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No matter the size of a home, there's plenty of stuff needing to be washed or fixed on a regular basis. Aside from routine maintenance sparked by everyday life, we come across situations where something is spilled, rusted or marred in some way and may be unsure of how to repair the damage. The goal: restore to shiny new or at least in spotless condition. If pets & children are scampering about...dilemmas multiply.

This section is full of Housework Hacks & Helpers for assorted items and surfaces requiring some TLC. Everything from floors to windows...concrete to curling's all here. If looking to find a solution for a kitchen predicament, you'll find loads of pointers on this page and laundry advice is found here. You also won't want to miss the homemade cleaners section which is packed full of DIY recipes that do the trick for a variety of scenarios. Enjoy!

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