the label
    so it can be used again?


      • Amy

      Don’t know if this will help you, but I remember as a kid, soaking a bunch of my Dad’s wine bottles in the bathtub to get the labels off so he could keep them in an album instead of keeping all the bottles. (I’m sure this was my Mom’s idea). If you are able to put the can in water, the label can be soaked off over night, then removed from the water and left to air dry on a flat surface.

    • dem

    i just removed a stickers on the inside of my new laptop.. all removed but one stubborn one! and i tried rubbing alcohol… DID NOT WORK..
    NAIL POLISH REMOVER did do the trick!! 🙂 thanks guys.

    • Jacqueline

    Tea Tree Oil… hands down, seriously. I always keep a little bottle of this oil around. For removal of glue of ANY kind, please don’t bother with anything else. I tried everything from vinegar, rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, or soaking in hot water, etc etc. Nothing works like tea tree oil.

      • Jackie

      Just tried tea tree oil to remove the idot stickers on the bottom rail of our new set of cordless retractable pleated shades. (We purchased these shades so as not to have potentially dangerous cords hanging around – yet they put the danger sticker on anyway, but that’s yet a different issue.) The tea tree oil worked wonderfully removing the sticky residue off of the hard plastic rails – and we don’t have any lingering annoying chemical smell – just the fresh smell of tea tree oil.

    • 'KJ'

    I removed the labels that were on my laptop as they were beginning to fade and the surface was slightly sticky…I read through these tips and used nail enamel remover.
    I just put a little of the product on a dry washer and wiped around this said surface. It reduced the stickiness just like I thought!

    • Ikky

    For those wondering the science, it’s because the sticky residue is a polar compound, and that along with the intrinsic stickiness means water (a polar solvent) and force doesn’t remove it, but a non-polar solvent (such as petroleum jelly, mineral spirits, gasoline, WD-40, ect) will remove the non-polar residue. Gotta love chemistry, everything is chemistry that is govern by physics.

      • Diesel

      Just learned that in my chemistry class. oh ya

      • oldehen

      Hey lkky here is one for you….I removed embroidered patches that have been sewn to a leather jacket, upon removing them I found that they had used some type of glue to put them on before sewing. This glue left a very thick,clear, hard surface under the patch on the leather. I have used Extreme Goo Gone, and another cleaner that said it would clean it up with neither working…any ideas?

    • Moogy

    “I took the AMD Processor sticker off from my laptop”

    Wow.. I just did the exact same thing, with the exact same problem. AMD should change that, eh? ;D

    I tried the toothpaste tip, which removed a good portion of the adhesive on the plastic. It left a bit of residue that’s noticeable if you look at it carefully, but it’s good enough for me. :>

    • dj990

    wow i used toothpaste for the soft glue residue and voila gone in 60 secs wohoooo thanks a bunch m8

    • Ghost

    I removed vista sticker from my laptop (HP pavilion dv6 black) and got sticky residue. Baby oil worked really great.


    • KATIE


    • mamamiasha

    the baby oil really works! thanks!

    • Alice Ugalis

    This is the short version, the long version is more fun but I wasn’t sure if a “story” was wanted sooo… I found a small corn snake, stuck from neck to tail in several (horrible) glue traps. Fortuntely the end of his nose was free so he didn’t smother. I called a snake expert, animal welfare etc… all said no way to free alive so kindest to kill. Huh? Anyway, I carefully worked my fingers under snake putting bits of paper towel on freed areas to prevent resticking & little by little got him out. He was still very sticky so I put him in an empty aquarium with a little wheat flour. The flour coated & worked into the glue as “Sticky” moved making long streamers that came off easily. Then I rinsed him but was still a little sticky so we (notice the pronoun change) kept him a few weeks, until he shed. He was doing fine so I released him back into the wild. He was very tame & the kids wanted to keep him but I was not comfortable feeding him live mice & my roommate had phobia.

      • Sandra

      Hello Alice, Glad to see you are saving snakes. Letting them go back into the wild. I ‘m hoping you are who I think you are. We were very lucky we found no snakes on our trip down the side of the gorge in Akron Ohio as young girls.

      • milly

      Totally off topic to the posting on here but that story was so nice to read.
      Thank you!

