Crafting For Cuties: 25+ Adorable Handmade Baby Bibs {Free}

This list of free patterns for baby bibs was so fun to put together! Though a few of the designs are similar, you will surely find some super cute ideas and inspiration in this bunch.

Cute Bibs To Make For Baby

All kinds of designs are included, from practical back snap or Velcro closures to classic side closures and traditional back ties. You’ll also find pullover styles with comfy, stretchy ribbing around the neck for convenience.

Bibs aren’t just practical; they’re an absolute must-have in the parenting toolkit for mess management and stain prevention. Most can be tossed in the washing machine, saving parents from the hassle of scrubbing stains out of clothing.

P.S.: Don’t forget to whip up a few for grandma’s house and tuck a couple into the diaper bag so you’ll always have them on hand.

Here’s a gift-giving gem: They make fantastic baby shower gifts. Consider creating a matching set by pairing your handcrafted bibs with coordinating burp cloths.

A Few Tips & Tricks Before Starting

  • Upcycling Tip: Give old t-shirts new life by repurposing their neck ribbing for the head opening of your bibs. Not only is this eco-friendly, but it also adds a cozy touch around your baby’s neck.
  • Layer Up for Extra Absorbency: Consider adding an extra absorbent layer between your fabric pieces for bibs that stand up to messy mealtimes. An additional terry cloth or flannel layer can make all the difference in keeping your baby dry and comfortable.
  • Pattern Placement: Pay attention to pattern placement when cutting your fabric. This simple step can make your bibs look even more adorable. For instance, center a charming motif like a teddy bear or a heart on the front for a delightful focal point.
  • Double-Sided Delights: Craft reversible bibs to get the most out of your creations. With two charming sides, you’ll have more options for coordinating with your baby’s outfits. Plus, it’s like having a spare for those extra messy meals.
  • Safety First: If you embellish your project with charming buttons, flower rosettes, or other decorative elements, ensure they’re securely stitched. This adds a touch of style and guarantees that your little one can’t tug them off or accidentally swallow them.
  • Thread Management: When sewing baby items, remember the tiniest details matter. Always snip threads close to the fabric’s surface to prevent loose strands from winding tightly around those precious little fingers (which can be dangerous).
  • Growing Up with Velcro: Velcro closures are undeniably convenient but can become challenging as your little one grows into a toddler with longer locks. Consider alternative closures as your child blossoms into a bundle of energy.

Recommended Fabrics & Creative Customizations

Always start by giving your fabrics a prewash before diving into your sewing project. Once the garment is completed, washing it with a baby-safe detergent is a good practice. This ensures that any lingering body oils and handling residues are whisked away, leaving it fresh and ready for your little one to wear.

Simple Bib Made From Flannel & Bias Tape

The ideal materials wash like a dream, can withstand frequent use, and handle dribbles, spills, and liquid eruptions like a champ. Don’t hesitate to repurpose materials from old clothing and household linens – they’re more than up to the task and bring an eco-friendly charm to your creations.

T-shirt / Knit / JerseyCotton / Poly Cotton blends (prints & solids)Bamboo
MicrofiberTerry cloth / TowelsPUL (waterproof backing)
Denim / CorduroyChenilleSeersucker

Cute ideas to personalize or glam ordinary or plain bibs (either store-bought or handmade):

Examples Of Ways To Add Glam & Personalization To Handmade Bibs
BowtiesButtons (either sewn on individually or plackets cut from old dress shirts and stitched in place)Monograms
AppliquesPrincess / Tiara (either applique/stencil/fabric paint)Fabric Flowers and Crochet Flowers
Needlework / Cross stitch designsDecorative Edgings & Trims: RicRac; Satin Ribbon, Eyelet, Bias Trim, Lace; Ruffles; Crochet Edgings; Pom PomsFabric patches/patchwork

How To Make Baby Bibs

As always here on Tipnut, the tutorials included in this collection have all been hand-picked by me and are 100% hassle-free. This means no fees are charged, no memberships are required, and no email addresses to submit to review the instructions or download any templates (if needed). If that has changed since being added here, please let me know in the comments section below so I can remove it.

P.S.: Don’t miss the vintage cuties I’ve tucked in at the bottom of the page. These are from my collection, and I’m happy to share them. You’ll also find a couple of crochet patterns in the bunch. Enjoy!

Free Patterns & Tutorials

Directions: Click on images to visit the project page; a new browser tab will open & save your spot here

Vintage Bib Patterns

*First published January 4, 2011, and moved to this page for better organization

Here’s a sweet set for making baby bibs from a booklet in my collection; they are so adorable!


These are fascinating to make, especially when you have a scrap bag to select odds and ends of pretty cotton fabrics. These are not slap-dash affairs; little details that are amusing and imaginative add to the fun of making and the wearer’s pleasure.

Four projects shown here have appliqued designs. Cut the templates (given below) from cardboard to make the appliques most easily. Cut the material slightly larger than the template, then press the edges of the cloth (clipped to make it flat) over the cardboard piece with a hot iron. If the material is hard to handle, baste it to cardboard first, then press–and remove the basting threads. Hem, slip-stitch, or blanket-stitch cut-out in place.

Viewing Instructions: You can click each image to view a larger sample size. Templates are at the bottom of the page.

Story Book House Pattern

Story Book House: Gingham in wee pink checks with green bias binding trim. Flowered curtains, red tulips appliqued, stems embroidered. This is improved by lining the back with outing flannel.

Peter Bunny Illustration

Peter Bunny: Two circles of pink terry cloth edged with pink bias binding. Eyes, carrot appliqued, nose and paw, blue chain stitches. His face is saucer size (6 1/2?), and his body plate size (9?). Each pink ear is faced with white. (Strings sewed to back of ears for 2 1/2?.) Pupils of eyes, blue and white gingham overcast to whites.

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon Design

The Cow Jumped Over The Moon: Yellow, blue, and red cow, appliqued to blue denim sky, edged in red bias binding; the yellow moon–is open at the top to catch crumbs. The lower edge of the moon is overcast to denim in bright red. The moon is placed on cloth so it will cup slightly. Three stars (of yellow STAR SIX STRAND Mercerized Embroidery Cotton) add to the sky’s atmospheric look.

Crocheted Bib With "I Like Carrots"

I Like Carrots: Crocheted for young carrot eaters–this is a tub lover, so beautifully does it launder!

Jo-Jo The Clown Design

Jo-Jo the Clown: Red and white striped material appliqued on bath towel with blue stripes. White face and ruff black shoes, hands, appliques with touches of embroidery.

Soft & Sweet Crocheted Pattern

Crocheted Softy. White with dainty touches of pastel embroidery.

Template Downloads

Directions: Click on the image to view a larger size and right-click it to save it to your desktop.

Template Download
Template Download #2

Cross-Stitch Goodies

These cross-stitch designs are from a vintage towel set that would work beautifully on baby bibs (adjust the size as needed). Click the image below to download the zip file (containing six different nursery animal patterns). You’ll find more vintage sets on this page: Tipnut’s Needlework Goodies.

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