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Most people have their favorite, tried-and-true commercial products for beauty and self-care they wouldn't trade for the world (women especially tend to be very loyal to favorites), but there is still plenty we can do with homemade solutions.

Brand names aren't necessarily better than what can be mixed ourselves at home--especially useful in a pinch when stores are closed or something is needed to relieve pain RIGHT NOW (maybe a toothache or uncomfortable heartburn).

Many of these healing potions and soothing elixirs contain all-natural, simple food items & assorted ingredients that are likely found in your cupboards already.

When preparing my notes and collected recipes for this archive, it was surprising to see how many components were mentioned again and again, recommended in all sorts of ways.

Examples: lemons, salt, cinnamon, baking soda...even strange things like toothpaste have unexpected benefits. Some elements may be more exotic, but the majority of what is suggested here are simple, low-cost, widely available materials...economical and easy to source is always preferred, right!

What to expect: Discover plenty of health & beauty tips and tricks from making DIY cosmetic aids to medical care "in a pinch" alternatives.

Many are from my private collection and years of tweaking and experimenting to see what provides the best results, but I've also included lots of resources found around the 'net.

Everything shared is free to access with no hoops to jump through, so roam around as long as desired!

Whether anxious to learn how to tend to a sunburn, de-itch a mosquito bite or coax a vibrant gleam from dull hair, you should find plenty of interesting, neat-to-know aids & hacks. Do they actually work? Some will, some won't. Every situation is unique and so many different factors are involved (brand of ingredients used, expired--fresh--or stale, skin condition, tone or sensitivities, exact medical issue, etc.).

Please keep in mind I'm not pretending to be a medical professional or salon certified beautician so consider the information provided as friendly advice from one friend to another. Have fun browsing around the site!

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