      • Tracey

      Vegetable oil will help get any critter out of a glue trap. I had a friend who about freaked out after finding a mouse caught in one and still alive. So I had to Google search ways to save this little guy. Besides its against the law to set glue traps outdoors where I live and my landlord at the time was trying to find out which tenant kept setting them but doubt to this day anyone has been caught.

    • Carrie

    I’m removing the stickers from my laptop as I am preparing to paint and decal it. I first tried nail polish remover which wound up spreading the adhesive and residue. But worked for me was baby oil gel (we get the kind with aloe vera and vitamin e because its great for sunburns) a couple of times. Then to make sure the baby oil gel was completely off, I used Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover (also great for removing stickers and reside from scotch tape).

    • Jane

    I have been given a greenhouse with green paint. There’s loads of mastic in the ridges….I need to remove the mastic so that I can use reuseable rubber seals. The ridges are small and difficult to clear.

    Has anyone any ideas how to remove the mastic without ruining the paint?

      • Nathon

      I sat on some mastic tape, and it left a gooey black splotch on my rear left pocket. I used Goo Gone according to its directions for clothing as printed on the label. The mastic is gone!

      I got the Goo Gone at Dollar Tree for $1, too.

    • mz

    DONT USE WATER AND A PAPER TOWEL.. it will smear the sticky 🙂

    I used a tablespoon and a half mixed with just enough water to make the mixture stick together (teaspoon and a quarter). I rubbed the mixture with my finger on my hardcover textbook, and voila, 45 seconds later i was completely residue free!

    • Jack Dyson

    I took the AMD Processor sticker off from my laptop and it left this sticky residue. I tried many things like Cilit Bang, which didn’t work. So I searched google and this webpage came up, the one which I found the solution and the one that I am writing this comment from. I used Vaseline(Petroleum Jelly) it worked brilliantly, I just applied left for a few minutes then rubbed off hard with a cotton towel and repeated. Also now my laptop is feeling smooth and new again!

    • Mooples

    Does anyone know the science behind this tip? WHY does Petroleum jelly and other products with petroleum in them get rid of the goo? Just curious.

      • DEE

      Anything oil based will remove any glue like substance. For a test, put any type of oil on chewing gum (used or unused) and see how it looses it’s elasticity.

      • olivetree

      A substance that is lipophilic (“fat-loving”) is soluable in fat or oil. I’ve noticed that sticker residue repels water, so something that can mix with oil would most likely do the trick.

    • ken

    Johnsons paste floor wax works quickly and easily. Apply it lightly and wipe off with a paper towel. I stick baggage tags to my passport and this removes any adhesive left under the tag without harming the passport cover.

    • Brandon

    Wow! I used everclear in the place of rubbing alcohol and it worked miracles! The glue immediately started coming off and I think dissolved.

    • Sheila

    I had decades-old sticker glue on some glass apothecary jars. Tried the rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda; none worked. Finally tried the nail polish remover and the goo came off in two seconds flat. No kidding!

    • Rose

    I have glue left on two surfaces black metal & black plastic.

    That Valco kind that sticks to surfaces can’t remove the goo stuck on these surfaces!
    Can anyone help!

    • Azriel Knight

    Had a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the goo slid off like butter, thanks 🙂

      • Sean N

      Mr. Clean Eraser was absolutely worthless for me.

    • Brad

    I have a jet ski and i pulled the decals of the side and there was a think layer of adhesive residue left. Ive tried everything including commercial products and nothing will work. Does anyone have additional ideas that they know will work for this situation? Any help is appreciated!

      • sharon

      Use WD-40 leave 2 minutes and wipe off easy as pie. We took decals off motor bike left sticky mess on the plastic, not a problem. Before trying the wd-40, we tried metho, kero, scrubbing with dish washing liquid and soft course steel wool, nothing worked. Tried the WD-40 wiped off easy as wiping water off a table.

    • Cardie

    tooth paste works ok but perfume is the best

    • Laura

    I tried the hairdryer and wet cloth for the glue left from a sticker on my notebook but it did not work that well.
    I then tried nail polish cleaner and that was not successful.
    Then I tried PERFUME and vola, the glue came off perfectly.
    I notice PERFUME is not on your list, maybe this should be added.

