Free Appliance Cover Patterns & Tutorials

It’s easy to protect your kitchen appliances and keep them dust-free with these cozies, they’re fairly simple to make with most of the tutorials showing how to customize for a perfect fit.

Assortment of Small Kitchen Appliances Such As InstantPot, Toaster, Blender, KitchenAid.

I’ve sorted them into separate groups for easier browsing:

  • KitchenAid / Stand Mixers
  • Toasters
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Instant Pot / Pressure Cookers
  • Assorted

New Collection Update: August, 2022

The majority are sewing tutorials suitable for beginners but I do have a small number of crochet and knit patterns in the mix as well.

Most are designed for a specific machine but the shapes are generic enough that they can easily be adjusted to fit most any small machine you have in mind (especially the sewing tutorials). All that’s required is careful measuring and cutting.

These are an effective way to protect expensive electronics that are displayed out on the kitchen counter but it’s also a good idea to use them when storing items in a pantry or storage room.

This helps to keep them free from dust bunnies, moisture and cooking grease residue, but also keeps them looking new by preventing accidental scratches and dings. They can also add a cheery pop of color to the room.

If you prefer a more neutral, simple design, you’ll find those here. If you’re after something retro and vibrant with bold colors and features, that’s here too. Most are basic and the final results are dependent on the fabrics and trims used.

Decorative or functional elements on one cover that catch your eye shouldn’t be too difficult to add to your project:

  • pockets
  • embroidery designs
  • loops or handles at top for easy removal
  • hem in contrasting fabric or ruffles

Depending on the pattern, supplies are minimal and may include:

  • quilting cotton
  • vinyl tablecloth material (a breeze to wipe clean)
  • batting (cotton or polyester)
  • quilt basting spray
  • double fold bias tape
  • piping
  • thread
  • fusible fleece
  • interfacing (either sew-in or iron-on)

Quick Tip: Stick with materials and design elements that will hold up well in the laundry (or at least a good hand washing). In most cases tossing in the dryer will be fine but you may prefer to shape when wet and allow to air dry to prolong the stiffness and shaping ability.

Remember: Keep machines unplugged when covering to prevent fires. Wrap cords and tuck under the cozy to protect from damage when not in use.

How To Make An Appliance Cover

If you’re looking for something specific that’s not on this list, keep in mind that these can be made for similar shaped items by using the measuring and fitting directions as a guide. I suggest looking through all the covers regardless of what appliance it is for, you’ll find some lovely ideas to customize and tweak for your project.

Don’t miss the vintage pattern freebie at the bottom of the page, this is from my personal stash and shows how to make the smocked gingham cozies from back in the day (I’d say this is from the 1950’s or so).

Directions: Click on images to view project page, a new browser tab will open & save your spot here

KitchenAid / Stand Mixers

Basic Design

This nicely done tutorial outlines how to measure the KitchenAid to make your own pattern pieces by first working with muslin pieces. Free pdf tutorial to download.



You’ll need a meter each of two fabrics & a cotton or polyester batting plus some double fold bias tape to finish it off. This is a great option if you’re torn between two pretty prints, use both (one for inner, one for outer) & switch to display as the mood strikes. Includes a pdf pattern to download.


With Side Pocket

A quick set of instructions showing how to make pattern pieces from sheets of newspaper for a nice, custom fit. This version also includes an outside pocket to stash the manual or whatever else you like.


Clear Vinyl

An example of sewing with clear vinyl, the tutorial linked to is no longer online but I found the webarchive copy here: and the pattern to download is found here.


Quilted With Outer Pocker

Both 5 or 6 quart sizing provided. Notice the lovely machine embroidered design on the front, the files for this is provided as well! I had a problem downloading it but the fix was to remove the “s” from the url, this should work if you have issues too:


Crochet Pattern

Here’s something a bit more unique & it’s suitable for Beginner crocheters. Made with worsted weight yarn & alternating sc, dc, ch stitches to give it some texture. Four separate panels are made (2x side, 1x front, 1x back) then stitched together. Includes directions for the fun flower in the center but you can add whatever embellishment you like.


