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25+ Free Bookplate Printables & Templates

Here’s a big bunch of bookplates you can print off then paste or stick inside your favorite books, you’ll find a nice assortment of designs suitable for both children and grownups. A few of these have been featured previously on Tipnut and moved here for better organization. I’ll be adding more goodies to this list as I find them, enjoy!


Assorted [1]: There are four different freebies in this set, each with lots of color. The download is a png file.

Cute Owl [2]: Features a colorful owl and scalloped border, there are 8 per sheet (jpg file).



Set of 3 [3]: Three different colors and designs in this set that is suitable for gift-giving, free pdf download.

Downloadable Gift Bookplate [4]: Prints 6 per page and available in both color and black & white. Free pdf downloads.



Notebook Labels & Stickers [5]: Free pdf download has two pages of freebies, you’ll find three different bookplates on the second page (for kiddos).

Library Card [6]: Prints 5 per page (pdf download) and is in both French and English.



Vintage-Style [7]: Features assorted characters from fairy tales (Cinderella, Robin Hood, Heidi, etc.), prints 4 per page (pdf download).

Homemade Bookplates [8]: Three different designs per page with each marked “Ex Libris”, meaning “from the library of.” Free pdf download.



Free Collection [9]: Lots to choose from, sorted in groups by size (Large, Medium and Small).

DIY Bookplates [10]: Features assorted animals (rabbit, rooster, pig, dog, etc.), simple yet lovely! Available via pdf download.



Happy Young Girl [11]: Nice ‘n colorful design featuring a young girl and cat, file available in jpg format.

3 Freebies [12]: Three different designs from illustrator Jan Brett each with their own pdf download (prints one per page).



Pigeon [13]: Label reads “This book belongs to my pal”…Fun character design by Mo Willems. JPG file download.

Castle Peeps [14]: Three different designs from Lizzy House via pdf download.



Set of 3 [15]: Three different colors to choose from: Pink, Blue or Grey. Downloads are available as jpg files.

Hooray For Books [16]: Two different designs featuring colorful cats, also see this freebie set here [17] from the same site.



Printable Bookplates [18]: Six labels per sheet, same design for each but the text is different for each. Free pdf download.

Robot [19]: Great for kids going back to school. Download available via pdf (can be edited with child’s name before printing).



Set of 4 Designs [20]: Four different designs in bright and cheery designs (This Book Belongs To, From The Library Of). Free jpg file download.

Fun & Colorful [21]: Four designs per sheet (pdf), flower pot, owl, stack of books and a bookworm wearing glasses.



Colorful Set with Messages [22]: Prints 11 per page in assorted colors and messages such as: This book is the property of, If you borrow this book..(assorted rules), nice set!

Damask, Patterned & Striped [23]: Three different designs to download, each sheet prints 8 in a variety of colors.



Bookworm [24]: Cute one for the kiddos that features an apple & worm, this free pdf download prints six per page.

Two Designs [25]: Designs are Ex Libris (with eyeglasses) and This Book Belongs To (with From line), print on labels or paper.



Vintage Ex Libris Labels [26]: (set of 6) Really nice designs in this bunch, free pdf download.

Summer Garden [27]: Bright and cheery design with an assortment of colorful flowers, prints 4 per page (pdf download).



Summer Reading Set [28]: Also includes a couple reading logs and bookmarks.

School Days Set [29]: Lots of goodies in this bunch including School Money slips, lined note cards, Bus Rider slips, blank labels and more.



Back To School Set [30]: Four different designs featuring assorted animal characters.

Set of 10 [31]: A nice colorful bunch that is also available in black and white.



Set of 4 [32]: Free pdf download featuring four different colorful designs, something here for both kids and grownups.

Also check out this tutorial for making personalized stamps [33].