      • Amrita

      Perfume works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I would say better than the nail polish remover !

        • Malka

        Perfume is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!
        I even used a cheap body spray and the residue from contact paper wiped right off with a paper towel!! And now the house smells beautiful too!

      • olivetree

      Maybe it was the alcohol in the perfume.

    • Jenna

    I am a schoolteacher and used contact paper to attach the kids’ name tags to their desks… which I have pretty much vowed never to do again (though I am thinking about it after this article- the removal was much easier than I thought!) Anyway, after goo-goning forever, I tried the baking soda and water paste and it worked like a charm. I put it on, left if for a few minutes, then went back and just rubbed the sticky spots with my fingers. Cleanup from the paste was a little messy, but that’s what vacuums are for!

    • Peter Samuels

    Thanks for sharing this. I removed the very old leftover sticky glue from scotch tape with nailpolish remover in a matter of a couple minutes!!

    • what worked for us

    I had glue coming up through the floor boards of our laminate wood floor, it had been there for a while and every time I tried something different that never worked I gave up.

    I tried mineral spirits, I used a hard bristle tooth brush to gently brush at the black goo, left it to sit while I went to the next area over and then used the scrubby side of a dish washing spong to gently scrub the area where the mineral spirits had been sitting, it came right up. Total time to do a 2 foot square section took about 5 minutes. I worked from one end of the room to the other. Took a lot less time than I thought but still took a couple of hours. I also wiped the area clean with a seperate soapy sponge after scrubbing it so that the mineral spirits didn’t sit on the laminate and damage it.

    NOW I am looking for help in finding a sealer so that the floor will shine again. The shine was gone before I cleaned the black goo off.
    Any help would be appreciated!

    [removed email address]

      • Chiana

      Stands back from the keyboard in azamemnet! Thanks!

    • jean


    • Jim

    Thanks – great advice – the nail polish remover did the trick in 15 seconds.

    • mark

    fender guitar pickguard: just replace the pick guard they are cheap and it will look like a new guitar.

    • t

    didn’t have any mineral oil and didn’t want to wait two hours for vegetable oil so i used margarine. i rubbed it in and let it sit for about a minute. then i got impatient and tried to see if the goo was starting to come off. then i rinsed it off in the sink with the scrubby with soap and it worked perfect.

      • S Johnson

      I have a trailer I removed the old letters from now I have a sticky situation, how do I remove the old glue from the lettering?

    • Gabe

    I have a baby blue Fender Telecaster that was covered with stickers. I decided to take it them off. The glue remained! So what i did was take some petroleum jelly and rubbed it on with my fingers, then i came back with a dry cotton towel and rubbed it off. The pickguard on my guitar still has the goo on it…its harder to get off then the clear coat finish on the guitar body. Any ideas?

      • Casey

      I would give lighter fluid a try, I have cleaned up some of my guitars pickguards with it. I would NOT recommend this for the body of the guitar.

      • Lexi

      I use rubbing alcohol to get sticky off of my husband’s guitars. He likes to take off the little black stickers that are on new guitars and sometimes they leave the sticky behind. The rubbing alcohol works great! It doesn’t leave marks on the metal or plastic parts either. 🙂

    • Ann Parker

    If all else fails, and you are ‘stuck’ with the glue, you can stop its stickiness by dusting it with talcum powder.

    • Misty

    Thank god i found this. I have been trying to remove glue on my shower stall for a month. Never guessed WD40 would do the trick. I just sprayed it on, left for 2 minutes and it came right off no scrubbing. Wish I would of known that, I had already put in a lot of scrubbing on that.

      • AbbyG

      Thank you!! Beautiful new bathroom and as soon as you looked at the shower stall – yuck. Had to do it twice, leaving for 5 minutes each time. A good dose of simple green after (to clean off the residue and make it smell a little “prettier” and it all worked like a charm.

      • Shower Clean

      Amazing! I had to use 3 rounds of WD40 and scrape with a stiff spatula, but it came off finally! I was dealing with a pretty thick layer of adhesive left over from taking up an old shower mat in the tub. Thank you!

