DIY Body Sugaring Recipes For Removing Hair

Centuries ago in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra and her handmaidens discovered a secret beauty treatment that magically and painlessly got rid of unwanted hair…and this recipe was lost for years until recently discovered. At least that’s what the television infomercial declared years ago when I first became aware of body sugaring.

ExampleI pulled out my credit card, ordered my tub, gave it a try and found that a) it wasn’t painless like the infomercial stated and b) it was pretty pricey considering I could go to the salon and have a professional take care of the mess for just a few bucks more. I never placed another order.

Over the years I’ve discovered a few homemade versions that do just as good a job as that pricey tub cost me, and they cost only pennies to make! Now we’re talking ;).

If you’re wondering what this is, it’s epilation that’s very similar to waxing, a sugary mixture is heated then cooled and applied to the area of the body that you want to get rid of hair. Strips of fabric are pressed over top then ripped off. If it works, the fabric is now covered with hair. If it doesn’t completely get it all, just reapply and rip again.

Since the paste can grab and pull the hair out deep at its roots, the new growth is slower to appear than if shaved (which just removes growth at the surface). Skin is left soft and smooth and there’s not much mess (especially when compared to waxing) since the mixture is water soluble and washes off easily.

If you’d like to give this a try, here are three different ways to make it plus directions for application (and ripping). Good luck!

Supplies Needed:

  • Candy thermometer (to measure temperature while mixture is heating)
  • 1″ strips of cotton fabric (about 8″ to 10″ in length)
  • Wooden popsicle sticks or spatula

Before getting started: Wash well with soap and water, removing all traces of oil, makeup, deodorant and dirt. Pat dry.

Ingredients: (Two different recipes, choose one)

  • #1: 2 cups sugar, 1/4 cup lemon juice (freshly squeezed), 1/4 cup water
  • #2: 1 cup sugar, 1 cup honey, juice from one half lemon (freshly squeezed)

Heating Directions:

  • Combine ingredients in a heavy saucepan and turn on the heat to medium. Once it starts boiling, reduce heat to low and cook until the mixture reaches 250°F (stir often so it doesn’t boil over) then take off heat. If a thicker paste is preferred, just heat to 245°F.
  • Let it sit until it’s warm then pour into a glass canning jar. Continue to let it cool till it’s at room temperature. Careful! This will cause serious burns if it’s not cooled down properly before applying.

Microwave Version:

  • 1 cup sugar, 1/4 cup honey, juice from one half lemon (freshly squeezed)
  • Directions: Combine items in a large glass bowl then heat in the microwave for two minutes, stopping every 20 to 30 seconds to stir. Once it’s finished cooking, allow to cool down a bit before pouring into a glass canning jar and letting it rest till it’s at room temperature. Source:

How To Apply:

  • Lightly dust the surface with cornstarch and rub it in. Lightly is key, this will help protect the skin a bit so the paste doesn’t stick to it as much (helping lessen the pain).
  • Using the popsicle sticks, slather on a thin layer in the direction of the growth then cover with cotton strips (do in batches of 3 or 4 until the entire area is covered). Rub the fabric a few times firmly (in the direction of the growth).
  • Let it sit for about a minute then pull skin tight with one hand and rip each strip off quickly with the other (in the opposite direction of the growth). Reapply as needed (can reheat if it gets too cool).

That’s it! Does it hurt? Yes, I think it does but I’m a bit of a wimp ;). Over time with more treatments you do get de-sensitized to it a bit.


  • Hair should be at least 1/4″ so the mix/paste has something to really grab onto.
  • Hand wash the strips in warm soapy water, dry and reuse them again and again. Muslin or diaper flannel work well.
  • Careful to avoid growths such as skin tags, warts and moles. Also avoid applying on top of stretch marks, abrasions, scrapes or cuts, scar tissue, delicate area around the eyes, rashes and varicose veins.
  • Seal any leftovers in the jar and refrigerate to use later (simply reheat).
  • If paste is too hard to work with, add a spoonful of water and reheat in the microwave for a minute or so until it’s hot. Stir then allow to cool as above.

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What Readers Are Saying: 235 Comments
  1. Janelle says:

    I tried this today and have to admit I was a somewhat skeptical about the whole thing. I made the first recipe with lemon juice, sugar and water and the cotton strips were just old sheets that I cut up. They ended up probably 2″ wide because I got tired of ripping tiny strips. I found the first two rips didn’t go so well they were kinda patchy but the rest went great with most of the hair coming off. Yes this does hurt But not as bad as waxing. I do regular waxing so I’m kinda used to it. I ended up having to redo a spot here and there so maybe I need more ripping practice but even so I will continue because tada I just cancelled a $25 leg waxing appointment! My legs feel soft and smooth and I don’t see any difference from waxing. This is my first time so I will watch how long it takes for the hair to grow back. But even if it comes back sooner than it does for waxing I’m going to stay with it. Oh and as far as hand washing the fabric strips forget that! I’m throwing mine in the washing machine instead.

    • Catie says:

      How often should you do this trestment and how long does it stay smooth? I’ll most likely use it only on my legs and maybe my arms..But mostly leg wise how long does it stay smooth?

      • zavia says:

        red onion medium size is the best remedy for unwanted facial and body hairs
        grate and rub directly on unwanted hair thats it gradually hair will change their color and then fall may this remedy take time but its tested 100%

        • Danielle says:

          About how long does it take?

        • Mina says:

          Wow. I’ve been struggling with my excessive hair on face and body for so long! I will def try this. Should I just rub the spot with grated red onion and then wash immediately with water or how should it be done? Is it working also with white onion or why the red one? Thank you, Zavia! πŸ™‚

        • julieanne says:

          Zavia – how long before the hairs fall out after rubbing with grated red onion? And for how long do you rub your hairs with the grated onion? thanks

        • Dolly says:

          But I heard opposite that rubbing of raw onion on skin or head results in hair growth. People use it for hair growth or slight baldness.

      • Jen says:

        every 6-8 weeks

    • holly says:

      It should come back in the same amount of time as waxing does since it is doing the same thing, ripping the hair out at the root. And 25 for a leg wax!? That is unheard of. I would stick with that and have someone else do it for that price!

    • Busy mama says:

      Worked really well just as directed, I think I just need to work on my technique! Thanks

  2. Carolyn says:

    I tried the microwave version and it didn’t work, it just left a sticky mess and all of the hair intact! Any suggestions..?

    • Lisa says:

      I can’t swear that this is the exact same recipe I tried ages ago but I do remember that it was the same ingredients. It didn’t turn out for me either but with some experimenting I discovered it was the amount of cooking time. Maybe it’s because of the discrepancies in microwaves? I found that if I heated it longer it turned out but I can’t remember for how much longer I did it. Anyhow it did end up working for me but I only tried it once. I didn’t like the mess and bother so I pay for waxing instead. I just do my legs and armpits and I don’t find the cost prohibitive so why not. I’m never in the mood for laundry to begin with so why add more loads with hairy rag strips!

      • Angie says:

        I tried the microwave version today and it totally worked. It was a little clumpy but my eyebrows look awesome! I think you probably have to make sure it’s a little hot when you apply it. Don’t burn yourself but you don’t want it to cool off too much.

    • carmen says:

      Make sure you cook it long enough in the microwave. Mine didn’t set up enough at the time that was given on here so I cooked it a little longer and after it cooled, it was perfect and worked really well on my legs.

      • maria says:

        i made the microwave version and it didn’t work at all. i usually make wax on the stove, and i figured this would be an easier way. -__- it didn’t work at all!!!! i would have been better off doing extra work, to save my ingredients. any suggestion for next time because it was only smooth when SUPER hot, and when it cooled enough for me to touch, it wasn’t even spreadable. it was was very hard. πŸ™

        • Kayti says:

          If it is hard you cooked it too long. There is a small time frame for perfect wax in the microwave.