Checkerboard Knit

I think this is so adorable! A little knit “toque” complete with a pom pom on top. Finished size: 16″ tall. Worked on circulars & DPNs with acrylic yarn but worsted weight superwash wool is an option too.


Directional Fabric

If you’re using a directional print & want it to display “right side up” whichever side is facing front, she cut two rectangles for the sides then stitched them together (at top center). A little extra material will be needed to accommodate the seam allowance & tweak.


Bonus Goodies

Paper Pieced Block

If you’re wanting something “extra” for your mixer cozy, this is a lovely design!


How To Sew A Bowl Cover

A quick & easy project to keep the bowl dust-free without having to envelop the whole machine. Easy project that just needs a fat quarter of cute material & a bit of 1/4″ elastic.



Blocks of Color

A bit of simple piecework is involved to add color & make this more interesting. The word “Toast” was machine embroidered but you could do something similar with hand embroidery if you like. A bit of pre-quilted fabric was used to make things easier.


Basic Quilted Design

If you’re just looking for measuring directions & a quick quilting project, this fits the bill nicely. Bottom hem is finished with double-fold bias tape.


Pretty Patchwork

There’s so much to love about this charmer, the quilted sides, the row of colorful square patches & the rick rack border to make it all “pop” even more.


Quick & Easy Crochet

Made for a two slice Oster but it’s a simple design that can be easily adjusted for bigger/larger sizing if needed. Supplies: 3 skeins of Lily Sugar n’Cream 100% cotton yarn, 4.5mm hook. Three pieces are worked (center & 2x sides) then stitched together. The bottom is finished with a sc border.


Boutique-Style Caravan

There are a lot of pieces to this but don’t let that deter you, this is essentially assembled with simple sewing once all the fabric is cut. Very charming!


Knitted Loaf of Bread

Worked on circulars with worsted weight or sports weight yarn. Directions include how to fit any custom dimensions. Mainly done in knit stitch so it’s a quicky! Free pattern via pdf download.


Wheater Stitch

First the case is sewn (directions include custom measurements) & notice it’s finished nicely with piping. Then the details for embroidering the “wheat” motif are provided. This is reminiscent of the retro brown & gold appliances/kitchenware from the 1970’s (anyone else remember them?).


Toaster Ovens

Simple Elegance

Bleached dropcloth is the fabric used here…isn’t it gorgeous? She also freely provides the stencil used (pdf).


Framed Stitchery

A hand stitched panel is framed front & center, appliques added on the sides. There’s a lot of detail work involved & you need to provide your own designs but if you’ve wondered how to do it, this tutorial will get you there.


Farmhouse Ruffles

The bottom ruffle is different than the above model, which is just as lovely. Check out the page to see how she incorporated a similar striped fabric around her kitchen which gives it all a harmonious feel.


Instant Pot – Pressure Cookers

Crocheted Modern Granny

Adaptable for any round shaped appliance, the top circle is first made then keep going with the sides until it’s the length you want. Cute bottom scalloped border.


With Top Handle

I love this fabric, I bought something very similar to it a few years ago on Etsy. You’ll want something in a medium to heavy weight so it will hold its shape nicely like this or you can back a cotton print with fusible fleece to give it some heft.


Placemats & Pockets

I really like this concept! It’s made with the Pioneer Woman line of quilted table runners & placemats that you can buy at Walmart (though you can use any brand you like).

Features a front pocket to hold the manual along with favorite recipes & Instant Pot’s accompanying plastic utensils/spoons.


Flannel Lined

A fun cotton print is lined with flannel (or whatever you like). Very simple dome-style cover that has only two pieces to work with. Nice job!


Assorted Machines

Food Processor

Another easy quilted project that is made specifically for a food processor but it can easily be adjusted to fit other counter appliances.



A basic design that will be suitable for nearly any small kitchen counter machine (coffee machine, juicer, etc.) or even a larger one like an air fryer. Pick your choice of fabric, complimentary cording (optional) & thick, iron-on interfacing to help hold its shape.