      • Naxzor

      I have been ripping old “linoleum tiles” out from under old lanoleum…took me 3 days and now i’m left with a sticky completely ripped up floor. Trying to put another layer of lanoleum over this glue would be next to impossible since you have to lay it down first then take it all out again and THEN glue it with normal freakin’ glue. It’s like black tar glue which is, I assume, what they did back in the day because they thought it would last forever or something. I had some old paint thinner and it takes a bit of elbow grease and a stinnnnnky house for a day but that tar glue just swipes off and now it’s possible to re-lanoleum the kitchen! Thanks for the advice ppl 🙂

    • Bren

    Adhesive under stick on floor tiles: Just read your tips. The floor tiles came up easily. Then I sprayed the residual goo with WD40. Let it sit for 2 minutes and wiped the excess WD40 and all of the goo away. I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW EASILY ALL THAT TACKY MESS DISAPPEARED. And my rag washed clean!!!!!

      • Ashley

      Thanks for the tip! WD40 worked great!

      • Julie

      WOW!!! Started to take up adhesive vinyl floor tiles yesterday and was left with an awful sticky mess. Just read your posts and luckily had some WD-40 in the cupboard. It was amazing. Thank you so much guys for your tip. There is now light at the end of what was looking to be a very long tunnel!!

    • Alvaro Manzanares

    Removing glue from white macbook: Use petroleum jelly.

    For a while I had a plastic sheet on the track-pad and palm surface. Looked fine then started to peal off.
    Removed it and was left with all the glue on the surface of my laptop.

    Panic…!!! Couldn’t track or rest my hands anymore.

    Anyways, I used petroleum jelly (vaseline) and it worked perfectly.

    Step 1: Rubbed in the gelly; not too much.let it set in for a few secec
    Step 2: Rub off in one dircetion with an old cotton towel.
    Step 3: Leaves some goo but this can be rubbed of with your fingers.

    Repeat the above steps.

    Good luck.

      • Bianca

      I had the same problem with the stickers i peeled off from my white macbook, tried perfume and some nail polish remover but what did the trick was olive oil, smooth and shiny!

        • Bob

        I used olive oil for a sticker name tag on my school computer and it rubbed write off leaving it nice and shiny!

        • Katie

        After trying rubbing alcohol and nail polish remover I searched online and the first thing I tried was extra virgin olive oil, worked like a charm to get sticker residue off of of plastic!

    • david

    After scraping the label off by use of a new razor blade, use pvc pipe cleaner to remove the adhesive. Simply wipe on and leave for several seconds, and then wipe off with paper towel(can purchase at any hardware store, e.g. Lowes for a few dollers).

    • Jenny

    Yes petroleum jelly does work for the sticker residue. I just got my labtop yesturday and had took off the sticker on the laptop. This huge residue was left from the sticker. Lucky petroleum jelly does work!!!! Just spread a small amount of jelly in the area and use a paper towel and scrap it off with fingers, sometimes nails works too for the stubborn residue.


    • Christina

    Baby oil works really well. Just drip some on the spot, rub it in with your fingers for a few seconds and then wipe off. The oil takes the adhesive right with it.

    • Reay'll

    i just used petroleum jelly on my laptop after removing the stickers. i put some on my finger and rubbed it around the area and it was alll gone. i had to wipe it down afterward with soap though to get the jelly off my laptop. but seriously it worked like frosted flakes. more than good. its great

      • Rachael

      I tried everything to get the stickers off my laptop. I tried using an eraser and fingernail polish remover and nothing seem to work. I tried petroleum jelly and it took the sticker right off. I had a a spot that didn’t want to come off and had to scrape it with my fingernail, but the petroleum jelly worked great!

      • Lauren

      I tried everything that was toxic/caustic to remove the gum off of this vinyl tubing. The Homedepot people quadruple wrapped this tape around the tubing and then the tubing was somehow lost under the their shelving. I was looking for this tubing last night and happened to see this roll of tubing sitting in the dust under their shelves. The tape’s gum had sort of melted all over the plastic. It was bad!

      Petroleum Jelly to the rescue! I wiped down the entire 10 foot length of tubing and the gum came right off, first pass. Cool! I can’t say I love anything more than the Internet.