        • noelle says:

          Very disappointed myself.. Was all excited to do this, spent an hour preparing and doing it, for it to not even take one single hair out. Didn’t even just try it once, but three damn times and nothing. I even had professional strips. Maybe it works differently on everyone, idk, but still very disappointed.

    • Alicia says:

      I think it’s not working for you because it needs to get to the right tempature and then cool. If you keep microwaving it in short intervals you may just be heating and heating slowly without reaching 250′ every heat looses more water. Resulting in it being too hard when cooled. By reaching the correct tempature it changes the state of the sugar (it’s a science thing). It’s like making homemade Carmel or toffee. Too hot or too cold and it won’t set right once cooled. If you splurge on the candy theromotor (usually under $5) then you’ll know your getting it right. Plus now you have the tools to make homemade carels and brittle for Xmas πŸ˜‰

  3. T says:

    Oooh…thanks!! Will be trying this tomorrow.

  4. stacey says:

    I am a esthetician and I dont use honey wax because I have found it to be a little more harsh on the skin for me and my clients… muslin is super cheap for a yard at joanns i believe u paid like $2…. when waxing you do go with the hair and then go against it… it almost shrink wraps the hair in the wax and it gets 99% everyones hair is differant with ethnicity so some will have to re apply… I am definatelly going to try this and hopefully it will cut back on some of my overhead! thank you!

  5. Caitlin says:

    Stacey is correct about the direction of application. I work at a sugaring boutique and applying against the hair and removing with the growth you have less chance of breaking the hair which will mean less chance of irritation or ingrowns. As for the sugaring being more harsh on your skin that is completely false. Sugar is much more gentle (if done correctly) it also is exfoliating. It only removes your dead skin cells unlike wax that removes the full top layer of skin. If I didn’t get such a good deal at work and have others to do it for me I would absolutely try the recipe with the sugar not the honey. Good luck ladies!

    • Courtney says:

      I agree with Caitlin. I am also an esthetician and am a certified sugarer. It is much better for the skin! πŸ™‚ I love the results and it is applied against the hair growth and pulled with the hair growth which causes less breakage. I have really sensitive skin so that is why I started sugaring instead of waxing. Good luck ladies!

    • Iris says:

      Stacey said honey (not sugar) was more harsh on the skin…

  6. Laura says:

    Once you make it and it cools, do you reheat it to use? Like a minute? Thanks!

  7. michelle says:

    do you have to use fresh lemon juice or can you use bottled?thanks

    • Rebekah says:

      I’ve only ever used bottled juice and works fine. Also have never used candy thermometer, able to judge by color a light amber color then remove from heat, it will continue to cook from residual heat as it sits.

  8. Alexa says:

    This didn’t work for me at all πŸ™ I followed the instructions carefully too. I may try again some other day. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong, I was really excited about it, but only a few hairs were removed each strip.

    • Jo says:

      I know just what you mean! A friend and I tried it for prom and it deffiantly did not work!

      • cheryl says:

        The trick is in the pulling off of the strips. You must do it very fast and not hesitate while pulling. This is why shorted pieces are better. They longer the piece, the less momentum toward the end of the strip.

    • amrita says:

      hey try again but with slight changes i tried first recipe but in it use fresh lemon and add pinch of salt then adding all these light gas in low heat and stir with spoon until bubbles coming started in starting for one min u can put in medium heat but the rest time you have to do in low heat and as bubbles started coming just do for 45 sec and switch it off and when it colll down little bit use it as a wax

      • Elena says:

        I think a lot of people trying this are forgetting that even for waxing to work well your hair has to be REALLY long compared to what us women usually let it grow out to. At LEAST 1/4 and inch. Make sure you let it grow out to caveman status before you lose hope!

  9. Kerri says:

    I was given the first recipe by a Lebanese woman about 20 years ago but instead of using cotton strips I was taught how to work the sugar in my hands for about 5 minutes after it cooled enough. Once it is worked into a gum like texture you use your thumb to slide it over the hair and then pull it back. You just keep reusing it until you have waxed your leg. It is amazing. I have never measured out the ingredients but it is probably close to the same. I am guessing you could find a youtube video about the way I am explaining.

    • Beth says:

      I go to a local salon that does it this way, cooling in their hands. I unfortunately have to get my lip, chin, and eyebrows done, I inherited some bad genes. It only costs me about 9 bucks, and over time it lightens: When I first started getting sugared I had full blown wiskers.. after getting sugared every 2-3 weeks for about 6 months the hair is very lite (i’m blond so that helps). it’s been about 4 years since I started getting sugared and now I only go in every 6 weeks or so just for a clean up…

      I’ve tried to do it myself… I’m a baby and dont’ rip it off fast enough.. even though it is next to painless…

    • Debbie H. says:

      Kerri – I have exactly the same story to tell. When I was in college, my roommate was a gal from Lebanon. She taught me the same thing, to work the sugar into a malleable mass and use it like you described, without the strips. I did it for years like this when I was a poor college kid and you get better and better at it. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it, but now I’m inspired to start again.

  10. Wendy says:

    I gave this a whirl today! I love it!! Didn’t hurt at all! Thank you for this wonderful post!!!!! I use to buy the store kind of wax (I’ve always had a hard time excepting the high price of going the salon to have this done), but it always seemed like it would dry out so fast. This is also great idea for gifts to friends that I know that wax. All the unwanted hair that I wanted removed was gone!

  11. Amanda says:

    A friend of mine from Jordan made this for me before my wedding. She said her family had been making it forever. She didn’t use the strips. She just said to apply it and rip it off like putty. It didn’t really work for me. Maybe the strips would make it easier.

  12. bani says:

    mine tured out sticky ,. is there a way i can make it like a putty still ?
    please reply ASAP

  13. Krista says:

    I tried this over the weekend. It worked but it did hurt just as much as a a regular wax. Clean up was easy! A few things that I found worked well for me were: get someone to help you apply and rip, use a butter knife to apply the wax( worked better than a spatula), leave the strips on longer than a minute and the bikini area is best left for the expert ( in my experience) also I reheated this in the microwave several times for one minute and then stirred it good until the consistency was even throughout.

  14. Dani says:

    So, I tried it. I think my skin feels smooth but about 3 hairs total came out. I am going to try cooking it longer to see if that helps. Also, it’s possible that I didn’t leave the strips on long enough. I will let you know.

    • Dani says:

      So, I cooked it for longer and had better results. They key is getting it to a nice amber color, if you don’t have a candy thermometer. I used it without heating it for a while (with some success) but then decided to re-heat it before using it. I don’t know if it works better re-heated, but it feels nice. Thirty seconds in the microwave seems to be enough. Also, I rub it thinly one way and then back a couple of times before applying the cloth. Also, also, I broke down and ran to the dollar store where I picked up Popsicle sticks for …a buck. Also, also, also, giving it time to “dry” on my face helps with the hard to pull chin hairs.
      Having longer hairs (1/4 inch and longer) really helps which is a problem for me as I practically have a full beard if I don’t take care of my hairs. It helps on the side and somewhat on my chin. Over all, I enjoy this and think this is better than going to the salon for the day to day hair removal.
      Oh yeah, the armpits are a bit shocking the first time! πŸ™‚

  15. sandra says:

    how long do you let it cool for? i just made a batch in my microwave and its sitting on my table to cool, it alreayd getting kinda thick but its still kinda hot. i dont want to let it cool down too much and have to re heat it.

  16. sandra says:

    ok so i just tried this let it cool and WOW im impressed! it works! i used a pillow case torn up into strips and used a butter knife to apply. and ill just say that ill be useing this again in the near future!

  17. Jo says:

    Tried this today with a friend and we were really disapointed. The mix took off little, if any hair. We tried it multiple times with thin and thick coats. I really wish it would have because I’m looking for a good recipie to use this summer.

