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One of the (many) great things about the internet is that it revolutionized the way women today are approaching cosmetics, beauty aids and self-care techniques. We're gathering together via various platforms (such as blogs, social media, forums), sharing what works for us and learning how to make our own products (ie. shampoo, facial cleansers, hair removal recipes, etc.).

These endeavors not only provide great results (many times salon-quality is achieved)--they also can focus on simple, natural ingredients that are regularly achieved at budget prices too! It's so gratifying to be in full control of what ingredients are applied to our bodies!

Here's a vast collection of inspiration, tutorials and advice I've compiled so far. Some from my own notes and experience but plenty are featuring the best of the best on the 'net. There is A LOT to go through but keep in mind I'm in the midst of updating information, tidying up the format and adding new sources and please overlook any temporary clumsiness--the information itself is still golden! This is a page to bookmark, lots of fresh, new goodies will soon be heading this way ;).

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