Pet Hair In Every Nook & Cranny? 12 Cleaning Tips & Tricks

We love our furry friends but they sure do keep us hopping trying to keep all their shed hair picked up. The most pro-active thing we can do is to groom them frequently (a good combing just a minute or two a day will help immensely)…but there’ll still be plenty of strays on the loose waiting to be captured by our favorite pants ;).

When the lint roller isn’t enough to get the job done, there are a few labor saving remedies that will remove dog and cat sheddings from clothes, upholstery and carpets (they’ll do nicely for detailing your vehicle too).

I’ve organized a list of quick tips and solutions below. Experiment doing the tasks damp, dry and wet as different fibers and textures can affect how effective one technique is vs. another.

Lots here to help you get that shaggy mess cleaned up and out of your house!

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

  • Wrap wide tape (packing/masking/duct) loosely around and across your hand (sticky side out). Wipe/pat down furniture and areas where your critters tend to lounge. Works well on clothes too. It aint pretty but it does the trick.
  • Mist trouble spots well with water, then take a brush and briskly whisk strays into a pile that can then be collected to be tossed in the garbage. Use one that has stiff bristles, the stiffer the better.
  • Try a thick, dense sponge. Look in stores for special cleanup varieties–they need to be quite dense for best results. They’re about $5 or $6 and can be washed and reused over and over again.
  • Rubber Gloves Trick: Lightly pressure wipe, pulling everything together into a pile. (Dishwashing/gardening/surgical gloves) work well for this. Wash the glove then get at it again.
  • Grab a dryer sheet and sweep across upholstery or fabric surfaces, it will attract the offenders.
  • Microfiber cloths do wonders for garments, upholstery/furniture.
  • Rubber broom or squeegee: These work great on floor surfaces of all types.
  • Lift strays with a pumice stone, use on fibers that can take it (carpeting/rugs rather than more delicate fabrics such as drapes or silk cushions).
  • Try a good, portable wet vac.
  • Take a spray bottle, give two squirts of Downy fabric softener and fill the rest of the bottle with lukewarm water. Shake to mix, then spritz area. Allow to dry then vacuum. This technique provides good results for carpeting.
  • Spray Static Guard over surface, allow to dry then sweep, vacuum or wipe up.

Recipe: Bucketful of warm water and a splash of Murphy’s Oil Soap

  • Saturate a sponge in the solution, squeeze to release excess then wipe in a circular/rotating motion. Don’t use it sopping wet. Rinse dirty sponge thoroughly, submerge again in the Murphy’s Oil Soap mix and repeat process until everything has been removed.

When all else fails:

Put on your favorite, nicest pair of black slacks or your most expensive, cute black dress and walk through the house. Voila! Hair from miles around will be on them ;).

Here’s a neat trick:

  • Instead of throwing away nylon stockings that have a run or two in them, cut them into strips that will cover the head of your pet’s brush. Carefully place the nylon strip over the pins and pull down until the heads poke through.
  • Groom your cat or dog and when the job is done, just pull off the strip of pantyhose and all the collected fur will peel off too.

This is ideal for bristle types or slickers (the kind that have straight steel pins).

Remember: Occasionally dip and whisk the brush around in a dog shampoo/water solution then rinse to wash out dirt and oils collected. This will help keep it clean.

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    • Mandi

    My dog ( a pug) has gotten tree sap on him. Does anybody know a painless way for me to remove it without shaving him?

      • Joann Drye

      Try working peanut butter (yes) into his hair and then working the sap out.. peanut butter works on gum in kids long hair so should work on him… if not use WD40 it will take tar off of anything including dogs…and it won’t hurt his skin… in fact if you ever take the time to read the label on WD40 you will be amazed at what all it will do!

      I have 5 small dogs, so I know about them getting into things and my daughter has pugs… but did you know if you shave a short haired dog, it will stop it from shedding? (I worked at a vets for a while too) I could not understand why this lady brought her pugs in to have them shaved….duh,,,they don’t shed once they are shaved… hope this helps you.

        • Dia

        I work at a Groomers and the dogs still shed, the hair is just in smaller pieces. This will NOT work if you have a dog that sheds year round. But weekly baths and blowing out the dogs undercoat will help tremendously! Plus a routine hair brushing 1-2 times a day will make our dog happier and you because there’s less hair.

        (Don’t know anything about cats. We don’t groom them. If you try to shave it yourself watch out because a cat’s skin is as thin as tissue paper and definately will bleed.

    • Bobbie

    Since I ended up with so much arthritis, (just can’t do all that cleaning anymore), when our furniture needed replaced…we bought leather. So far, no damage from cats or dogs.

    • Marjie

    Dampen an old washcloth, fold in quarters and rub over areas where your cat or dog lie down. You will be amazed at how much pet hair will accumulate on the wash cloth.

    • Joan

    I use a clothes brush. It works in a flash. Then I use the pet hair brush to clean the accumulated hair. Found a great brush that has a movable lever. After brushing the cat, push the botton on the handle, the lever pushes the hair to the top of the bristles, and I just pull it out. Easy Peasy.. In five minutes or less, all hair is gone. For a short while of course becasue the two long hair cats and very fluffy dog never stop sheding.

    • Leslie I

    to remove pet hair I use a green brillo pad, wipe until both sides are full, and use vacuum cleaner hose attachment to clean. works great cleaning car also. Lasts a very long time.

    • Liz Read

    Fill a spray bottle with water add a few drops of lavender oil (you can keep this and use as an air freshner, polish or hard floor wash) spray upholstered furniture, then wipe with a car chamois. It collects all the hair into a ball, then just vacuum or pick off. Works great with my 6 long haired indoor cats!

      • Sandra W.

      Be careful with using essential oils around pets, especially around cats. I wish all Veterinarians would take the time to tell people this.
      Some of the oils can even be fatal, especially tea tree oil.
      Take a look around the Internet. That’s how I found out about this.

    • Isabelle


    • Kim

    Birds love the lint from your clothes dryer to use as nesting material too.

    • infmom

    Believe it or not, the same brush you use on your cat gets cat hair off the furniture, and the heavier the coating of fur, the better it works. Turn your wrist a bit as you brush (as if you were using the brush to flick the fur off the upholstery) and most of the fur will come right off. You can then use the sticky-tape trick to get rid of the rest.

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