  18. Lil Bee says:

    Does this work on The bikini area??

    • Fb says:

      If you are brave enough to pull!!

        • shinylight says:

          It definitely works on the bikini area. I’ve done it myself several times with great results. You just have to work up the chutzpah to pull, and pull FAST, to get all the hair.

          • christy says:

            I’ve done sugaring on my bikini area 5 times now. Not just the area that the bikini doesn’t cover, but most of the area underneath. The first time definitely hurt (any time you yank hair out it will) but it was not nearly as bad as a normal bikini wax. You will find yourself in very odd positions trying to get it all, but with practice – and a mirror – you get it eventually. I use old T-shirts for strips and sometimes, if the mixture comes out right, I can even just pull the stuff off with my hands. Being sure to pull across and *not* up is crucial and helps you avoid breaking the hairs. After the first time I did it, the times following hurt less than plucking my eyebrows, that’s how much it stunted the hair growth.

            I’ve never had a batch of this stuff come out the same, probably because I don’t use a candy thermometer, but the people that have mentioned the amber color are right. If it’s too light I find that it doesn’t grab the hair, if it’s too dark when it cools it just turns to hard candy. Once you get the right color though, it’s wonderful. I usually put a little neosporin on the skin afterwords if there are some tender spots, but usually my skin (especially *down there*) feels perfectly smooth.

            Happy de-fuzzing!

  19. Christina says:

    How long does it generally take to get to the 245 degrees, I don’t have a candy thermometer, but I let it cook for almost 15 minutes after it started boiling. How do I get it closer to the ‘putty’ consistency?

  20. Chrissy says:

    What happens if i don’t use freshly squeezed lemon juice? will it still work?

  21. Hannah says:

    Hey i tried it today.. i just made it actually very easy… but i was leaving it uncovered to cool and bugs got in it so not only did you find a hair removal formula but you also found a solution to tiny bugs.. lol

  22. hannah* says:

    Ok so ive never tried this but could you use something besides cotton strips?!?! Also hannah↑ we have the same name lol

  23. Livi says:

    I’ve tried this and love it. Christina: it took me about 25 to 30 minutes to get it to 245 on simmer. I have a candy thermometer so I kept checking. I tried this on mostly my lower leg, which is harder to remove than other areas and it worked great. I noticed that if you apply it then put the strip on leave it for about 15 to 20 seconds it works great. I pulled against my hair but noticed also that in certain areas it worked better to pull in the direction of the hair. Also, after cooking it I placed it in cleaned out baby food jars. It worked great and took up about 3 of the 6 oz. jars. That way you can warm just a small amount at a time and work with that. As for strips I used old cloth diapers cut into strips. The kind that you use for burp rags. (can you tell I have children?) I think this recipe works great. I hope it works for most others too because the cost to go in and have it done is terrible. Hope this information works.

  24. Sarah says:

    This recipe turned out great for me!! I think he trick is to let the paste/mix cool enough, cause when i first applied it in a few areas, it was too soft to remove hair. After it thickened enough, I got amazing results! I bought some waxing strips from Sally’s Beauty Supply and a wooden applicator, which was 15 cents, and can be rinsed a reused. Some say leave the bikini area to the experts, but I did my own and it turned out great.

  25. Meaghan says:

    This didn’t work for me so I made Lemonade instead.

    (It’s possible my hair wasn’t long enough. Will try this again another time)

    • kat says:

      ohmygosh! that just made my day! “so I made lemonade instead.” hahaha! I can’t wait to try! I am so excited! although I am really afraid to try my bikini area, last time I did that with wax.. did not turn out great for me AT ALL! haha if this doesn’t work.. I think I will make lemonade instead:]

    • sharon says:

      That is SO funny, going through all these comments getting info I need to start it myself and yours is just FUNNY, thanks for the laugh Meghan : )

  26. Kalika says:

    You can also apply lydocaine gel (any drugstore) about 10 minutes before and let it dry – NO PAIN!!

  27. Maren says:

    For those of you who tried the microwave recipe:

    I thought I should use it at a hotter temp, like they do when actually waxing in a salon. Works much better when I let it cool a lot more and it becomes more solidified.

    Good luck, worked for me!

  28. Dee says:

    I tried the stove top recipe. It didn’t work right off, I had to get the hang of it and now I am totally sold on it! As another mentioned earlier, when it turns from white to amber that’s when it is up to temp and done. I wish I would have found this years ago, thank you!!!

  29. Dianne says:

    Tried it for the first time (microwave recipe and made only 1/2 of the recipe). LOVED IT! Worked great. The first application I didn’t use the corn starch and ended up with some bruising. Used cornstarch for the rest and it worked perfectly with no brusing. Definitely a keeper. I will be using this from now on.

  30. judith says:

    I make and use something similar to this all the time. My recipe calls for sugar and lemon juice only. I found the recipe on the internet under Brazilian Sugar Wax. I like it much better than any store bought brand because it’s water soluble.

  31. Ally says:

    another alternative to heating that seems to be easier than microwave or boiling directly in a saucepan is to boil water and then place a jar of the mixture in the water and allow it to heat that way. much easier for when you havec to reheat

  32. Kayla says:

    Is this safe for sensitive skin? I have tried wax and other hair removal remedies and every time I break out really bad.

    • Meaghan says:

      Tea tree oil really helps me with breakouts after I wax. Just apply on skin right after you wax. Also, avoid hot water to the area for 24 hours.

    • Maureen says:

      I have found every time I get waxed I look like I have red freckles, but if I take a bath with epsom salts afterwards any red bumps disappear. I also have less ingrown hair problems that way.

  33. Hannah says:

    Is this safe to use on eyebrows or bikini areas?

  34. Erica says:

    This didn’t work for me. It came out too runny, like the consistency of honey. Not quite sure where I went wrong. I will probably try it again though.

    • Jane says:

      Sounds like people who have problems with runny mix were able to fix it by letting it heal for longer, and then letting it cool all the way. Maybe one of those will help!

  35. Nancy says:

    Can you use lime juice instead of lemon?

  36. Vanessa says:

    Would it work without lemon juice? I don’t have any and if it’s not required that would be great

    • Ashlyn says:

      It’s used as an anti-bacterial, so you probably should use SOMETHING like that, Vinegar and lime juice will also work.

      • Lilly says:

        It’s not only an antibacterial, but a necessary component of the recipe because the acid prevents the sugar from crystallizing.

  37. Lauren says:

    Do you have to use the cotton strips or can you just put it on let it sit then rip off with out the fabric? Will definitely try this πŸ™‚

  38. Kerry says:

    It doesn’t even work…

  39. Nicole says:

    How long will it last? like how long will it take for the hair to grow back?

  40. Eleany says:

    Just tried this… First off I did not use the recipe exactly as written. My mix kept being to watery so I added some more sugar and thought okay that will do but no… then I reheated the mixture 30 sec intervals to make sure not to burn it and it worked. If you think yours is not working and its not sticking it might be too watery add more sugar and reheat but make sure not to burn it. If you have a powerful microwave try 10 sec intervals… Honestly so far so good I burned a bit of my skin but I like the results… did in my face. Nxt time am trying my legs.

  41. lori says:

    How long does it take for the hair to come back?

  42. Farsha says:

    Tried the second recipe on the stove.. And the mixture is now turning hard.. I’m not sure what I did wrong! πŸ™ help!

    • tbub says:

      You cooked it for too long. It turned into hard candy! Make sure you use a reliable thermometer and you should be good to go the next time.

  43. Meagan says:

    this is really cool! but now that it’s all done and we had our fun I can’t seem to clean out the container I cooked it in and stored it in. It hardened and scraping it does not seem to be working efficiently. help!!!!

