40+ Needle Books & Cases: {Free Patterns & Tutorials}

Here’s a lovely bunch of free patterns and tutorials for sewing / embroidery needle books & cases.

Assorted Sewing Notions

Stitchers especially like having these close at hand to safely tuck their pins and needles, keeping them close by while working on a project.

They also make ideal mending kits for those who like to keep a bit of thread, a button or two and some small scissors on hand to quickly tackle any repairs that may arise when out and about.

Typically small in size, they can vary in features. Some are quite simple with just a felt page or two to hold sharps, others are more extravagant with pockets to hold scissors, sewing gauges, threaders, embroidery floss, seam rippers, etc.

They are made from a wide variety of fabrics including wool felt, quilting cotton, repurposed materials and some may feature pretty cross stitch or embroidered covers.

The collection below highlights a wide variety of styles, some are simple with a page or two of felt to hold pins, others quite elaborate with pouches and pockets to neatly tuck & arrange supplies.

Make several for yourself and why not a few extra to give away as gifts!

New Collection Update: April, 2022

I organized the bunch into separate sections to enhance easier browsing. The first half reviews simple projects that focus only on holding needles, the next half highlights more advanced keeps that have extra pockets or features. Each is lovely with something to offer, all crafting skill levels are accommodated (from Beginner to more Advanced seamstresses).

Don’t miss them: I also added two charming vintage patterns from my personal collection to the bottom of the page (a sunbonnet and a flower bouquet).

Also check out Scissor Pouches, Cases & Fobs: {A Great Mix} for more crafty goodness especially tailored for stitchers.

As always here on Tipnut, I focus on goodies that are totally free with no email submissions or memberships required. Instructions should be complete and any required templates free to download (usually a pdf or jpg/png file). If something has changed (or I made a mistake) and that is no longer the case, please let me know in the comments section below so I can remove it from this page.

Have fun!

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How To Make Simple Needle Books: Tutorials

This first bunch highlights quick & easy projects that only need a minimum of supplies to make.

Antique Quilt

A full tutorial showing you how to use pieces from old pretty linens. There is also an embroidery pattern to download for the “Pins and Needles” patch cover (or an opportunity to buy a ready made one). So lovely!

Source: nickifranklin.com

Button Card Style

Oh wow, do I love these! Inspired by graphics of vintage notions & button cards, these prove that even the smallest scraps of charming fabrics can be made into something so lovely and absolutely useful.

Source: fabricmutt.blogspot.com

Sunbonnet Sue Keep

No matter how many decades go by, Sunbonnet Sue will always be with us. I love this sweet little project! Free pdf pattern template provided.

P.S. You’ll find a few sunbonnet gals in the vintage pattern sets here on Tipnut (all free to download).

Source: quiltscapesqs.com

Grandma’s DIY Style

If you have fond memories of the little booklets that were handmade back in the day using old greeting cards, here’s one way to make them (also requires fusible webbing & fabric).

Source: vintagethreads.blogspot.com

Hexagon w/ D-ring

Here’s a cutie that’s super easy to make & is designed to let you clip it to your bags & other cases so it never gets lost in the jumble.

Source: mythreesonsknit.blogspot.com

Mini Labels

You can use your personalized fabric labels for this but if you don’t have any, any ribbon or decorative trim will do the trick. The label acts as a “belt loop” to keep things closed & tidy.

Source: poppyprintcreates.blogspot.com

Friendly Ladybug

This opens up into a full circle that is sectioned off for safety pins, needs, a place to stitch buttons. Fold over tab with velcro secures it all in place.

Source: serendipityhandmade.blogspot.com

Patchwork Back

Decorative front cover (however you like), patchwork back, complimentary strip for the binding, all lightly handquilted with perle cotton floss. Notice that the inner felt pages are trimmed with scallop scissors, so pretty! Button & hair elastic loop closure.

Source: nanacompany.typepad.com

Housewife Needlecase

Finished size is 4″ x 4″. This old page is a bit wonky to read, but it’s a good project to practice piecing so let’s include it! I found that if I did Ctrl + A (together) and then Ctrl + C to copy the entire web page then go into a Word document to paste it into, the instructions display just fine. The template download is found here.

Source: quilterscache.com

More Freebies To Check Out

Projects With Added Features (tool pockets, etc.)

This next bunch are cases that will also hold notions such as scissors, thimbles, buttons, threads, etc.

Pocket Mending Book Tutorial

This really does look like a book when it’s closed. The cover is made with 1 1/2″ squares assembled as you like then sewn together, strips added to make a block then quilted. Inner pockets to hold small notions.

Source: fabricmutt.blogspot.com

Mannequin Case

Note: the website is in Spanish but I’m using the Google translate link so I hope it works for you!

Two pieces of fabric covered cardboard (template provided) attached with ribbon “hinges”, open up to a little pocket and padded pin pad.

Source: accrochemoi-canalblog-com

Vintage Style Pin Keep

Transform a pretty vintage doily into this absolute delight! Opens up to display a treasure of wee embroidered bits, ribbon tied scissors, assorted buttons and other useful bits.

Source: elefantz.com

Quilted Cover

This has a few inner felt pages to hold pins & needs as well as a front pocket to hold notions.

There is an option to buy the instructions via pdf, but all details are provided free on the website so I’m including it here.

Source: applegreencottage.com

Embroidered Housewife Case

If you have an old piece of embroidered ribbon on hand that you’ve been longing to put to good use, this is the project for you! Can also use a medium-weight linen.

Source: tinyhappy.typepad.com

More Goodies

Sunbonnet – Vintage Pattern

*First published on Tipnut October 15, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

Click To Download

A unique sewing case that is quite the charmer!

The brim of the hat holds sharps while the bonnet itself is a small drawstring pouch to hold sewing notions (such as threads, floss cards, a thimble, small pair of scissors, etc.)

This pattern is from 1936, so it’s quite old.

Flower Bouquet

*First published on Tipnut September 24, 2008 and moved to this page for better organization

Click To Download

The outer section and stem are copies of transfer patterns to stamp on felt, flannel or broadcloth.

Note: The print copy of this pdf will be smaller than true to size, enlarge as you wish.

The original measures approximately 7.5″ across the width of the inside section piece (at widest points).

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