Wheat Mill

The details for making this are very basic so you’ll need some sewing experience to figure this out, but I included it to show how even the most odd shaped machine can have a super cute cover custom made for it.


Odd Shapes

Three tutorials available for rectangular, circular & odd shaped appliances that would be just right for covering things like a blender, Keurig, small chopper, etc.


Kitchen Towel DIY

When sewing skills and/or the supplies budget are limited, here’s a great option: two hand towels (or one bath towel) plus a few stitches are all that’s needed to do the required job (protect a machine from dust & kitchen grime).


Smocked Gingham Cover-Ups

Here’s a vintage sweetie from my personal collection. If you’re new to smocking, you’ll find basic steps below as well as a more detailed tutorial on this page.

Smocked Cover


(For both Toaster & Tea-Cosy)

  • 1 1/4 yards of 36″ gingham with 1″ checks in color desired.

(For Mixer)

  • 1 3/8 yards of 36″ gingham with 1″ checks in color desired.
  • Heavy Duty Thread (such as button-hole twist) for smocking.
  • Bone or Plastic Ring.

General Smocking Steps:

  • Smocking is worked on wrong side of fabric in Vertical Rows.
  • Starting at left-hand corner (see diagram at bottom of page), take small stitches — bring A to B and fasten securely (Figs. 1, 2 and 3).
  • Keeping fabric flat between A and C, take small stitch at C and fasten; bring C to D and fasten securely again (Figs. 4, 5 and 6).
  • Continue in this manner down entire row.
  • Repeat for Rows 2, 3 and 4.

Cutting Instructions:

Fabric Cutting Diagram
  • Toaster: Cut gingham to measure 20″ across and 45″ long.
  • Tea-Cosy: Cut gingham to measure 16″ across and 38″ long.
  • Mixer: Cut gingham to measure 20″ across and 48″ long.


Vintage Toaster Cover
  • Begin smocking on Row 1 — approximately 2 blocks in from selvedge. Work smocking for 5 rows as given under the Smocking Directions.
  • Right sides together, make 1/2″ seam for back as shown, matching blocks.
  • Make pleats at top end, pinning in one direction. Draw pleats in as tightly as possible and fasten together securely. Stitch bone ring in place on top as shown in picture.


  • Begin smocking about 2 blocks in from selvedge edge. Smock 4 rows as given under Smocking Directions.
  • Follow steps for finishing as given under Toaster Cover.


  • Follow steps as given under Toaster Cover.

Diagrams (Click to View Larger Sizes):

Stitching Example

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    • Heather Feather

    I’m glad you liked my toaster cover! Thanks for the feature! I hope the tutorial can help someone out there.

      • camsgram

      Just a caution, I had a neighbor who had a cover on her toaster. The cat jumped from someplace, hit the button and the whole house went up in flames. Be sure to unplug the toaster when covered.

    • kathyathome

    Hi I am looking for a pattern for a hand towel that goes on the handle of the oven door. It is usually made with a teatowel half.

      • Karen

      Did you fine it yet? I’ve always cut a hand towel in half, zig zag across cut edge about 1/4 inch down and then single crochet for about 6 inches. work you way over to an inch before center and crochet 2 inches. Do that back and forth till about 8 inches or so long. Sew a button on the end so that when you fold over oven door you can push button through one of the crochet spaces.

    • Lambchop

    There are all too precious !!!!

    • Lambchop

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    and teacups, won’t that look nice…. also daisies, etc.

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    I am looking for an Ice making machine cover.


    • Ellie

    I would like to make a Cuisinart food processor cover, anyone have a pattern?

    • Pat Rhodea

    Would anyone a pattern for a Breville food processor cover?

      • cameron

      THAT’S why I’m here. Still looking. When will small kitchen appliance manufacturers start including covers the way sewing machines do?
      We have all Breville machines which are uniquely sized and shaped. Currently, they’re covered with beanies until I can find a better solution.

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