    • Sara says:

      Just put some really hot water- try boiling some on the stove- and let it sit. I have a pot of boiling water ready to pour as soon as I’m done with the wax. Because it is sugar, it will just dissolve after a few minutes. You may need to let the water sit, pour it out and scrub, then put more water in. Just be careful not to burn your hands.

  44. Shary says:

    This is An egyptian wax recipe and is cooked in a saucepan.
    We portion the wax into small tubs and keep them in the fire and reheat when possible. It’s not supposed to be liquidy but tacky and the proper way is to rework it with your fingers until it becomes a very light pale caramel colour. The wax will be softer and you won’t need to use the fabric strips.
    Don’t use the honey in the mix if you’re taking this route. Good luck!

    • shinylight says:

      I learned this general sugar wax method from Egyptians and Persians who just use the sugar wax as a malleable little ball and remove hair without using any cotton or musilin strips. I know for a fact it can be done and that it works as I’ve seen several women do it. I’ve just never been able to get the right consistency to make the sugar wax work on its own. If anyone has a very precise recipe I’d appreciate it!

  45. Chereen says:

    Us Egyptians still use this technique till today! It’s the best form of hair removal and is amazing for the skin! (although I can’t imagine any hair removal is painless).

    I suggest staying in a cool environment, it becomes incredibly messy and unmanageable when it melts in the heat.

    Don’t use fabric strips like Shary said, it’s made to work on it’s own. You just work it with your fingers until it turns the light color Shary referred to then press and spread it over the area and using your fingers pull it off like a band-aid inch by inch. You’ll get the hang of it!

  46. eunice says:

    when i tried it. the sugar became candy! any remedies please? πŸ™

  47. francesca meyer says:

    Hi everyone! I got a friend who made this at home and it works! But she’s actually not using any strip, she just pull off the sugar paste…do u think this receipt will work also without a strip??

    • MR says:

      The original way of doing this requires no strip. Just spread the paste, leave it a bit and pull it off. The size of the paste you use in your hand should be something you are comfortable with and can control while waxing.

  48. Cecilia says:

    I tried this recipe on my legs today and was very excited with the results. I tried it on my underarms and it hardly did anything. I’m definitely going to try it again with a few of the suggestions listed by others. For example,applying against the grain and ripping with the grain. Hopefully, it will work better under my arms next time. I’ve already told several of my girl friends about it!

  49. Alisha says:

    I tried it 1 weeks ago and it worked like a charm, although, make sure you read the directions about putting it a large bowl if you are doing the micro. directions….I didn’t and had a HUGE mess in my microwave. I didn’t get it all off, but am doing the rest today~can’t wait! I used it under my arms and have used wax in the past. This is way less painful~doesn’t leave the skin nearly as red, and I think takes the hair off better. Besides, I got to wash and reuse my strips instead of throwing them away! Thanks so much!

  50. Rose says:

    Tips for removal that aren’t mentioned:
    1. Make sure you pull the fabric off *PARALLEL* to the skin. If you pull upwards at all, the wax either wont grip the hair as well or it will break hairs off.
    2. Placing your hand on the area directly after you pull the wax off helps to discourage the nerves from sensing as much pain.

    • Consetta says:

      What exactly do you mean by parallel? I ripped upwards the first time I tried this and it didn’t really work. I would love to know the right way.

      • Linda says:

        What she means is, you dont pull upwards with the strip, you hold it at one end and pull it across. Also as Rose said, put your hand and press on the skin as soon as you take it off, it does help to take some of the sting out. I learnt to put it on with my hand and pull off so that way you use the same paste over all the hair you need to take off, but I was taught to do this.

  51. Hailey says:

    Okay, I made it and am waiting for it to cool to room temperature. So far so good though. I’ll let you know what happens when I actually wax..I’m trying the bikini line first, cause its the only hair that’s long enough ):

  52. Mikaela says:

    Hello! My sister is an esthetician and a few years ago taught me the right way to wax myself or someone else. For christmas she bought me wax and all the other necessary products to go along with it (wax remover, wax strips, popsicle sticks, etc.). If I remember correctly you’re suppose to apply it in the direction the hair grows, place the strip over top, rub the strip for a few seconds to create friction, then pull the strip off like you would a bandaid (relatively fast!) and while doing so, hold the skin surrounding the area taut. The hair has to be quite long in order for it to be removed, i’d say almost a 1/2″ at least if it can grow that long. I’m sure you have to do relatively the same with the sugaring hair removal listed above in order for it to actually work. Be sure to cleanse the area properly beforehand, along with whatever tools you are using, including your hands, to protect from bacteria. I have never heard of this before (it sounds awesome and I can’t wait to try it!), so I could definitely be partially if not fully wrong about how to do it… Just figured i’d post some tips for those of you that didn’t achieve the full benefit of doing this! Please correct me if i’m wrong at all so I will know how to properly do this as well (:

    • Shannon says:

      1/4 inch should be fine and there are several responses on here that say to put it on against the grain and pull with the grain, that it helps to avoid breakage.

  53. Colleen says:

    Didn’t even kind of work πŸ™

  54. Carrighan says:

    How important to the recipe is the lemon juice? I am allergic to all citrus fruits, and I would like to try this but I can’t use lemon or lime juice?

  55. Karis says:

    Worked perfectly. For those of you whom it didnt work it probably wasnt cooked enough. I cut the recipe in half and used lime juice instead of lemon. I dont have a candy thermometer but ive made candy before without. I stored it in a mason jar and it was just enough for a brazillian wax with a little left over. What you want is for it to cook to a ‘hardball’ stage. Once it gets to a dark amber color take your stirring spoon and let a drip fall into a cup of ice cold water. It will make a little flat disk on the bottom of the cup, if you feel it is hard as a lifesaver candy you know its done. Now it wont get this hard on your skin 1 because the lemon juice stopps it from comepletely hardening and 2 your skin isnt ice cold lol. But it will solidify enough to grip the hair. When spreading it on your skin i went with the hair growth and then against. I find you get more hair going both directions. Good luck!

  56. Emma says:

    Can you do this with our the thermometer

  57. Frankie says:

    Can you put vitamin e oil in it to preserve it? I want to make it, but i don’t want the sugar to mold…

  58. Victoria says:

    Can I use lemon juice from a bottle? It has a few extra things like preservatives, flavour and contains some sulphites. Would this be okay to use? Or should I just go and raid my neighbours lemon tree…

  59. souha says:

    this is actually used in Lebanon. This recipe has been used for ages in my country. Instead of making it at home. the same exact thing is sold in stores and its called MIM, its a Lebanese product. I used to make it at home but its just too messy. I buy them from the stores and heat them in the microwave.

  60. Melissa says:

    I tried the1st recipe and it didn’t work. From reading the comments I think I didn’t cook it long enought. Can I put it in the microwave to try to make it thicker or recook it? Or do I have to start all over?

  61. genny says:

    does the lemon juice have to be fresh? or can it be bottled?

  62. becky says:

    I did this yesterday, though I followed different directions for removal, and I think it was better! Normally I am left with bumps after hair removal- I think from the shock of hair being ripped from my body. I did apply cornstarch before sugaring. So I applied the sugar in the opposite direction of the hair growth and then placed the strips on the sugar and removed them in the direction of the hair removal. I was left with smooth skin, hair free, bump free! I was a little red afterwards for a while, but that went away quick enough.

  63. Sarah says:

    After reading the comments I took all the advice I saw and decided to give this a whirl tonight and went straight for the bikini. I’ve had a brazilian done probably every 3 months give or take for the last 4 years so I was really anxious to save myself the $65. I felt like I had a good idea of the application technique (again, read the suggestions!) so I just started where she normally does and made my way in! Needless to say I AM SOOO EXCITED this not only worked, but I was able to get the hard to reach hairs all on my own and really got the hang of this in the end. I used strips of muslin and went through quite a few, had to reheat it in the microwave a few times, and it got kind of messy, but it is super smooth down there and it really wasn’t that painful!! It probably took me an hour or so to wax myself, but it was my first time so I’m sure it will get easier!

