Sweet & Adorable Baby Blankets To Make {Free}

If you’re looking to stock a nursery or ideas for a lovely shower gift, this collection of free baby blanket patterns and tutorials has you covered. It features dozens of adorable knitting, crochet and sewing projects with something for everyone (Beginner to Advanced skill levels).

Baby Peeking Out From Under Blanket

When I was pregnant over 30 years ago, a friend of mine sat me down in front of her serger and taught me how to make receiving blankets that could be whipped up in less than 5 minutes flat…and they were far superior than store bought!

Flannelette was prewashed then ripped in lengths of 1 meter (not a yard, the extra few inches matter). To rip flannelette, you just make a snip past the selvage with a pair of sharp scissors then take an edge in each hand and rip, the pieces will tear off perfectly straight (this is something you can do with cotton fabrics).

Since the selvage sides won’t unravel they’re fine as-is, all that’s needed now is to run the raw edges (found at both ends) under the serger with an overlock stitch. This is to finish off the edges so they won’t fray as the blanket is used and laundered.

If you don’t have a serger, here’s a good video demonstrating other stitches that can work (using a regular sewing machine): OVERLOCK STITCH | No Serger Needed – YouTube. Here’s another: How to Serge Without a Serger (Overlock/Overcast Stitches) | Sewing Therapy – YouTube.

This stack of blankets was terrific because they were longer and wider than what we could buy here locally at the time (and the flannelette was usually much nicer quality, in a wider variety of designs & more economical).

Since that first lesson a few decades ago, I’ve made stacks of them countless times to give to new moms as baby shower gifts and they’ve always been greatly appreciated.

They aren’t anything fancy but you could easily add some decorative trim if you wanted (see these crochet edging patterns for ideas). They’re ideal for day to day life with a wee one, you’ll find they’re the perfect size for breast feeding, swaddling, picking up a wriggly bath time baby and of course nap time. Multi-purpose definitely works when describing them–plus they wash well and get softer with use.

How To Swaddle A Baby - Diagram

If you’re wanting something a little more elevated, I’ve put together a lovely collection of free blankets to make that can be knit, crocheted and sewn (each organized in their own galleries below for easier browsing). Some would be beautiful as a Christening wraps while others will hold up nicely as they’re dragged around for years as a beloved blankie.

Handmade Baby Blanket Projects

New Collection Update: June, 2022

There are over 100 projects to choose from and are provided absolutely free with no email submissions required or memberships to sign up for.

A few tips before getting started:

  • Remember to snip all threads and weave in yarn tails. You don’t want any strands wrapping tight around baby’s finger and cutting off circulation.
  • Once a project is completed, I like to launder it using a gentle detergent that won’t irritate baby’s skin. This will get rid of any oils and dirt accumulated on the fabric during the process of being made. Make sure fibers have a chance to fully dry before wrapping for gift-giving.
  • Consider a hand stitched label on the underside of the blankie such as “With Love From Aunt Penny” or small blessing patches such as: “Please God Bless This Child” or “May Peace & Sweet Dreams Alight”.

There’s so many adorable projects to choose from but you don’t need to pick just one, stock a nursery with a beautiful quilt, a stack of receiving blankets and maybe a crochet or knit afghan to cuddle up with on chilly mornings. These all make wonderful homemade gifts to welcome precious newborns to the world and are sure to be treasured for years.

Directions: Click images to visit project page, a new browser tab will open so your spot here is saved

Free Crochet Patterns

These are so cuddly and can be made as frilly and fancy or as simple and timeless as you like. Crochet blankies tend to be easier to care for than knit (just wash & go depending on the yarn) though you can give a quick steam around the edges if they’re not laying nice (hover over with steam rather than pressing if acrylic yarns were used).


Features a scalloped edging with a pretty eyelet design, 1/2″ wide satin ribbon is woven through the border & secured in place with a bow. Free pdf pattern download. Finished size: 32″ x 32″.

Source: aliciapaulson.com


A warm & cozy design that is sure to hold up to years of use being dragged around as “blankie”, the body has a lovely basket weave texture while the border is a few rows of simple single crochet. Size: 42″ x 33″ (easy to adjust). Skill level: Intermediate.

Source: craftpassion.com

Through Any Window

A nice “granny-style” design with a pretty picot edging, the center starts as a circle (magic ring technique recommended). Sample done in Lion Brand Yarn Baby Soft with a size H/8 – 5.00mm hook.

