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If you're like me, you're always on the lookout for practical advice and recipes for home health needs. Everyone experiences the occasional aches and pains arising from some minor misfortune or ailment (or worse), so it's common sense to be prepared with both knowledge and supplies to keep us one step ahead of issues as they develop. We can't possible prepare for every emergency or scenario, but I'm motivated to learn all I can since I don't do well with physical pain and discomfort (aka Big Baby) nor am I fond of seeing others sick or hurting.

The Good News: This collection highlights the best of the best remedies and self-care advice that I've been able to compile so far throughout the past 30+ years of being wife, mom and homemaker--and I'm happy to freely share all I've discovered.

Some of these tidbits are quite vintage (over 100 years old), others were gleaned from contemporary, authentic medical sources and many I've tweaked from either personal experience or passed on to me by friends, family (and shared by Tipnut readers too!), who found they worked well for their predicaments. None pretend to be professional medical advice (or replace it), but the goal is to help promptly heal, soothe and comfort wherever possible. Lots of great information here, I hope you find something useful to add to your own household binder for current and future needs!

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