    • Mari says:

      Did you apply against or with the hair growth? And how did you pull it off?? I’m trying the bikini area tomorrow and I can NOT wait to save $65!!!!!

  64. Beth says:

    So, for someone who has never waxed anything before in my life, this was a completely new experience to me. It definitely DOES work but holy cow, it hurt too. Ha ha. I wasn’t sure to what consistency the mixture needed to cool so I started attempting to rip off hair before it was thick enough to do much…by the time it had cooled to the right consistency, I could only manage to do one armpit before I’d had as much as my pain tolerance could take. Ha.

    I will definitely do this again, now that I know how cool the mixture needs to be before using it. Also, I reused the same strips of fabric a couple times before washing them…with wax residue already on the fabric, it seemed to actually work much better…

  65. Melanie says:

    I tried this last night and it didnt work. I don’t think I let it cook long enough and I didnt bring it to a full boil now that I think about it. I’m trying it again tonight πŸ™‚

  66. Heidy says:

    Does any body know if I can use baby powder instead of cornstarch? Or has anybody tried it with baby powder instead of cornstarch? If so does it work?

    • Aly G says:

      Christi below said she used baby powder and it worked fine. I think corn starch is cheaper though, if you’re sugaring as a budget saver.

  67. Emily says:

    I decided to try this on a whim and WOW! It works! Is it the best waxing I’ve ever had? No, but this was exactly what I wanted in a home wax/sugaring: easy to make, easy to do, and easy clean up. It exceeded my expectations. Also, for the acid, I used white vinegar instead of lemon juice. It seemed to work well and didn’t smell badly. Thanks for a great recipe!

  68. Nicole says:

    I tried both the version with two cups of sugar and the microwave version. Neither worked; the two cups of sugar on the stove version turned into some kind of a syrup and the microwave version went on my skin and then ripped off, but it left the hair and some of the goop left with it. I may have messed up on the microwave one because right as I was supposed to be stirring it, my dog decided to absolutely need to come in the house so I missed stopping and stirring and it over cooked and went all over the microwave plate! Thankfully it was removable so I could just wash it off. Overall, it didn’t work for me and I am just quite sticky with a bit less sugar in the house. Anyone have tips for me or anything?

  69. Sarah O. says:

    I think we would know by know if caramel was an acceptable hair removal substitute.

    Also, if you are ripping out your hairs by the root, it’s gonna hurt. I don’t care what confections you’re spreading all over your legs.

  70. Jessie C says:

    So I tried this recipe and it worked with the strips just fine. Then I tried it again this time I used sugar in the raw, that is what you need to use to not have to use strips. You add the sugar lemon and water cook it like the directions say heat it up till 240 245, let it cool down till it is easy to play with. It will still be sticky but if it is to sticky let it cool down a bit more. If you want to use the strips just cool down enough so it wont burn you. Make sure whether you use the strips or just the sugar goop to put it on against the hair pull skin tight and pull off with the hair. Good luck.

  71. Ashley.c says:

    It’s not working I have been cooking it for a hour

  72. Gina says:

    The true art of “sugaring” does not require any type of strip.

  73. Really Hairy Guy says:


    As my name indicates, this thread is of great interest to me. I’m extremely hairy and shaving by myself is painful and not long lasting. I’m willing to try this but I’d like to get additional insight from those who have succeeded. I’m have a lot of area to cover- back upper arms, shoulders etc. should I do strips or not? I have little experience with waxing. As for the recipe, should
    I increase it to get enough to cover the areas mentioned (as well as others
    not) or stick with the original and go one area at at time? Thank you for posting this and your comments. This is a difficult and embarrassing problem for me and it sounds like I might have an inexpensive and realistically manageable solution.

  74. Mari says:

    Does it matter what kind of sugar is used?

  75. Sarah says:

    To *really hairy guy*:
    Waxing definitely sounds like a good idea for you, especially since shaving areas like your back and shoulders is difficult and also an awkward place to have bristles.
    Do strips. Small strips…this is one time that covering less area is good.
    You could probably make more at one time…although you might want to try it out first and make sure that you can go through with it. (I have noticed that men sometimes have less tolerance for waxing.)
    Also, have someone help you. Waxing your back yourself will not be possible unless you are a contortionist. πŸ™‚

  76. Savannnah says:

    Mine came out the consistency of honey I don’t know what I did wrong I used the stove top version and followed the recipe to a t, I’m really glad its water soluble because I just made a big mess

  77. Krin says:

    Incredibly disappointed. I’ve tried this twice and I can’t get it to work. I have a candy thermometer and I know i’ve made the “wax” correctly, but when I try to pull it off my leg only about 45% of the hair comes off.

    I’ve read the comments and watched Youtube videos and have tried all the tips and methods people have suggested. The consistency of the wax is right, I let it cool before I reheated it. I applied against the hair, pulled in the direction of growth. I stretched my skin taut when yanking. I yanked exactly parallel and VERY quickly. πŸ™

    • Dana says:

      you need to both clean your skin first ( to remove dirt) and then use a light dusting of cornstarch on your skin and rub it in to elminate oil so it will properly stick to your skin πŸ™‚

  78. Megan says:

    Is there anything recommended on the market for numbing the waxing area?


  79. Hairy Teen Girl says:

    I am super excited to try this!! Unfortunately, I inherited my dad’s genes and have to shave every other day, which is EXHAUSTING! I’ve only ever had my eyebrows waxed once and it didn’t hurt that bad (and I am a BIG baby when it comes to pain, that’s why I can’t pluck my own eyebrows :). Will this work for upper lip? As it is, I have to use Nair (which doesn’t get it all) and then bleach the rest! Also, will body lotion afterwards keep it from being raw or getting irritated? Or is there something else I should use?

  80. Emily says:

    I tried this and it did not work, I had it cooled to room temp and everything. It hurt like heck but did not take any hair.

  81. Christi says:

    I was a little skeptical about this but thought I would give it a try because I hate having to shave every other day and I don’t like to have to pay an arm and a leg for waxing. I just got done with one leg and I am very pleased with the results! It’s really not very painful and rips the hair out wonderfully! My skin feels pretty smooth and I’m really happy with this recipe! I used baby powder instead of corn starch, but I did everything else according to the directions. So glad I found this on pinterest. ^_^

  82. Allie says:

    Will lime juice work? Or can u do without the juice? I’m just trying to be lazy and not have to go to the store.

  83. Erica says:

    Just used this to wax my bf’s back! Worked really well! It has to be fairly cool to work well. Also nice when it is cooler because it turns into a paste of sorts & you can’t just pull hairs out. My bf didn’t seem to mind the pain too much. I cooked mine in the microwave for 2 minutes & let it cool for about 10. Will be using it again!

  84. Maria ng says:

    can you leave it in the wax tin with the heating wax on ,so it can stay heated all day for salon

  85. Tabby says:

    Had anyone tried this on their bikini area?

  86. Kiki says:

    Can you try this wax on all areas??…could I use this was for bikini and Brazilian waxes???

  87. Marissa says:

    The proper method to use sugar wax is to not even use strips at all….

  88. Sharon says:

    This works a treat! I just waxed my legs and the hair comes off all the way with the roots and does not break. Using the stove recipe I slow boiled for abt 15 mins, it’s hard to tell when it’s ready by just looking at it (ident have a candy thermometer) so I put a couple saucers in the freezer then every so often tested a couple drops on the cold dish, when it turned to the consistency of store bought sugar wax I turned it off and it cooled to the perfect consistency for waxing. Thanks for sharing!

