Creative Bird Bath Projects & Tutorials

Here are a bunch of ideas for making bird baths using a variety of bits and pieces from around the house. Most are quite simple to make with some pretty similar to each other, they are included to show how different projects can look using assorted sized pieces, or adding color by using paint and other embellishment ideas. As with all project collections here on Tipnut, I’ll be adding more goodies to this page as I find them. Enjoy!

DIY Feeder & Bath: A few vintage pieces are stacked then glued together with epoxy.

Leaf Shaped Project: You’ll need cement mix and a large leaf from a hosta, rhubarb, burdock, castor bean or elephant’s ear. Paint & seal after drying. Also see these concrete leaf tutorials.

Terracotta Saucer & Pot: A square saucer is glued to the bottom of a terracotta pot then painted with outdoor paint.

Terracotta Bowl Stand: An old bowl is glued to the bottom of a flower pot using liquid nail then pebbles and a brick are placed in the center (for birds to rest on).

Stacked Flower Pots: With a little paint and some glue, you can turn your tired old terra cotta pots into quite a charming piece for your garden.

Hanging Basin: Made with a wide lipped ironstone basin.

Candle Plate Style: Made with three wooden dowels (or old broom handles), paint, varathane and a candle plate.

Mosaic: A flower pot, saucer, colorful tiles (or pebbles) and tile adhesive are used to make this project.

Easy Wreath: Three strands of rope are tied together then a wreath is nestled inside with a saucer placed on top. Hang from a tree and fill with water.

With Feeder: A flower pot is glued between two clay saucers (different sizes) then set inside a hanging basket, one saucer for seed and one for water.

Mosaic Terracotta Saucer: Supplies needed: thinset adhesive, grout comb, water-based grout sealer, grout, trowel, glass pieces, sponge and paint brush.

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