Source: thekidneybean.wordpress.com

Teddy Doudou

A sweet comfort lovey made of soft organic cotton featuring a friendly teddy with arms that give hugs. Facial features are stitched in place with contrasting yarn.

Source: isitatoy.blogspot.com

Super Sweet Teddy Bear Set

Includes a matching set with a onesie, baby shoes, a toy rattle & a sweet pom-pom bonnet…all free! A video tutorial accompanies the written instructions. For a professional finish, it’s recommended to do a quick steam block.

Source: maisieandruth.com

Blackberry Salad Stripe

This fun & cheery bobble design is made with seven skeins of yarn in seven different colors (changed every two rows). Additional info is provided if you want to make this into a larger afghan.

Source: mooglyblog.com

Crocheted Quilt

Once you’ve crocheted the top, a cozy fabric backing (such as minky) is stitched in place then finished off with a silky flannel lined satin for the binding. No quilt batting required.

Source: nikkiinstitches.com

Reversible Shell

A lovely classic, vintage design made with a fingering or DK weight yarn of choice. Free pdf pattern is available to download.

Source: pipersgirls.wordpress.com

Baby Blue Spiral

Here’s something different that is suitable for Beginners to make, the sizing can be as big or small as you like. The final round is done in a contrasting yarn color (even DC stitches) then to define the spirals you go back & surface crochet in the same contrasting color.

Source: morepjs.blogspot.com

Easy Blocks

A baby afghan that promises to be super easy to make (only two repeating rows & stitches involved are single crochets, double crochets, slip stitches & chains). Finished size: 40″ x 31″ but is easy to customize.

Source: lacycrochet.blogspot.com

DIY Luxe Blanket

Super easy project with the entire piece constructed using a single crochet stitch, whips up fast with Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn & a large crochet hook.

Source: thegoodsdesign.co

Free Knitting Patterns

Although I prefer crocheting a blanket myself and as lovely as they are, I can’t deny that a knit one is usually a step up when it comes to the final product. They do take longer to make, but the result is often more polished and some would say “heirloom” quality. Here are some great patterns to get started with.


Three different colors of yarn are used (Bernat Satin Sport was chosen here because it’s so delightfully soft with a bit of sheen). The body is worked in Stockinette stitch (chart provided), the border is knit separately then sewn on.

Source: yanaknits.com

Luca – Cabled

This starts as a 13 Row pattern with two cable rows in the first sequence and one cable row in every sequence thereafter. Finished size: Approximately 24″ x 36″.

Source: thecakeplate.blogspot.com

Feels Like Butta

A Beginner level project using Lion Brand’s Feels Like Butta yarn (shown in white, pink & charcoal). Worked on circulars and finished size is 30″ square. To find the pattern, scroll down a bit and click for the free pdf download (right of page).

Source: lionbrand.com

Corner Hoodie

This practical hooded cotton blanket is cute & machine-washable, making it a welcome gift for hot & sticky summer newborns. Easy to tweak trim, pattern & color.

Source: thriftyknitter.com

In A Wink

Doesn’t this look so soft & cozy with Bernat’s Baby Blanket yarn! Finished size: 33″ x 35″. Free pdf pattern available to download.

Source: yarnspirations.com

Bias for Baby

A simple, modern look that can be made larger or smaller by simply changing the yarn & needles. The finished piece is a rhombus/kite shape, not a true square (because this is knit corner to corner & stitches are taller than they are wide). 

Source: jchandmade.typepad.com

Sofo Gingham

A cozy cotton gingham check with a bold garter border worked on 29″ circular needles, size 8 (5.00mm). Written instructions on page but look for the [pdf] Sofo link to the top right so you can download a copy to your computer. Finished size 46″ x32″. Skill level: Easy.

Source: berroco.com

Encore Sampler

Two afghan sizes are included, one is for baby at 24″ x 28.5″, the other is a full afghan (45″ x 51″). This is worked as 9 horizontal stripes (each being 16-20 rows). Between each stripe are 4 garter stitch rows.

Source: plymouthyarn.com


The petal pattern is easily memorized & she has a tip to prevent puckering in the center portion of the flower (try knitting it on smaller needles). Size: 32″ x 32″.

Source: 9-stitches.com

Forget Me Knot

A nicely textured design working with just the basics (k2, p2 first two rows; k for third row; k2, purl for fourth row). Repeat rows 1-4 until desired length then knit 4 rows for ending border. Easy peasy! Pattern via free pdf.

