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Out of all the DIY endeavors & types of crafts to embrace, sewing is at the top of the list for me. I'm not an advanced seamstress by any means, but find it's not only very rewarding--it's also a very practical way to put creative energy to good use.

Whipping up household items (dish towels, tablecloths, kitchen gear), homemade gifts (baby things, scented sachets, spa items), enhancing decor (colorful cushions, duvet covers, curtains) & personal goodies of all kinds (aprons, tote bags, tech covers, wallets) are just some of the super simple things Beginners can turn out with basic skills & nominal supplies.

There are HUNDREDS of free projects & goodies listed in this section. Some of it needs updating & this category is going to get MAJOR love & attention in the near future. In the meantime, make yourself at home...brush away the messiness & dig into the treasures for some inspiration & guidance. There's so much here to keep you busy & inspired. Enjoy!

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Button Success Tips

White Thread Spool & Hot Pink Button
  • If in the habit of fastening too tightly, try laying a pin across the top of the button before sewing it on. Once it has been secured & knotted, snip free & remove the pin from underneath. Now you'll find it has a little give to it.
  • Sew on once, secure w/ knots & cut thread. Then do so again. If one set of thread breaks, the other set will hold the button firmly. If it's a 4-hole variety, just work through two holes. Knot off, snip free, then do again with the other two holes. Same principle applies: when one thread breaks, the other will still hold on the garment.
  • If a button experiences a lot of strain on an outfit, reinforce it by folding a small piece of cloth into a square. Place this square underneath the button & on top of the garment, then sew the button on the garment. The square of fabric should be small enough to be hidden underneath. This helps reinforce things. A smaller button also does the job instead of a piece of cloth.
  • Once snugly in its place, seal by painting some clear nail polish on the top strands & then those underneath (inside the garb). Can also try a waterproof glue that dries clear.
  • If unable to find one to match a blouse as perfectly as desired, try painting an alternative (sufficiently sized) w/ epoxy paint in the color preferred.
  • Try dental floss, carpet thread, embroidery floss or fishing line when affixing them to garments that are used & abused frequently (such as clothes for camping, hiking, yard work, labor jobs). These are a lot stronger than regular thread & will have a tougher time breaking.

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