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It's something we all strive to do: Keep living spaces tidy, organized and running efficiently. It's not only healthier but I find this to be very true: When our home is in order, the day goes smoother and our family interactions are better balanced. Some personalities function in chaos just fine, rarely does a family thrive in messiness and disorganization.

So what's the secret? There are plenty of tools and products on the market promising to help get the job done...many are excellent timesavers...but if you're looking for the best cleaning hacks to solve a particular problem (maybe discover how to remove a stain or get rid of a foul odor), I have a large collection of tips and recipes here to browse through.

Some methods are so unusual they may lift an eyebrow or two but the results can be amazing. The best part is: many times the DIY solutions are quick & easy plus save money by costing only pennies for ingredients that are found in our pantries already!

Ready to get started? Simply check out the section below and click on either the title of the article or the "Click to View All" category link of interest and voila! discover solutions galore. Have fun and I'm confident the "I can't believe this works!" fix is to be found!

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  • Company coming in just a few minutes? Short notice? Kitchen upside down? Place all dirty dishes in the sink & cover with a large cutting board--voila! Dirty dishes are out of sight.
  • Take 15 minute "de-clutter" breaks throughout the day...once in the morning, once in the afternoon and right before bedtime. Everything is put back in its place, a load of laundry started, tables wiped down, towels straightened, coffee cups go in the dishwasher, etc. It's amazing the difference this makes!
  • Dust accumulating in tight crevices & corners? Figurines & collectibles? Intricate woodwork? Here's a clever hack to get at it: canned air! Give a quick, short blast and blow the dust out of the tiny it's wiped away easily.
  • Does a pile of shoes heaped at the door drive anyone else nuts? Here's a nifty way to camouflage the clutter: Have a basket at the door for everyone to toss their shoes in.
  • Floor vent trick: Tea towel on its last legs? Fold it over then sew into approximately 1" to 2" strips (about 1/2" between each channel). Cut them between each 1/2" gap to separate and voila! Slip a putty knife or a paint stick or a butter knife into one strip at the open end (the other is still closed on the fold), hold onto the fabric/blade edge & then dip into soapy warm water (if necessary), squeeze out excess water then drag blade up & down between each slat to remove the crud. Yields a batch of strips, can be laundered and reused.
  • Are the drapes not able to be laundered? Toss them in the dryer, cool setting (or air) along with a damp towel. Freshens up the drapery fabric while the towel grabs hold of the fuzzies/dust/pet hair bits.
  • Microfiber cloths are popular for more reason than one, they're long lasting & wash up nicely yes, but they really shine when polishing because they are lint free & leave no fibers behind. This makes them ideal for dusting and working with mirror/glass surfaces.
  • Tough grease splats on the kitchen backsplash (tile)? You might not notice until the light hits them "just right". Here's how to get rid of that spotty mess: Take a damp sponge, sprinkle baking soda across the top then gently scrub the backsplash in a circular motion. Wipe well (clear water) so no "cloudy" bicarb residue is left behind.
  • Save those used dryer sheets! They're ideal for wiping down baseboards/wood trim.
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