Source: plymouthyarn.com

Sewing Tutorials

Here’s the last collection and these focus on sewing projects. Each of them is lovely and would certainly be appreciated if received as a gift. I’ve separated them into three groups…first is a selection of quilt and crib blanket tutorials, next are swaddling and receiving blankets then finally I stashed a few ribbon taggy and car seat blankies. Most are fairly quick and easy but still totally gift worthy.

Handmade Vintage

A beautiful quilt modelled after one from childhood, this is a good first quilting project since it’s very easy to make. Cotton quilt batting is sandwiched between two pretty fabrics measuring about 1 1/4 yards square. Eyelet trim is sewn around the border then yarn ties are dotted throughout to secure all layers in place.

Source: strawberry-chic.blogspot.com

Minky & Satin

Minky front + flannel interior + minky back with a luxurious satin ruffle trim. Easy to sew. Lush & plush is right!

Source: sew4home.com

Easy Patchwork

A nice & simple patchwork top is backed with soft minky. A great way to put those pretty fabric scraps you’re saving to good use.

Source: noodlesandmilk.blogspot.com

He’s All Boy

Bias strips are cut from the backs of 3 men’s flannel shirts then sewn together (for the top) & stitched to a yard of plain cotton (or lightweight cotton batting). Backed with super soft swirly minky fabric.

Source: thismamamakesstuff.com

Monogrammed with Mitered Corners

Self-binding, made with two coordinating fabrics (flannel was used here) plus a scrap for the monogram applique.

Source: pinksuedeshoe.com

Flannel Raggy Stripes

It’s hard to tell from this photo but the strips are sewn together (wrong side to wrong side) & then each seam is clipped from one end to the other. After washing, the seams are fluffy & soft.

Source: komfykountrykrafts.blogspot.com

Heirloom Cut Chenille

Simply gorgeous! Finished size is a generous 45″ square. Made with quilting cotton, flannel & seam binding.

Source: aestheticnest.com

Stylish Nursery: Three Designs

You’ll find lovely versions with a Decorative Stitch, Ric Rac Trim and Bound Edge.

Source: sew4home.com

Fluffy Backed

A novice friendly project that produces an oh-so-cuddly blanket. Cute cotton fabric is backed with a fluffy cotton or poly/cotton like chenille. Self binding with mitered corners.

Source: momtastic.com

No-Sew with Ruffles

These couldn’t be easier to make using two purchased flannel receiving blankets which are then lined up back to back, edges along all four sides cut a few inches deep & then tied together in double-knots.

Source: dirtyfloordiaries.com

Receiving & Swaddling Blankets

There are a few designs that may seem similar but I tried weeding out any duplicates. The hem might be done differently or the tutorial highlights the use of a different fabric (ie. knit, fleece, etc.) or design element.

Miscellaneous (Car Seats, Taggies, Etc.)

Just a few so far but I’ll be adding more goodies as I come across them.

Did You Know

It’s not advised to have blankets or soft bedding in the crib with a sleeping baby until they’ve past the one year mark? Here’s some reading on the matter:

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    • Barbara

    How can I get the through the windows crochet pattern I have not been able to down load or print thanks

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    I need a baby blanket pattern with animals on it

      • Kay

      I’m not home so I can’t remember the book but I have a crochet pattern that looks like Noah’s animals marching around the bottom of the blanket. With a basketweave center. Leisure Arts Publication. Good Luck Kay

        • Pat Bennett

        The book is “a Year of Baby Afghans” by Leisure Arts. Book 4.

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      • Tipnut

      Hi Edna, I added the direct link to the pdf file in the description area above, see if that works for you. If not, make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer…if you have an outdated version, that might be the problem. I’ve checked the file and it loads fine.

    • Elaine Plunkett

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    What does chin mean and de mean?

    • Alexis Daniels

    I am trying to find a pattern for a baby afghan I used to make years ago. I originally found the pattern in a booklet put out by Red Heart Yarns. The center part was like a granny square that you continued until it had 104 doubles on a side. Then you made a scalloped edge that was about 12 inches wide. It was made with baby weight yarn. If anyone has this pattern, I would appreciate it if you would contact me. Thank you.

    • theresa kusterbeck

    I have been trying to pass on to other knitters and crocheters the following tip:When crafting a large piece of work put a towel under the piece its so manageable.

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