    • Andrew

    I used a combination of these things.
    First i tried to scratch some off with my nails. Then I used rubbing alchohol and a wet cloth and rubbed hard. Then i put some air freshener spray on it and rubbed that in (that removed the stickiness but left the residue). Then what finally worked was i warmed it hot with a hair dryer. Then i used a MAGIC RUB WHICH FINALLY COMPLETED IT. Rub really hard in the affected area (but not in anywhere else as it could rub the coloring off). And then take a wet cloth and rub and voilá.

    • Shannon

    We work at a video store, and we use Eucalyptus oil to remove old stickers and sticker marks from our DVD cases. It really helps clear your sinuses at the same time :p
    I’m not sure of the availability outside of Australia though, or what similar products there would be? I assume any kind of rubbing oil might work just as well but I have not tried it.

    It also worked to get old, brown stickytape/cellotape stickiness off the laminate drawers 🙂

      • JBK

      Holy crap! Eucalyptus Oil just saved me so much time.
      I’ve been trying innumerable harsh solvents and pungent cleaning solutions in vain..
      But this by far works the best (on plastics), you barely even have to scrub and it smells great.
      Who would’ve known?

        • Barry

        Me TOO! Great tip.

      • Steve

      Wow! I had some eucalyptus oil lying around and it works like magic on even the gummiest of old stickers. Comes right off without any pressure at all. I was looking all over the internet for a solution! Thanks!

      • Delaney

      Wow, eucalyptus worked amazing! Thanks for this tip!!

      • Kt

      Fantastic results – thanks

      • DemminJaanu

      I threw a few drops of Eukalyptus oil onto a stubborn glue-stain on a stainless steel dish, and it was gone instantly! Brilliant suggestion!!!

      fyi, US residents can find such oils at stores like Whole Foods and such, often in the health/vitamin/etc section, often as part of a very large selection of different scented oils.

      • Mak

      I used 4 of the solvents from the above list. None worked on glue on a plastic container. Eucalyptus oil took it off so easily. Wish I had tried it first!

      • Liz Patterson

      Pure eucalypstus oil is obtainable from Chemists in NZ, around $11 per small bottle.

      • widz

      Wow, Eucalyptus Oil is great! I tried baby oil and nail polish remover..took me ages and didn’t get much off.. When I tried Eucalyptus Oil, I got everything out in minutes!

      Plus, eucalyptus oil is really cheap here..only costs around $2-3 😀

      • Peter

      Used Eucalyptus oil on my laptop to remove an Intel sticker, and worked after a few minutes of scrubbing! Thanks A Lot!! 😀

      • Gotmar

      I’ve used strong Japanese peppermint oil for years. (In Norway it sells under the name of JHP Oil) Simply add a few drops and gently rub the oil in with your finger. Let oil work for a couple of minutes vhile enjoying the nice smell, then wipe off. Works like a charm!

      • Jules

      You can get Eucalyptus oil in the U.S.A. at most health food stores. Sadly its not as easy to find in smaller towns but the cities have heaps of heath food stores.

      • dee enko

      You win!! LOL

      I was working on removing sticker glue residue from both sides of a plastic bottle. I tried nail polish remover, Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, concentrated lemon juice all without much luck. With so many on here raving about the peanut butter, I gave it a try. I worked on one side and scrubbed and scrubbed. I then put it under very hot water and cleaned it with a plastic bristle brush. I finally got MOST of it off.

      I saw your tip about the eucalyptus oil. I didn’t have eucalyptus oil, but I had germanium essential oil. I used it to get the remaining residue off the one side and it worked well. I didn’t know how well it would work on the untouched side but it came off super easy. It wiped away in no time with no scrubbing necessary.

      So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. I’m definitely going to keep it in mind when needed for other surfaces also.

      • Von

      I also live in Australia so I am sure tea tree oil would work the same, just not clear your sinuses like eucalyptus oil 🇦🇺

    • Condoulo

    I just tried Peanut Butter, and it worked. No joke, Peanutbutter removes sticker glue.

      • Balmedout

      A combination of peanut butter, Magic eraser and Dawn dish soap along with lots of rubbing, pretty much did the trick for me!!

        • JAMIE


          • Bill

          I would be careful what u use nail polish remover on IT CAN BURN PLASTICS!

