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Cooking savory allows more creativity, many times a free hand can produce a surprising dish that becomes a firm favorite. Things are much different though when baking. It calls for discipline, exact measurements, precise heat, timing & tools. Often specific ingredients are required to stimulate other elements to produce the desired texture or density (rather than flavor focused) so it's vital they not be omitted or tampered with. Even what's combined & when can matter.

Even so, baking still more than scratches a creative itch! Decorating the final product (such as cupcakes) or trying flavor profiles that can't be beat (ginger peach crisp for example). Experimenting with portion sizes or finessed shaping provides limitless opportunities resulting in impressive creations to tantalize both the eyes and the taste buds.

Sometimes a tried-and-true recipe for bread fails and you have no idea why. Maybe you just realized there's not a particular ingredient in the pantry, or whoops! some butter or rock hard brown sugar needs to be softened asap for the mixture at hand. There's a lot here to help problem solve in a pinch, learn how to fix bloopers & inspire.

On this page you'll find the tips I've compiled from personal experience or what I've learned over the years from friends, family and other online sources. I've also added some treasures found in vintage cookbooks and magazines. If looking for pointers on making homemade breads, pies, cookies & other'll find some nifty and unique resources here. Enjoy!

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