About Tipnut.com

I think we all have them, those mile high piles of household hints and life hacks that we’ve collected over the years. They’re messy, disorganized and once they’ve been ‘filed’, those tips are nowhere to be found again.

Tipnut.com isn’t anything fancy. It’s simply my way of putting together all the cool tricks I’ve accumulated over the years into a simple, searchable, online filing box–this website. Some of them I’ve tried, some of them I don’t know if I’ll ever try. But I do know they’ll be here if I need them–and I’m happy to freely share everything with you too!

This website started out with just one reader: Me! As you can see, it’s grown over time in both readership and content style. You can read the story behind Tipnut below…

Tell Me More About The Site

The first thing I posted was in October, 2006 and since then I’ve published more than 1,000 articles featuring household helpers, craft patterns & projects, recipes, kitchen & cooking tips, handy reference material and so much more. Most of what’s shared here is from knowledge gained by personal experience and my vast collection of information, the rest points to helpful projects and resources found on other sites around the net.

My goal is to create a positive, useful and creative spot on the internet with information that is freely available to anyone who wishes to make use of it.

What’s The Agenda Here?

I enjoy and admire Lifehacker and wanted my site to be just as useful to its readers but with a focus on creative & rewarding homemaking. Some projects I write about may not be that simple to do or save bunches of money, but it’s the knowing “how” that matters to me–you just never know when that information will come in handy. Most times though I like to focus on clever hacks that are simple & frugal.

The information here is mainly presented in a non-personal tone with the intent of being a concise, well organized & long-term reference. This is done intentionally to keep the focus on the information and enhancing its usefulness. At the time I started Tipnut there wasn’t anything like it!

It’s Not About Me, Me, Me – Readers Also Participate!

Tipnut readers love to have their creative juices sparked and enjoy knowing how to do things themselves, but most of all Tipnut readers love to learn! We’re interested in homemaking, crafts, DIY projects, frugal living, creating useful things out of nothing, puttering in the kitchen and a whole bunch more.

Over the years there have been millions of visitors and thousands of comments from readers that add helpful tips, make corrections and ask for help or clarification–all making this website a better resource for everyone.

The other thing readers enjoy: sharing good information and resources with friends. We get a charge out of it, sharing good stuff with those we know. Tipnut.com has been freely linked to and mentioned thousands of times around the net including the Washington Post, Yahoo! Finance, Canada’s Globe & Mail and more, it’s really amazing to see how much readers appreciate and cherish this site :). With unsolicited feedback like this, how could I not be motivated to write my heart out here…

You just may have a Magic Bullet in your cupboard and not even know it! If you’re regular readers you know how much I enjoy Tipnut.com, and it’s not just because she’s featured my blog three times, really! Tipnut.com is full of tips and hints and not just “fluff” stuff either but seriously you can use in your life stuff. (by Kansas A).

TipNut.com – which is so unbelievably amazing, it’s mind-boggling good…Every time I go there, I go all “ooohhhh, I wanna try that.” or “I can’t believe that they can do that!” (by Suzanne).

The other day I stumbled across this blog/website and I ended up following one post to another and to another and…well it was all such interesting, fun and useful information, that I wanted to share it all here. But instead, I’ll tell you about my meandering around and let you head over and do the same! (by Angela).

As you can see readers have given so much back to the site and I’m so grateful to each of them!


These are some of the questions I’ve received about myself or about this site…

  • Where do you get all your information? I have stacks, and I mean STACKS of vintage pamphlets, magazines, books, cookbooks, patterns, newspaper clippings, you name it–I probably have it. I also have a treasured household binder that was lovingly created and tended to for several years that is more than 70 years old. I collect this stuff, it fascinates me. As I transfer the information online, I’m able to move it out of my home office which was the initial goal when I started this blog.
  • Are you a person or a company? I’m just a regular person who publishes online. The site is owned by me and no one else, it’s not a company website or group blog and no one pays me to write anything.
  • How many writers are there? Do you have any writing jobs? It’s just me, there are no writing jobs. Sometimes readers will generously send in their own advice to be shared with everyone.
  • You feature a lot of blogs, can you feature mine? I love pointing out tips, projects and tutorials found on other blogs and websites for two reasons: 1) It gives readers more interesting ideas to spark their creativity and 2) I really enjoy supporting and encouraging other bloggers and webmasters who provide useful information–with no strings attached. You’re welcome to submit a specific post or tutorial on your site and if I think it’s a good fit, I’ll be happy to feature it.
  • Can I reach you on Twitter, Facebook, online groups, forums or social networking sites? I know I should be doing all those things (to help with promotion), but I just can’t seem to manage the time! (Newly added in April 2010: Twitter Updates). This isn’t my full-time gig, so I do the best I can :).
  • How do you find so many sites to write about? Many times they come from my own bookmarks or sent in by bloggers and webmasters themselves, but I do have some very helpful and dedicated readers who send me lots of interesting things to check out (thank you!). I also have secret ninja research skills that help me find cool stuff ;). I’m realizing now that some of the things I find on my own may be due to the fact that another website has linked to it…I’m learning to check a little closer to make sure Tipnut does not become a carbon copy of another site, that’s just ho-hum for everyone. If it’s something so neat I just have to link to it and share here, sometimes I’ll give that site “via” credit even though I might have come across it by other means.
  • I think your tips are great and would love to publish them on my blog or website, is that ok? You’re welcome to post a snippet (quote) of an article but please be kind to not post the whole list or article (note that the content created by me is copyright tipnut.com as noted in the Terms of Use). I work so hard to write and gather useful information, sometimes spending HOURS researching for links and projects just to make sure I have something worthwhile to share with you. Please be kind and only publish a quote or summary with a link posting to the article published here.
  • How did you get famous super blogs like Lifehacker and DumbLittleMan to share your stuff with their readers? I have no idea how that happens! All I know is that every time it does, I am so thrilled and realize I am very, very lucky! I credit DumbLittleMan for giving me the first boost as a newbie and getting the ball rolling here. Lifehacker has been very generous about sharing this site with their readers and there’s no question they’ve helped it grow each time they mentioned a tip found here. I’ll never forget it and like to do the same for other bloggers knowing how much it means when someone (from both bigger & smaller websites ) gives you a nice pat on the back or thinks something you wrote was useful enough to share with others.

Things About Me That Might Surprise You

  • I don’t regularly read other blogs in the crafty/homemaking/simple living/frugal lifestyle categories. I gave that up within the first year of writing here when I realized so many blogs write so much of the same thing. I think that happens because you read something one day and the following week you think you have a great idea to write about (when it’s just something you read elsewhere the week before). I like that this site is original and want to continue creating its own unique path. I still check out my favorites occasionally ;).
  • As much as I love doing crafty things, I just learned to knit at the beginning of this year (2008). Seriously! I always wanted to know how to knit and fiddled with it over the years but finally took some classes. Right now I’m figuring out how to knit on circular needles (I like it!). I can knit basic things like scarves and baby blankets, but I’ve also learned how to knit socks and mitts this year. If there’s something you’ve always longed to learn how to do, please do try to take some classes or teach yourself online. It opens up a whole new world and I’m sure you’ll be glad you took the time to learn!

This About page may be a bit unconventional, but I had fun with it. I think it covers a lot of the questions I get and gives you a better idea of who I am, what makes a tipnut tick and what the driving force behind this website is. I’ll add more info here as time goes on :).