            • Kat

            No kidding. There is now a splotch on my laptop when it started to eat through 🙁

          • Meee

          How did u use the nail polish can u explain please

            • Jess

            I just put a little on a rag and rubbed for a while, and it worked pretty well (I did it on a hard cover book, and the color started to wear off a bit, but other than that it was fine)

          • sue

          didnt for me n I let it sit there for a few minutes

            • Deanna Frederick

            I tried the blow dryer olive oil , mayo I only left a few min but glue ate through finish I’m guessing when trying to remove with rubber spatula gently finish came off with glue

          • S C

          Tried the nail polish remover and it worked for me as
          well,glue came off real easy ..Thanks

            • Frooooodle

            I was desperate so i tried lavender spray and it worked!!!Then i scrubbed it off with paperXD

        • Heather

        The peanut butter was awesome!!! It worked, after trying every solvent, cleaner, WD40, and goo remover suggested on google!!! Wiped off with a soft cloth for the most part, but took my ceramic stove top scraper to get the rest of it off! 🙂 Happy!

        • Mel

        PEANUT BUTTER WORKS!!! I still can’t believe it. Who’d a thunk it? SIMPLY AMAZING! (It was glue from the back of stick-on vinyl tiles.) I Tried “everything”, then went online and found this page. Saw the rave reviews for peanut butter. Had my doubts, fur sure…but now I’M A BELIEVER!

        • Penny

        Lemon and Orange Essential Oil,
        Rub on goo, until it has been removed, then wash with soap and water.

      • Melissa

      I just used peanut butter and it worked!! (:

        • Tkhouri

        Peanut Butter did it!!! I had tried hair spray, pine-sol, alcohol, among other things and then I read this. It didn’t even require any elbow grease! Thanks for the post!!

          • D

          I used windex and it worked really well for me I had put really sticker things on my window and the stick wouldn’t come off and then when I used windex all I had to do was squirt it a couple times on all the stains and and put a little elbow into the scrubbing and it came off in 2 minutes!!!! Try it it really works!!!!!!! 

          • Kay

          Peanut butter did the trick after trying nail polish remover & rubbing alcohol. Thanks!

            • Chef Steven

            1. Definitely buy the least expensive generic. It contains more of the label-removing component!

            2. Save your fingernails and don’t risk scratching the container surface with a butter (or other)knife. Use the end of your wooden spoon!

            • Judy Gantz

            Im trying the peanut butter. Right now…I’m doing a project on a jewelry box (hang on your door type).
            I hot glued stones around the edges…not working. So I’m taking off the hot glue left from the stones.
            When I first got it…had burlap glued to it yes burlap.
            Well I’ll be sure to let it be known what happens. Off to my cabinet for peanut butter😆❤️

        • Susan

        Same here! Had a horrendous sticky mess from a TJ Maxx label on an otherwise beautiful mirror-finish silver picture frame. I didn’t dare go to Goo-Be-Gone for fear of damaging the surface. Soap, olive oil, and hand lotion didn’t do much of anything. But peanut butter saved the day! I left it on for about 5 minutes, and then started to wipe, and with two applications, the whole sorry mess was gone. Great tip!

          • Andy

          Peanut butter is a wonderful solution! It worked perfectly for the sticky tape gooey. Thanks

            • Jerry

            Thanks Susan and the rest of the peanut butter brigade.

            i took sticker off a new plastic coffee mug and the adhesive was a mess.

            put on PB all over it and left it for awhile.

            used paper towel to wipe it off, ALL GONE.

            • Matt

            Peanut butter isn’t the solution. It’s the solvent. Little science joke.

          • john

          Before I go and buy PB,do you think it will work on Aluminium Silver Anodised window frames,I used selotape to cut out drafts and it has left sticky residue,I don’t want to damage the silver,can you help.
          Many thank s John.

            • Deb

            Any of you folks who used peanut butter trying to remove adhesive residue from carpet? We need help to get adhesive off of carpet. Any help or advice would be appreciated!

