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The art of homekeeping is one particular interest held in common by women past and present.

Though most no longer step out in the morning every day to sweep clean the front stoop or get a batch of bread dough started after the kids are off to school, something within each of us desires to keep our surroundings tidy, organized and running tickety-boo. It's how we're wired.

Some people live in magnificent dwellings, the rest in more humble abodes. Regardless of the property and value of contents, it's actually cleanliness and order that sweetens the environs.

Tidy Bedroom

A truth I learned the hard way: a really messy, chaotic home does affect the mood & well-being of each individual residing there.

At one time a residence in disarray and having clutter packed to the rafters was considered a reflection of a disordered soul--there's real wisdom in this.

I've been a housewife and mother for more than 35 years and has been online for over 15 of those--the goal is simple: try to share all I've learned in the homekeeping arts. At my age and after all this time, I'm still curious and always on the hunt for easier, new and improved ways to get things done (hopefully save money too).

Compiling Notes This website as a whole has a huge cataloged assortment of helpful information, ideas and notes instructive to today's overwhelmed homemaker--everything is freely available, no annoying hoops to jump through.

This particular section archives those pertaining to miscellaneous housekeeping issues and neat-to-know general information.

Included are various intriguing takes captured from the past century, but most apply to contemporary times and issues...many are useful with numerous creative hacks that are sure to be tucked into your personal file of reference.

Feel free to poke around and see what experience has taught me and what's been discovered via other nifty sources...plenty here to keep a person busy quite awhile :).

Household Notes

Kitchen Tricks

Frugal Living


Makeshift Measurers


It seems I find myself forever in need of a measuring stick...

  • I finally learned to note the length of my index finger (3 inches), hand (7 inches), and elbow to middle fingertip (16 inches).
  • Also helpful is the measurement of one's shoe and outstretched arms, fingertip to fingertip.
  • The Judge kept a belt having every 2 inches marked off on the inside. (Still my favorite method.)
  • A quarter is 1 inch in diameter.
  • A penny is 3/4 inch.

Source: Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions for Homekeeping: Timeless Wisdom & Practical Advice / Miriam Lukken

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