  89. Lauraxx says:

    I just made this.. I used confectioners sugar (using the recipe with honey, sugar and lemon juice) so I’m not sure if that will make a difference or not. I also didn’t have a candy thermometer so I used the tricks that other people had posted (amber colour, putting drops of it in cold water, aprox 20 mins.. Plus I used a meat thermometer). While it was cooking, it was mainly foam. I waited until it was that amber colour mentioned and the meat thermometer said about 245. Once I took it off the heat the foam said goodbye and the honey mixture was darker than expected! Hopefully it was the right temprature… Its cooling now, I’ll let you know the result later!

  90. ZainaM says:

    thanks for the recipe , this sugar recipe in arab countries is called “Halawa” ,and you can find it packaged in shops , I used to use it but now I sticked in using braun shaving machine .
    And here’s a tip , if you tryed a couple of times in a specific spot and the hair won’t be removed use a tweezer instead , so that the skin layer won’t be ripped of ,b because the “Halawa” removes the dead skin also πŸ˜‰ .

  91. Lea says:

    I made recipe one today. I love it! It was so easy to make. When I thought it was done I cooked it a bit longer, it came out perfect! I don’t have a candy thermometer and it still came out!

  92. MR says:

    Hi Thanks for posting this! I am glad more people are becoming aware of this way of hair removal. I use this method the most since it has the best results.
    Just one correction: it says in the beginning that this is a secret recipe that was lost and recently discovered. I think that’s just for advertising’s sake for those who sell these products. Women in Egypt and neighboring countries have always used this method, up to and including this day.

  93. Mireya says:

    Does it matter what type of sugar you use? Does it have to be plain white sugar, or can you use organic turbinado sugar?

  94. Abby says:

    Would using lemon juice from a container work? You know the kind you keep in your fridge for cooking.

  95. Pressley says:

    Will it work without the lemon juice or is there a substitute?

  96. Sushma says:

    I just tried it, it did peel off all the hair instantly with a little pain! The trick is to pull the strip damn quickly! Just wanted to tell you guys that IT WORKS! Also my skin feels satin smooth!Even though, it doesn’t hurt all that much, I applied vaseline just in case, I used the lemon, sugar , water recipe on stove!

  97. nikki says:

    Do you have to use cornstarch to base the skin or is there anything else i cud use?

  98. Tamara says:

    Is there anything that can be used instead of cornstarch? Or is it actually necessary?

  99. amanda says:

    AMAZING! I went through a bit of a saga though- I used the stove top recipe with lemon sugar and water, but I didn’t have a candy thermometer. I undercooked it and had a gooey painful mess. After quite the trial, I put it in the microwave for a few minutes, stirring so it doesn’t bubble over, until it was dark amber in color. I tried the ice water test mentioned by a few other repliers, and then I let it cool. It never did get to a consistency that I could use it without strips, but once it was cooked properly I had fantastic results!

    I’ve tried store bought products before to get rid of bikini hair, and had finally given into expensive monthly salon visits. Never again! This sugaring recipe is SO worth it!

  100. Tonya says:

    This recipe is amazing! I was concerned that the cooking took me well over an hour, but the results are fantastic! thanks so much!

  101. Mireya says:

    Used the first recipe… Followed it exactly and it has been cooling for 3 hours, and it is still sticky and not tacky…. It started boiling a lot quicker than I thought it would have, could that be why? How can I fix it??

  102. Rosie says:

    Great, great, great!! I thought it wouldnt work, but it sure did!! Thanks for sharing!

  103. Ally says:

    Do I have to use cornstarch?

  104. Kelly says:

    Was super skeptical (I mean come on, we’ve all seen those cool looking things on Pinterest that we try excitedly & they just do not work!!) but I just tried this out & it works AMAZINGLY!!!! I have been waxing for over 10 years & am always annoyed by the mess, cost & pain. I did the stove top method with the first recipe, I didn’t have a thermometer but I just kept in on med/high stirring constantly and the moment it turned that caramel color I removed it from the heat. I’m shocked that so many people didn’t have luck with this but I’m sure the fact that I’ve waxed myself many times before helps a lot. Anyone who knows the mess that wax causes & how it’s impossible to remove from clothing, countertops, floors & anything else can appreciate the soap & water cleanup of this method!!! Thanks sooooooo much, this is my new hair removal method for sure!!!!! BTW compared to waxing pain this tickled!!!! Lol!

  105. Grace says:

    Can you do this on your lip?

  106. Dima says:

    HI, i am a fan of an epilator and currently use the Emjoi Caress brand; however, i believe that sugaring is the same concept. i am currently a dorm room college student and do not own a stainless steel pot. i would like to know if the sugaring recipe (1 cup sugar, 1/4 lemon juice & water) can be made with the double boiling method?? please anyone answer and help, i would highly appreciate it.

  107. Stephanie says:

    You do not have to use strips to do this. It just takes learning to be able to flick the stuff off. Also, do not RIP against the growth. go with the growth of the hair so that it just pulls it straight from the follicle, otherwise you risk just breaking the hair off, then it will resurface much quicker! That is all. Good luck πŸ™‚

  108. Stephanie says:

    you can use baby powder or any kind of talc powder in place of corn starch!

  109. Mia says:

    Is there anything you could replace the cotton pads with?

  110. MK says:

    Does anyone know if putting it in a plastic container is ok? I didn’t have a glass one, so I resorted to plastic & I wanted to know if reheating it in the plastic will be fine

  111. Dani says:

    My sister is a professional sugaring hair removal technician, and from what I have had done by her, this encompasses a lot of things that real sugaring does not. True sugar-removal does not involve heated products (the product is warmed to a little above room temperature, just enough to be malleable), it is applied against the growth and ripped with the growth (to prevent ingrown hairs) and actually you don’t rip sugar products off (with or without cotton strips), there is a flicking technique used with two fingers to take the sugar off, and that is how it is removed. If you’re going to follow the directions on this post, you might as well just call it waxing, because it is the exact same thing except the product is a little more natural, but I would not call this true sugaring.

  112. Amanda says:

    Also try applying with Q-tips for the brows. Helps you control where the stuff ends up going. ;0)

  113. Tina says:

    Why not just kill the root and be done with it? Coffee and baking soda worked on me….maybe it will you too! (And a whole lot more “pain free” than this!)

    • Petra says:

      Can you be more specific? I’m very interested in that what you’re saying πŸ™‚

    • Valery says:

      Well, killing the root CAN be harmful and dangerous SOMETIMES. It causes dry skin and sometimes bleeding too! It may be more pain free than this, I almost pulled my skin off while trying this one! πŸ˜› lol

  114. Aly says:

    Do you use brown sugar ?

  115. Maddie says:

    Do you just use regular white sugar or brown sugar? and do you have to add the lemon juice or can it be left out if I don’t have any at the house?

  116. Crafteemom says:

    I used the sugar method on the stovetop and cut the recipe in half. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube before trying it to see the consistency and because I wanted to try without using strips. IT WORKS!!! Okay, it’s not exactly fast, you have to go over the area a few times, but it’s fantastic! A few tips: work in a cool room and wet your heads with cold water before working the “putty” if you aren’t using strips. If it starts to get to warm, it will stick, so when you see this, put the ball in the fridge for a few minutes and work with another one while you wait. I followed Maha’s video, and didn’t even wait for more than 5 minutes for it to cool! Thanks for the recipe! No more shaving for me!

  117. Lara says:

    nice recipe and comments…TIP to original poster of recipe etc…please tack a comment to the top that says **PLEASE READ ALL COMMENTS FOR FAQ OR CONCERNS***…re-reading the same questions and comments over and over when a simple scroll down can answer them…thereby saving typing time! πŸ™‚ THANKS AGAIN!

    • Clare says:

      Amen Lara! I can not believe how many questions have been posted over and over again. People please read all the comments before asking anything.

