5 Laundry Bloopers & Fixes

Picture of Washing Machine With Laundry - Tipnut.comWet Laundry Left In Washer Too Long:

  • To get rid of the mildew smell, rewash the laundry with 1 cup of vinegar tossed in with the detergent.
  • If it’s a load of whites that can handle bleach, wash with bleach instead of vinegar.

Red Item Washed With Whites = Pink Clothes:

If you’ve washed a load of whites that had a red item hidden in the load, you’ll find your clothes pink as the result. If this happens, do not put the laundry in the dryer–keep the items wet until you can wash again with a fix.

  • Rewash in water as hot as the clothes will safely tolerate without damage.
  • Rewash with bleach or Rit (a dye/color remover) if the clothes can handle it.

If the items were dried before you discovered the pink-disaster, you can try soaking in bleach or Rit. It may take several attempts and the dye might be too firmly set to remove.

Clothes Left In Dryer Too Long – Wrinkle Blooper:

  • Put a wet bath towel in with the clothes and turn the dryer on for 15 minute intervals. When the wrinkles are gone, remove and fold immediately. Use a wet hand towel for small loads.

Lint Fluff on Clothes:

  • Wash towels, sweaters and other fuzzy items separately.
  • Make sure the lint traps in the washing machine and the dryer are emptied after each use.
  • You could be filling the washing machine too full, not enough room for the water to work on the items.
  • Dryer loads are too big or are drying too long. Reduce the drying time and the amount of items you place in the dryer.
  • Wash dark clothing inside out so lint is mainly on the inside of the clothing.
  • The laundry drainage hose may have a problem (like partially clogged). Have a plumber inspect.

White Residue or Clumps:

  • When using powdered detergent, make sure to add it to the water before you add clothes. Let the soap suds up and dissolve a bit first.
  • Load size is too much for the water level. Either increase the water amount or reduce the amount of clothes you wash at one time.
  • Double check the amount of detergent you are using per load, it could be you’re using too much.

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    • Eesmommy

    A dark blue item that bleeds got washed with several items, white and blue combo, white with small pink flowers, lavendar and white checks, long story short, the skirt bleed on these items, any tips for how to get it out, they are ruined if it does not come out.

    • Olesya

    I accidentally washed my red scarf with a cotton, white and dark blue sweater (abercrombie and fitch. Of course, the the white stripes on the sweater are pinkish. I have already dried the sweater, and I read your post about soaking the pinkish-whites in bleach, but I’m afraid that could ruin the dark blue stripes on the sweater. Help?

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