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It's been a long time coming but I finally have all the vintage embroidery/needlework patterns here on one page. The bigger sets are in the second section below then the smaller/individual designs listed underneath. Simply click on the image desired and you'll be prompted with a .zip file or an individual pdf to download.

Everything is still free--no cost whatsoever, not even an email required for access! There's nothing seasonal yet (Christmas, Easter, etc.), only generic home stuff featuring household/kitchen objects, flowers, fruits, vegetables and some cute animals/characters (including a few inspired by Sunbonnet Sue). I'm hoping to get holiday themes uploaded at some point but this will take time.

Once I get everything back in order here on the website, I will start adding more goodies from my collection again. Please be patient while I get things done :)

Good-To-Know: Tips & Online Projects

Sparse so far, but this is the section where I will be adding goodies that I find from around the 'net and also any FYI/info sheets I publish via vintage sources and other places.

Free Embroidery & Cross Stitch Patterns: Vintage

These are sets I've scanned from my personal collection, most are cross stitch but also include basic embroidery. Many are suitable for kitchen linens (napkins, days of the week dish towels, tablecloths, runners) and even a few nursery items (quilt patches, bibs, baby blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, etc.).

I have many more to come but on the sideburner at the moment. You are welcome to share any of these (online and off), I just ask that "" is kept as the source and none of the information provided in the files is changed.

Small Design Charts & Files

This final batch is where I keep the smaller sets & assorted files/resources from my personal collection, most are cross stitch and in a fruit or floral motif (one includes a more geometric theme) suitable for edging, trim and household linens.

Don't miss the Borders sheet (pdf), it includes some diagrams of basic stitches that will work well in samplers.

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