          • Maria

          My problem: I placed a plastic container in the dishwasher. The bad part is I didn’t realize it had a sticky label which disintegrated and it’s now inside the hoses and inner workings. The dishwasher has been leaving bits and pieces of it on the dishes during the rinse cycle. Before realizing what it was, I ran it over and over with 1-½ cup vinegar to no avail. Once we took apart the bottom and sprayers to clean it thinking it was hard water deposits and finding shreds of this label, I’m tackling it with another strategy. I was about to try running it empty of dishes once more but with Goo Gone instead of vinegar. After reading all your comments I think a safer option is to run it with peanut butter. Worth a try, I think…

        • Pamela

        I’ve had duct tape on my water bottle for about 5 years, and I took it off yesterday. I have never seen anything gooey-er. I put peanut butter on the residue, let it sit for 10 minutes or so, took a sponge and some water, and wa-la!! All that nasty duct tape is gone.

        • Rosie Hancock

        I would not have believed it until i tried it absolutely brilliant ! what is in peanut butter to remove all that gluey sticky stuff thats what i would like to know ! thank you so much for the tip i will pass that one on.

          • Penny

          It’s the oil in peanut butter.

          • susanborst

          I really think it is just the oil in peanut better, it works on gum in kids hair too.

      • Jerex25

      The PERFUME TRICK WORKS on my motorcycle sticker residue…

        • kinshin

        laptop sticker residue came off rubbing with perfume.

          • Kaitlynn

          Toothpaste (I used Crest Extra Strength Whitening – Clean Mint flavour) works amazingly well on my laptop, especially paired with no-name disinfectant wipes to clean off the toothpaste. I think the “whitening” formula works well because it’s a little gritty. 🙂

          • Sidney

          Totally worked

            • Sidney

            Perfume works like the best

        • Josh

        Used aftershave, and it cut the glue from a sticker on the back of my (plastic) phone case. Worked fast too.

          • Phil

          aftershave worked for me too on back my phone … it rubbed off the gooey from it quick with a cloth.

        • Joi ;)

        Oh my gosh!!! I heated up the sticker on my wooden guitar and peeled it off, but there was still annoying sticky residue left! So I rubbed on some perfume, and now my guitar is spotless and beautiful! Thanks for the post! 😀

      • Karen

      Okay, I had the hardest time trying to remove old adhesive from a metal object; tried polish remover–so so only worked so much; next, Windex, same thing, next, Magic Eraser, same thing. Finally, the peanut butter – VOILA! Go directly to Peanut Butter; don’t waste time with the other stuff!

        • MrSaki

        It work on my ipod too! Made it look bran new!

      • Jacqueline

      That’s amazing! It just worked for me too. I’m in awe!

        • dawn

        amazing the peanut butter worked instantly! whoever discovered this is a a god sent-i have been so annoyed with the sticker residue, it drives me crazy, now i know how to remove instantly. Thank You

          • Jenn

          Peanut butter just worked beautifully for me–can’t believe it! I was taking labels off of glass jars–nail polish remover did a little-but a thin smear of PB and rubbing with a paper towel got them slick-smooth!!

        • Gail

        I AM TOTALLY AMAZED. . . . peanut butter!!!!
        We’d bought a new bathroom light fixture and there were labels on it that when removed left the most horrendous sticky mess. My husband was set to return the light fixture and I saw a post here about peanut butter. Long story short. . . all that mess is gone, no scratches and my husband is right now putting up the fixture. Peanut butter REALLY worked!

      • Pieter

      unbelievably, peanut butter removed duct tape residue in no time.. leaving no marks, no scratches, no goo..

      This just renewed my faith in the internet. 😀

        • Susan

        no peanut.. just butter.

        I do not have peanut butter at home.
        I just try with butter, it works too. Thanks!

          • Carol Wightman

          as kids we used to get covered in creosote and tar playing in the railway yard – my mum put plain old butter on it and voila gone!!!!

        • kelly

        I tried everything. Cleaners, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, peanut butter and dish soap. Have to say peanut butter worked the best out of those. But, what did the trick was Orange oil based wood furniture polish. Instantly removed my sticky mess.

      • Suz

      Peanut Butter…definitely. I was ready to return my metal water bottle,but thought I’d give PB a try. Worked great!

        • Lily

        Rubbing olive oil on my water bottle did the trick for me

      • Patty Tharp

      I agree with peanut butter working great. My new wood table had streaks for a tacky substance from setting a box on the table. I was worried about removing the finish on the table and figured peanut butter would be safest.
      It worked well and the oil in the peanut butter polished at the same time!

