DIY Camera Cases, Covers & Straps: {Free Patterns}

Here’s a nice bunch of patterns and tutorials for making camera cases, cozies and straps, lots of different ideas in this collection. I’ve organized them into two separate groups for easing browsing. First, here are the bags, all but two are for sewing (there is one knitting and one crochet pattern included). Enjoy!

Laminate Fabric: Made with laminate fabric (exterior), cotton material (interior), foam, magnet closure.

Velcro Tabbed: Made with outdoor canvas (exterior) and linen (interior), lightweight interfacing, batting or felt, fold over band closure (with velcro tab).
Cozy: Easy to make in the dimensions you need, nicely illustrated templates and instructions included.

With Back Pocket: Features a pocket on back (flap cover). Template pieces available (pdf).
Denim: Plenty of storage to hold batteries & accessories. Can use denim or any other material you like.

Quilted: Easy peasy to make, uses two pieces of material, lined with batting, finished with bias tape, button w/ button hole closure.
Quilted: Big enough to hold accessories, made with flannel & fabric, zipped.

Felt: Cute pouch made from felt, trimmed with ribbon and embellished with buttons.
Jelly Roll: Really easy to make, lined with cotton quilt batting and made with 4 jelly roll strips. Velcro closure.

Snap Pouch: Made with scraps of coordinating materials, iron-on Pellon. Closure options: velcro, button & hair elastic, magnetic clasp.
Jackie: Includes instructions for a matching lens cozy.

Compact: This tutorial is done in pictures, has a velcro closure.
Simple (Knitted): This also has a small amount of simple crochet involved but that is optional and the project would be just fine with out it.

Adjustable: Simple crochet design, top button closure.
Purse: Learn how to make a covered foam insert to hold a camera and accessories (for a small purse).

Crafty & Quilted: Made to custom fit, materials needed: material, double fold bias tape, felt scraps, ribbon, buttons and ric-rac.
Makeover: Painter’s tape, nail polish, acrylic paint and a brush is used to update leather (or faux leather).

Also check out the goodies for iphones/cell phones, many can easily be adjusted for cameras.

With Lens Cap Pocket: Can be done in solid or patchwork.

Gathered: Includes instructions for how to ruffle the fabric and embellish with trim.
With Pockets: Features pockets on each end to hold a lens cap, etc.

Custom: Made with squares of pretty material and fusible fleece. Instructions for quilting included (an optional feature).
Ruffled: This can easily be changed out with new seasons and colors.

Patchwork: Has solid material on back and lined with fusible fleece.
Scrap Ribbon: Sew and weave scraps of pretty ribbon to make this.

Slipcover: Easy to switch different ones as often as you wish so make a bunch!
Two Sided: Can be made with two different prints on either side (if you like). Padded with fusible fleece interfacing.

With Dog Collars: This is made with small dog collars, clever!
Wristlet: Made with a small piece of fabric and thin elastic cording.

Ruffled: Made with coordinating strips, round cord elastic, very easy.
Ruffles & Pocket: Features a lens cap pocket on the inside.

Minky Lined: Pleated frills top and minky lined back, has a pocket to fit a battery card, lens cap, etc.
Padded: Another easy one to make.

With Fleece: Two different prints are used for each side, lined with fusible fleece.
Lens Cap Pouch: Not a strap but fits nicely in this collection.

Crocheted: A lens cap and strap combo, the cap is detachable.

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