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There are so many wonderful ways to transform yarn into something practical, decorative and even whimsical. The availability of excellent quality wool in the perfect color for the project you're planning is easier to find now than ever before due to online shopping & affordable worldwide shipping.

Hooks & needles are manufactured from ever-improving materials & although a lot of money can be spent building up a stash of premium tools, budget items are perfectly fine for beginners who are starting out (they'll last for decades too).

The one thing about diving into fiber arts is the time it can take to finish a project. Sewing & other endeavors can give relatively fast completed results, but it's a fair bit more tedious to work skeins of wool into a garment or blanket, slippers, scarves, socks and more. It's why the cold months of Fall & Winter are so popular for focusing on this craft, there isn't much else to do!

Here's a hand-picked stash of goodies featuring free patterns from around the 'net. Some pages include vintage charts from my personal stash that I'm happy to share with you. A lot of updating is required since many of the resources listed have been added years ago, but there's still plenty of treasures to be found. I'm hustling to get every site collection back to 100%, so bookmarking this page for future reference is a good idea! Enjoy!

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