  118. Kaye says:

    To reduce the sting when ripping it off, AS SOON AS you rip it off, cover the area with your hand or fingers, pressing lightly. It really helps.

  119. Anna says:

    Trying this now, I hope it comes out right :/ Will let know πŸ™‚

  120. Corarae says:

    I just tried the microwave one, and it worked! I’ve tried a bunch of homemade wax and none of it ever worked. I’m so excited right now. Well, I’m going to get back to waxing, waxing, waxing. Thank you!!!

  121. Safeeyah says:

    I am a living example that is absolutely works wonders!!!!

    the hairs on my body were very pretty thick they have thinned out and in a few years time they will be completely gone..YAY!

    and it doesn’t even hurt more!

  122. Risa says:

    Yay this rocked, saved money and it was easier than sharing my goods with a stranger. First if you don’t have a candy thermometer, bring mixture to boil then simmer on medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until mixture is a copper color. I also found that it works much easier when you wait until the mixture cools (Its much thicker). I did my underarms, legs, and my entire Va-yay-yay. It also helps if you have enough pieces of cloth cut before you begin. Good luck ladies, cheers to saving money!

  123. Nancy Peterman says:

    Ladies, the right temperature seems to be quite critical in this process. (I haven’t tried it yet, but I think I will). The sugar process is like making candy, there are different stages of “hardness” at different temperatures. Here is a simple chart that will help you….be patient! Bringing the sugar to the right temperature takes some time. It appears you want the “firm ball” stage.

    Candy – Making Chart

    Thread begins at 230Β° The syrup will make a 2″ thread when dropped from a spoon.
    Soft Ball begins at 234Β° A small amount of syrup dropped into chilled water forms a ball, but flattens when picked up with fingers
    Firm Ball begins at 244Β° The ball will hold its shape and flatten only when pressed.
    Hard Ball begins at 250Β° The ball is more rigid but still pliable.
    Soft Crack begins at 270Β° When a small amount of syrup is dropped into chilled water it will separate into threads which will bend when picked up.
    Hard Crack begins at 300Β° The syrup separates into threads that are hard and brittle.
    Caramelized Sugar 310Β° to 338Β° Between these temperatures the syrup will turn dark golden, but will turn black at 350Β°.

  124. Katherine says:

    Can you use this on your face?

  125. carly says:

    when it says sugar, does it mean standard refined white sugar?

  126. sofia says:

    This is genius! I tried it both ways (same way as the hair growth and against it) and the second way was much more quicker, clean and less painful (it all happened to fast!). Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  127. kyle says:

    What If You Dont Have Lemon Juice. Can You Use A Substitute?

  128. Artemis says:

    I tried doing this before it had thickened completely, and it was a painful, messy disaster. But after it had rest for a couple of hours, I managed to sugar both of my arms perfectly! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!

  129. djamila says:

    excellent recipe,I tried the first one and it did work amazingly.Thank you so much

  130. shelbycrowl says:

    How long should I let it cool?

  131. Kaycee says:

    Do NOT use the microwave version. It left an extremely hard blob on everything it touched. I scrubbed for hours to get it off and had to just throw away the container I put the “wax” in. So terrible!!

  132. Caroline says:

    Hello! I was wondering if while you are cooking it on the stovetop is it supposed to be a liquid and then cool into a wax or should it already have a tad bit of wax look to it while you cook it.

  133. Angel Miller says:

    Ive made a huge mess in my kitchen wasted 4 cups of sugar and i keep adding sugarand cooking longer
    But all im getting is a too hard mixture or a grainy soup like consistency. please help?!?

  134. Rose says:

    Can the microwave recipe be used for bikini waxing?

  135. Stacey says:

    Is having the lemon neccessary?

  136. msDre says:

    These both look like nice recipes.. im gonna give it a try πŸ™‚ I would like to make a puddy like wax that could be rolled in a ball, flattened to a strip, applied and ripped off all in one… used to be a product like that.. anyone have any ideas?

  137. Andy says:

    So, I’m male and a bit of a sport nut. I got fed up with shaving and my girlfriend came back one day with a tub of sugaring stuff. Ran out half way through and this saved me! Absolutely fantastic, better than the bought tub. I had to play around with the recipe and ended up using more sugar, but amazing. Going to save me a fortune. Thanks!

  138. Dana says:

    I tried this about 2 yrs ago & LOVED it. I applied it with a butter knife or spoon and removed in a FLICKING motion. NOT with strips. They aren’t necessary. Also going WITH direction of hair growth… I’m n ot sure why I ever stopped??? I’m making a batch tonight to correct a DIY Brazilian with hot wax. hoping to use it as a ball this time! Glad I read this πŸ™‚ happy sugaring!

  139. Kimi says:

    Hello everyone!! Okay so I made this the other night and tried using it but it did not work!! so I went ahead and placed it in the fridge for about 2 days (to let it set up a bit more) and tried using it again. I made sure to use it right after I showered and used baby powder too…but it still didnt work. So I began reading through all of the posts on here to see what might have happened. Then I decided to heat it up again. I just used a sauce pan with boiling water and placed the mason jar full of wax in the middle of the pan with the candy thermometer. I got it up to about 200F then moved it over to the microwave and heated it in 20 second intervals until I finally got it up to 250F! Finally, it became a nice amber color! So if you feel as if you did not cook yours long enough try this!

  140. Christy says:

    Thanks for this recipe… I’ve tried one that I found on YouTube and it didn’t come out right. I think I’ll invest in the candy thermometer and try this one. I have two teenage daughters and razors get expensive. Maybe I can talk them into doing this for our next girls night with our yummy homemade oatmeal facials. :0)

  141. lani says:

    yah it don’t work for me. it only pulls out a few hairs.:/ omg I was so scared to try this

  142. jack says:

    Much better than just tearing out my beard with pliers… definitely gonna try this!

  143. Maria says:

    I just made a batch tonight but it’s too late to wait for it to cool down so I’ll just have to wait til morning (maybe this is bad…?) But I was wondering if you take it off the stove right after it changes that amberish color? We have a candy thermometer but the temperature just wouldn’t go above 220. So eventually I just took it off the stove and put it in the jar. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t cook it too long. I’m so excited for this! I really hope it works… :]

  144. Maria says:

    Ok so after doing a little more research I found out I didn’t cook it long enough. But my question now is, can I take that batch that didnt turn out and just cook it a little longer til it is ready…?

  145. Rudy says:

    I made some and it just turned into a sticky mess. D: What did I do wrong?

  146. Maria says:

    So I hate to be a bother… but my second batch turned out a little better. I just can not master the application and removal! After 25 seconds or less it gets too warm on my fingers and legs to work. It just becomes this sticky mass on my legs that I have to scrape and wash off. I have tried with just my fingers and I’ve tried with cotton strips. Both end up basically the same. Too warm and sticky to rip off. :/ Any suggestions?

  147. Susan says:

    Didn’t see anything to tell how to avoid skin tags, etc. Here is how. Coat skin tags, etc. with oil and the wax mixture will not stick to that spot. Use just enough. Not to little and not to much.

  148. Macy says:

    I’m defiantly trying this! I’m a teenage girl with dark hair, super pale skin and my father’s hair pattern’s as embarrassing as that is…
    I’ve tried Nair before for sensitive skin; it left me with a huge second degree burn on my legs…
    Regular waxing doesn’t get all of the hair and my first time waxing left me with a huge scab in between my eye’s and I have so many scars from nicking myself while shaving. πŸ™
    So, I’m defiantly going to try this out! Hopefully, I’ll get as great of results as the rest of you.

  149. Morgan says:

    Does it matter if the lemon juice isn’t freshly squeezed?