      • Skippy

      Now I have another reason to Love peanut butter. My wife thinks I,m a genius. Well, not an idiot at least.

      • Brian

      My wife laughed when I pulled out peanut butter. She had tried most of the solutions on the list above to remove duct tape glue to no avail. The peanut butter worked like a charm and required almost no effort to get off the glue. As a bonus it won me a case of beer.

        • Kate

        Ok, read all this and figure, eh, couldn’t hurt right? I had stickiness left on a sandal I just bought where a price tag was. And go figure, it worked. Never would’ve thought of it!

          • Daphne

          the best thing to remove duct tape is more duct tape!! just roll it in a ball, sticky side out and rub it around on the residue (kinda like rolling cookie dough into a ball).

      • Sun

      Peanut butter, worked like a charm
      De-stuck the glue, without any harm.

      A favorite of kids, now a favorite of mine
      Whenever I need to get rid of some grime.


        • terena

        Peanut butter also works to remove gum froma a child’s hair

      • stacy

      I will try the peanut butter on my glass cups, but I have some labels stuck on some expensive cloth placemats! What shouls i use to remove that sticky goo?

        • angela

        You can use the peanut butter on cloth as well as long as you immediately put some dawn dish soapt on it afterward and rinse it out. (manual soap not the one for machines) I have done it before with success on polyester. If not this try fels nape laundry soap. (check ace hardware)

          • Kimmi

          fels naptha soap**

      • JoJamJarJC

      WOW AMAZING!!! I just tried Peanut Butter and it removed the glue instantly after trying nail remover, windex, and shaving with a razor. My star mirror looks great!

        • Danielle

        We had some heavy duty tape adhesive on our boat and we used the peanut butter as per recommendation and really works. We were really impressed.

      • Joy

      The peanut butter worked! thanks for the tip! It was old adhesive tape on lacquered bronze.

      • Brian

      Peanut Butter only worked after I first applied goo gone

        • nikki

        I had some plastic pencil holder from office max and the sticker did not come off clean AT all. I had the sticky residue left. I had soaked them in vinegar and scolding hot soapy water. That didn’t worked and i do have the patience for scrubbing for 30minutes nor the time. So then I tried nail polish remover. That was a definite no go!!! So igoogled “how to” abd found this site. Everyone kept talking about the peanut butter and guess what I’m with the PB fans!!!! I usually think the web sometimes is a gimmick with stuff like this but this really did work. I just let them soak in hot water for about an hour dried the items off and smeared PB on the glue with a butter knife. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wipe off with paper towel. Some spots I had scrape with my figure nail but it wasn’t almost instantly clean. The PB got most of it off with one wipe!! Yes a peanut butter believer!!!!

        • nikki

        Ok. I soaked my plastic pencil holders in hot water to help loosen it up a bit. Then I smeared PEANUT BUTTER on it with a butter knife and waited 10-15 minutes and viola!!! The glue was gone. Had to scrape a little with nail with the peanut butter but overall worked really well!!!! Came clean with one wipe!!! AWESOME!!

      • Babs

      I just used eucalyptus on a cream pashmina scarf which had the sticky residue from the label. I just soaked the residue for a couple of minutes, then it just peeled off…….worked like magic…very happy thank you 🙂

      • Diana

      Yep PB did the trick on clear plastic bowls. Unfortunately tried goof off and polish remover 1st. Big mistake, it marred the surface so bad can’t use it, & it didn’t remove the sticky goo but have 2 more that looks great. Thanx, almost didn’t try PB cause it sounded so crazy.

      • william

      I was skeptical about the peanut butter thing but I tried it and it took the sticker and label goo off of my laptop computer with very little effort whatsoever……Thanks so very much for the awesome tip and I will recommend this site to my friends!

      • alleus

      Believe it or not, we used peanut butter on doll hair after reading this page. Monster High and Ever After High dolls have a problem with glue leakage in their hair. We tried everything we had found, short of boiling water treatment, and nothing worked. I thought it couldn’t get any worse so, we tried peanut butter and low and behold. It Worked! We washed the peanut butter out with Dawn dish soap, let it dry and combed it out. It is silky and manageable now.

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