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Many say we live in a throwaway culture (probably because products today don't seem to be built to last), but more and more of us are learning to take a closer look at "junk" before sending it off to the dump.

Reclaimed Lumber Hanging Shelf Terrific pieces of unique wood furniture, pallets & crates were lost to us instead of cleaned up, given a bit of TLC then put back to good use in the house and yard.

With easy "Do-It-Yourself" endeavors that can be worked on over the weekend, a single day or even assembled in just a couple hours, we are reclaiming long lost skills by taking hammer in hand, a block of sandpaper and a bit of glue in an effort to cobble together pretty nifty creations.

Some beautiful, some functional...some WOW!

There's real satisfaction in laboring to construct wholly new items, especially when able to reuse materials and recycle old bits. The reason why home improvement is so popular: results can be amazing & so fun to do!

This section on Tipnut catalogs numerous clever ideas found around the 'net and are sure to perk up the space in mind.

Whether the intention is to add pops of color to a room, personalize & freshen decor, or make things more efficient, there's a great collection of goodies listed (big and small alike). Plenty more to come once the website "reno" is complete so watch this page for new updates.

Metal Sign Work

I've also included assorted tutorials showing step-by-step how to be a self-taught handyman & tackle simple household repairs without calling in the pros (impressive amounts of money can be saved by fixing things yourself).

A drill and power tools expert or just a beginner...there's plenty to browse through, creative juices are sure to be sparked!

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