  150. geminican says:

    hi. first of all, i’d like thank you for sharing this. but there’s something i still wonder: my armpits now have many red spots, because i used to pluck the hair ( i think so), and my skin is a little bit sensitive. so can i use sugaring recipe with safeness?
    please reply me as soon as possible. and if there were something wrong in my grammar, please forgive and ask me by texting through e-mail. thank you.

  151. Christine says:

    Yippee! Finally found a home brew that sounds like it works. I’ve been sugaring and waxing for almost 20 years – I hate to shave. And I’ve always applied with hair, pull against growth. Now I know the right way (Thanks Caitlin and Courtney!) I love sugar vs wax – way more cleaner. Just glad I can make it myself now. Thanks!

  152. Crystal says:

    I’ve tried it before and love it. My only question is can you use brown sugar. I ask because I ran out if regular sugar and if I can use brown sugar I can wait to go to the store later

  153. nahla says:

    Could you please tell me the time duration for heating while i am using on gas stove…??

  154. Lara says:

    Can i use orange juice since it is citrus or grape because i dnt have vingear lime nd lemon..pls answer

  155. Guest says:

    Works quite well! Some tips for arms/legs that worked for me: pull your strip against the grain, may have just been my mixture but this was the only way it would work. If youre a wimp like me, use small strips – I tend to lose momentum towards the end and then none of the hair comes out, lol.

  156. Lily says:

    AMAZING! :))) Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this and all the useful comments! It works perfectly! Bye bye razors forever, from now on I will be using this method only. I did not succeed the first time, I felt disappointed, but then I understood my mistake – I didn’t heat it enough, I tried to do the procedure when the sugar mixture was in a consistency of quite liquid-ish honey, so obviously it didn’t work. Then after reading these comments I tried second time, using the same mixture (from previous attempt) and heating it more. But I did face some obstacles – I was using a small pot which is quite deep, but not wide. One problem was that I couldn’t get it to just simmer – although I put the lowest possible heating regime of the stove, after a while it would start to boil, not just simmer. Then I was just being there all the time looking after and regularly put it off the heat for a bit so it doesn’t start to boil and overheat. I used the ice cold water to test if mixture is ready, as someone here suggested. But it just didn’t get any firmer. So then I poured the mixture in a pan (ceramic) – that’s when things started to happen. It was easier to get the constant simmering and eventually it did hardened – I tested few drops of mixture every few minutes or so (I was really determined not to fail :D). And finally I felt that it should be ready, when those drops in ice cold water became quite firm. And success! I was working with bikini zone (everything “down there”) and armpits. I tried with and without the cloth strips. It was easier with them for me. Well, it was quite painful (but bearable), however way less painful then with an electric epilator which I tried recently in these areas. However, I have been using razor for years in these zones, so obviously the hair had become hard and thick. So, I guess, further on, it will be less and less painful, as the hair will become weaker. No irritation, everything smooth and nice. I am really happy I stumbled upon this. I suggest to everyone not to give up after first attempt, because the key really is to prepare the right mixture and that requires practice and development of know-how. Totally worth some experimenting. Somehow in many websites, where this method is described, they give a false sense of easy-and-simple-to-do-with-first-attempt, but in reality the preparation of the mixture can be a bit tricky in the beginning. So don’t give up!

  157. dee says:

    So.. I was looking for ways to remove my upper lip hair, since it starting to bug me more than usual. I was kinda afraid because I’ve never tried waxing or anything similar to that, but I read that sugaring is a bit less painful.. And it really did. I completely remove the fine hair on my upper lip in very low (or none at all) cost, it’s not as painful as I thought it would be, and it’s actually very easy to do and make. I think now I’m going to try it on other areas in my body. Thank you for this post! (And thank you for making the microwave version, it makes everything A LOT easier.) ^^

  158. Nina says:

    Is there any way to do this with out the acids? Min severly allergic to citrus and vinegar πŸ™

  159. Schizo says:

    I think I followed the directions well.
    My paste is quite hard but I can scoop out a small amount at a time at room temp. It’s quite firm when I try to scoop it. I apply it and everything is good for a couple of times, then it becomes a gooey mess πŸ™
    I am not using the strips. Hoped to just reuse the paste for most of one leg? But I can only get maybe two/three times out of one ball of sugar.

    Did I not cook long enough?

    At least it washes off easily – unlike wax!

  160. dawna says:

    is it okay if i domt refrigerate left over wax? i dont have a fridge in the dorm?

  161. Zowie says:

    How long would you suggest letting it cool before putting into a glass jar? I left mine ‘a little bit’ and my jar cracked πŸ™ but the hard bits left on the wooden spoon are tasty can’t stop eating the hard balls of candy lol

  162. Isabelle says:

    Do you have to use the lemon can’t you use something else like, I don’t know olive oil?

  163. Savannah says:

    I have done this for about a year. It takes some time to get the hang of it, but it is absolutely worth it. I had a terrible 5 o’clock shadow under my arms and it would grow back so fast when I shaved. Now I sugar wax every week and a half or so and shave the fine hairs off. It lasts a good while! AND the hair is thinner and there’s barely a shadow(the more you do it the better it is). I hate pain and I’m the biggest baby. After a few times, you’re golden. Not nearly as painful! And the mixture lasts a good while too!!

  164. Amy says:

    I made this recipe (the stove top one without the honey), but from a different website that said not to use the cloth strips. I tried it last night (without the cloth), and although it worked, I made a huge mess. Today I found this site, and with the strips, I managed to do most of my bikini area in about 15 minutes. I only stopped because I ran out of little strips of cloth. It hurt like crazy, but it worked better than any home waxing solution I’ve tried, and I’m not comfortable going to a salon to have it done.

    I can’t wait to try it on my legs!

  165. noha says:

    Just a little clarification here.. this secret was not lost with the ancient people.. I am Egyptian and this method is still used till now and was used ever since the old times.. but lose the cotton part it’s useless and increases the pain just apply the sugar paste the same direction as the hair growth and just pull it up with your thumb in the opposite direction.. but for some areas like the armpit and the bikini waxing area you can take a small amount of the paste and use it with your thumb and pointer to act as tweezers and pick up the hair “works better for longer hair ewww”.. and by the way these sugar pastes are very cheap in the middle east a pack that would be used for over 5 times is sold with an average of 2 bucks so don’t let anyone fool you with the cleopatra’s secret blah blah.. it’s basically just sugar and water.. and for extra benefits you can add lemon juice or olive oil or any sort of natural oils to moisture your skin but just be careful and do not perform any sort of scrubbing in the same day as you use the paste because the paste already removes the died skin off so using additional scrub could cause irritation.

  166. Pj says:

    i lived in Egypt in the 80’s. The sweetest lady worked/cooked for me and she also showed me how to make this. Such lovely memories of a time gone by.

  167. Lisa says:

    I learned home waxing & sugaring techniques from a Brazilian girlfriend. I live in Southern California & have found when its humid outside, waxing & sugaring are both difficult as neither want to stick to the hair. A thin dusting of baby powder with cornstarch does help but sometimes even that isn’t enough. A dry, air-conditioned room is my preferred area. For me, both waxing & sugaring are only minimally painful, but I’ve been de-fuzzing myself or having a professional provide these services for a long time. At home, I use a small wooden knife/spatula. I don’t like how a popsicle stick applies coverage or feels flimsy in my hand. Sometimes I have difficulty purchasing a good wax to use at home. My Brazilian friend makes her own sugar & I’d like to try making my own too. Wax occasionally stays in my pores & I don’t like that.

  168. Cammy says:

    I decided to try this but instead of using the Lemon Jucie im using White Vinegear.
    Im Excited to try this and see how it turns out

  169. becky says:

    I was taught this method 30 years ago by an Iraqi friend. Used it for a long time until it got to where I needed to do it every other week. Too time consuming then so I quit. Glad to see that others don’t have a problem with it. It did bleach the hair and some of it never came back so that was a plus.

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