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Once there are a few years of cooking for family & friends under your belt, the knowledge gained inevitably helps you develop a "Chef's Eye". This is an instinct or a "knowing" when it comes to things like finessed seasoning, effective ways to streamline prepping & work spaces, even discerning troubleshooting "secrets" (ie. a necessary ingredient in less-than-optimal condition that is still perfectly fine to use but first needs a little TLC--crystallized honey for example).

This section on Tipnut organizes all those little assorted "Food Tips" that come in handy. Some are reference materials to keep at your fingertips (ie. cookbook terminology, measurement equivalents), several answer questions such as: "Should meat & poultry be washed first before prepping?" or "Watermelon Lottery? How to tell the best one to buy from the pile!" while others share nifty hacks (how to add flavor without a smoker, instructions for wrapping butchered meat, etc.).

There's plenty here to browse through, I expect to be adding more in the near future so feel free to bookmark this page for future reference. Enjoy!

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